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sleeping arrangements with 8 month old

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I am cosleeping more with this baby than my previous two so I'm lacking in some basic information. I also don't want to move him out of my room since he's still waking up to eat often (please tell me this is normal!).

We put a crib next to my bed so I at least have a place to put him when I'm not in the room/bed with him. When he is in my bed, what is the safest way to have him? I have a twin bed which doesn't leave me much room. Now that he's getting more active I'm afraid of him getting too close to all of the edges since he can move about. What arrangements do you have to keep your little one safe while still keeping in mind very frequent nursings? Also, do you keep your arms around/under your little one or are they just next to you?

Thanks in advance!
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We co-sleep and have since DS was born, he's 8 months now, but we sleep in a king sized bed. I would put it on the floor for one so that in case your LO did fall, itwouldn't be too high. Second, maybe put your bed up against the wall and get a bed rail from target or walmart for the other side. If you are really afraid of you LO falling, that's what I would do. That being said, my son never rolls toward the edge. I guess because mama's milk is more enticing. But he is getting active when he's not sleeping and crawling toward the edges. So, we've decided to put the bed on the floor just in case.

BTW, I feel it is still normal for your LO to be waking up frequently to eat at night...my son still does too so that's probably why. :*) Hope this helps! Great job co-sleeping...we feel it's best for all parties involved!!! Have a good one!
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my son is 8 m, we are in a king size bed, and he sleeps btwn my husband and I, he rolls so at times i wind up on the edge of the bed & even off. when he doesn't have one of us on the side of him I put a pillow near him, lightly touching him, he wont roll over it.

I'm not yet at the stage of putting the bed on the floor, but I plan to when he starts crawling & I will also put it against the wall, & have him sleep on the inside w/ a bumper, or pillows, or something else where the bed meets the wall.

my son also nurses every few hours, i found if i nurse him in the chair he will get a better feeding & sleep longer & not move around so much. also sometimes a walk or a few moments of rocking will soothe him w/o needing to nurse.

I sometimes have him in my arm, but that doesn't last so long, its uncomfortable for us both. usually we sleep on our sides, he;s facing me - so he can roll out if he likes & I have my arm above him.

happy sleeping
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