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Keep up the Floradix and take a whole capful instead of the half they say. My midwife says it takes about 10 days for the levels to really be noticably different. Do you eat meat? I would eat read meat daily, do the Floradix and make sure you are getting vitamin C as well. You can do it!
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I should say that I had a very uncomplicated home birth with VERY minimal bleeding. I had three super huge gushes with the birth of the placenta and then nada. I was done with PP bleeding at 6 days and have just had a touch of spotting on and off. So my iron levels never came into play. I was a 9.2 I think?
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Amy, I'm sure everything you take in will make a difference no matter how much longer/ shorter you've got to go, so stay strong - it will benefit you to be building levels up for after the birth too. I never had iron picked up as a problem before and was wondering if it is natural in a twin/ multiplepreg for levels to be even lower anyway...will ask an alternative midwife about that if I get a chance.

Also, ER incident, aaagh. It's funny when you realise you can't squeeze through a space with your bump anymore, but not when spacial awareness ends up with a knife wound!!! HUGS for a continuing quick recovery. If you do homeopathy some aconite would maybe settle you too? Plus arnica is my best homeopathic friend!!!
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My midwife did say that it is normal for iron levels to be lower in twin pregnancies. But we should still try to get them up.
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I mix my Floradix in grape jiuce so I can't taste or smell it.
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Hi twin mamas!!!!!

I'm just about 33 weeks right now with fraternal girls I am carrying for friends of mine. I'm measuring 47 weeks, yikes!!! Things are going really well, no real issues at all. Baby A is vertex and 4lbs, Baby B is footling breech (with her feet in my pelvis next to A's face) and is smaller at 3lbs 8oz. I'm hoping to beef them up a little more in the next few weeks. They were both measuring in higher percentiles a few weeks back, and now A has dropped to the 50th and B to the 15th. My OB isn't too worried about it, though. My next u/s is at 35 weeks to check on growth. And we're doing NSTs weekly now.

I have been contracting like mad, but nothing that makes me think I'm going into PTL...just a very irritable uterus probably due to its size. My cervix is still long and closed. I carried my singletons to 42 weeks, so I'm pretty confident that I can carry these girls to 36w+.

I am sooooooooo uncomfortable though. Hot and tired and so sore all the time. I can't sleep very well. I am snippy with my kids (ages 6 and 3) and I have to farm them out to grandmas/sitters a lot, which is tough. But the end is getting closer, so I'm hanging in there!
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Wow, there are a lot of us! Good luck to those who are close to delivery!!

I'm at 24w, 4d. I feel good - starting to get a little tired but not too bad. I don't think I'm having contractions... sometimes my uterus feels really tight but it doesn't hurt, doesn't contract/relax/contract/relax... even so I get some water and lay down more when it feels tight.

I've got boy/girl twins. Girl is baby A - head down. Boy is baby B - butt down. Both have their backs facing out. Both look like good sizes. I'm measuring 27 weeks. Have gained about 20-25 lbs so far. Really sick of the eating... but I'm continuing to eat healthy - lots of protein, fruit and veggies.

Hang in there everyone!!
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Not pg here, but my girls just turned one and I'm doing a bit of reminiscing.

Way to go to all of you!!!

I love floradix and miss swigging it from the bottle. Other than that, I don't miss a thing about being pg with two babes!

Shukr- hang in there. You sound a lot like I felt. Wish I could offer more. It is hard. Being pregnant with twins was harder than caring for twins, imo. (And I had no health issues, gained 100+ pounds, and gave birth to 15+ pounds of baby at 41 weeks. But it was tiring!)

::Enjoy your births, your babies, and your growing families.::
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Thank you Mumm :

I think I need the floradix fix!!!
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