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Baby wants to sleep on tummy?

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I have a 6 month old boy who sleeps right next to me. Most of the time he is on his side, towards me, to nurse or he eventually rolls over to his back. I noticed from his baby book- his older brother who is now 3 now was sleeping through the night for the most part and had already started rolling onto his belly (I figured the two kind of went hand in hand). I notice my baby trying to roll onto his tummy but this makes me nervous in my bed for some reason...it's a firm mattress and all but...I don't know. I remember with my first son we would try to roll him onto his back but he kept going back to his tummy...

What to do?
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I wouldn't worry too much. By that age he has good head control- my dd has preferred tummy sleeping since she was born. I would just be sure that his head space is clear of pillows and blankets and that the bottom sheet is snug.
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My 7 month old does the same thing. I can't put her down on her back anymore, it's either side lying after nursing, or rolling onto her tummy, and I've had to just realize that whether she's sleeping with me or sleeping on her own, she prefers it.

When she was sleeping in her crib a few months ago and rolling to her belly, I asked the pediatrician about it and she said not to worry too much. "You can't stay up all night watching her to make sure she doesn't do it," she said, "but if you're awake and notice it, maybe try to shift her to her side or back if possible..."

So I try that, and it usually means she wakes up...but I remind myself better safe than sorry...

I completely understand how you feel though! I think I'll always be worried about it!
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IMO if they are big enough to roll over, they are big enough to sleep on their tummy. And at 6 mos, yeah. If you read Dr. Sears' theory of SIDS, cosleeping teaches babies how to breath better.
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my son (co-sleep) started sleeping on him tummy on the bed around 6 months
the first few nights i saw him roll onto his tummy i watched him & he even asleep he was fully aware of having room to breathe - if anything comes near him he will move it away or move his head to the other side, he's now 8 months and sleeps on his tummy about 1/2 the night.
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