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Baby gums / teeth?

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What exactly should the baby's gums look and feel like at 6 weeks? My LO's top gum has 2 VERY sharp little points coming through - they are clearly the points of teeth, but how can that be?? (Plus, she was a preemie - she's only 1 wk past her due date!) I noticed her drooling the other day and thought for a split second maybe she's teething, then realized I was crazy. Could she be?? Also, since I discovered those, I started feeling her lower gum and it has like a ridge that runs across it (left to right) and a little bit of soft gum above that - like the top edge can wiggle around back and forth all along the gum. Is that normal??

Tracey Mouse
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I don't know what the gums should look like but I do know that it's possible for your baby to be teething so early. Some babies are even born with a tooth or two! It does seem strange for them to start so early, but it's perfectly normal so don't worry.
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My nephew had little bumps like that - I believe they were some sort of benign cyst. Apparently they're pretty common/normal.

The texture of her gums sounds pretty normal to me, although I haven't conducted as thorough an investigation as you have!
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