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I love that when DS is upset nursing makes it all better fast.

I love the warm sleepy snuggles.

I am proud of his confidence and health--knowing that I had a hand in that!

Nursing sessions are a welcome break time in our busy days.

While nursing the love between us is just palpable--wonderful!

And at the start nursing forged our bond and taught be how to be the responsive mother I wanted to be.
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Originally Posted by randomacts View Post
I love when he sucks in his sleep, because I know he is dreaming of me.
How sweet! And how true.
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I lvoe it all. I love the way his little hand gently caresses my face, feeling all of my features, and how I caress him too. I love the way he is soothed to sleep so gently. I love the way it seems he is starting to say "mama" though he is only 6 mo. I love how he discovered how to nurse on his side. i love seeing his pretty chubby ness
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i love it when she drinks and in between each swallow, she says, "mmm" - like a little moan of total bliss.
Me too. I also love the smiles while nursing. Although she did once grin so big that a mouthful of milk dribbled out!

I think nursing is my favorite aspect of mothering. I had no idea it was such a pleasure.
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Well, we've had a very rough go of nursing after a perfect birth, so I am keen on appreciating every little bit of it I can as it gets easier!

I love the gulping noises- I don't feel let down but I can hear it and that is satisfying

Ilove the "milk drunk" look and little smiles after nursing.

Oddly enough I love it when she spits up a little milk. I made enough for her to take in a little too much, and after i wipe it away, I can make sure she's full again. A true blessing when you're dealing with supply issues!

I too love when she pops off, satisfied, and uses my boob as a pillow!
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today i got my new leopard print nursing bra from victoria secret. we have several pillows etc that are leopard print so ds (20 mos) knows the word 'le-pord'. dh and ds came into the bedroom while i was trying it on and i turned around and said, 'what's this, ds?' pointing at the bra, expecting to hear 'le-pord'.

but no, he got the biggest smile and said 'nummies!' so happily.

seeing how happy nursing makes my son makes all the tough moments worthwhile!
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I did not nurse my first 3 children, but #4 has been ebf. I can honestly say I wish I could go back to my older kids' infancies and nurse them -- nursing is so wonderful! I just love it. It's awesome.

When she was really young, I would be so amazed at every poop, I'd think, "Look! I made this!" : And the chunky thighs and double chins. But the poops were very exciting to me!

The smiles, the milk-drunk happiness, the sighs of contentment.

When I nurse her laying down, if I'm topless, she'll put her hand on my other breast and stare at it longingly like, "OMG, there's another one too?!?!?!? I'm the luckiest baby in the world!!!!"

Nursing is awesome :
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If ds is overstimulated or fussy, I can nurse him for a second and he is just fine.

He's started doing this thing where he grabs on to my breast while he eats, it's really sweet, and I love when he looks up to me and makes a soft "oooo" noise and smiles. Oh yeah, or when he falls asleep, opens his eyes, smiles REALLY big and then falls back asleep.

Most of all, I love the bond we have. We are so close and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact I bf him. :
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Tonight as usual I nursed Kacey to sleep. She was so very calm and content. I hope the day that she no longer wants to nurse is far far away.
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For me, it's worth it knowing she is getting the BEST nutrition

I think though, my favorite thing about nursing is the look she gives right before she nurses (sheer joy) and right after she latches on (sheer contentment). Even at nine months she still rolls her eyes back and closes them for a couple seconds

Also, once she had just learned the sign for milk and I was away from her for a few hours and my MIL was watching her. I guess she kept signing milk the whole time I was gone (even when my MIL would offer her a bottle, she'd push it away and sign milk). Then when I came home, I nursed her and she just looked so content, looked at me, stuck her little hand up and signed "milk" which I think she thought meant "ma-ma."
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I love knowing that not only did I carry my baby for 40 weeks but that I then gave him all of the nutrients he took in for his first year.
He is 2.5 and we are still nursing. One of my favorite things now is that when he hears a baby cry he says that the baby needs mommy milk
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-- I love when I'm out somewhere or talking to someone and my baby starts to get hungry and the person says "oh, okay I'll hurry so you can go feed her" and I just look at them, lift my shirt and pop her on and they smile and say "oh...okay!" BFing makes life so easy and convenient!

-- I love it when she's nursing in the middle of the night and gets too tired to nurse anymore, so she pops off and then curls her hand around my nipple as if to make sure it doesn't go anywhere and is still there when she wakes up.

-- I love when she pops off and looks at me and smiles a really big happy grin, then turns back to the boob, glomps it happily, and starts nursing again.

-- Oh, and the way her eyes roll back in her head when she's nursing as though it's the most wonderful milk in the entire world! I can't believe I almost forgot that. It's my favorite thing!
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I love when I'm tandem nursing my 2.5 yr old and 5 month old boys, they hold each others hand
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I will be nursing Hendrix and look down and notice his eyes are wide open. So i lean down and give him kisses on his cheek and he smiles big, says "heeemmmmm", and closes his eyes to go to sleep. :
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I love the way my baby looks at me, :makes little mmmm-mmmmm-mmmm sounds, lays her hand on my cheek, grins, and then falls asleep while still nursing! Cosleeping/BFing is great...the head bob is too cute!
I LOVE how I dont have to have bottles or anything, just pop it out! I know there is alot more that I love but I dont want to duplicate too much of what every one said.

I feel like ::::
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I love it too, more each day. I love the description of the drunk nursing face - that's perfect. The look on DD's face after she pops off, fast asleep, is one of my favorite things in the world...I LOVE THAT LOOK! I always kiss her repeatedly at that point; I can't help it! My delicious little girl...

And actually, she giggled for the first time the other day, during BF! She hasn't looked up at me that often during BF - only a few times. But this time, almost at the end of the session she looked right up at me, wide-eyed, and touched my face. "Hi!" I beamed. She went back to nursing, then popped off about 10 seconds later and looked at me again. I said, "Yes, I'm attached to those!" (My husband said he thought DD was thinking about me & my breasts, "Wait a minute! You guys know each other?" ) She went back to nursing, & then started popping off every few sucks to look at me, which made me laugh hysterically. I think she, encouraged by that response, did it more. She started smiling, then making an almost-giggle sound, then finally giggled! Oh, it was pure bliss. She hasn't repeated that particular game, which is probably good, because even though it was great fun, it would be an impediment to nursing...I guess as long as it's at the end of the session, no problem!

Anyway, yeah. That stuff definitely makes up for the issues I've had with plugged ducts! I feel so so happy to be BFing her.
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I always knew I wanted to bf, but never knew I would love it as much as I do! I am overweight and have always had low self-esteem when it comes to my body. I can't even fully express how healing this has been for me in that regard. Here is this perfect little person who thinks I'm just the best thing ever and pours out his love all over me and doesn't even notice or care that I'm bigger than the next mama. While he nurses he strokes his hand over my breast or tummy so gently and it makes me feel so loved. : The milky smiles and contended sounds are also way too cute! And, being selfish, I love that I have a reason to take him away from other people and give him something they can't. hehe
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What I LOVE about breastfeeding! :

I love that when my son was fussy, the thing that calmed him better than anything else in the world came straight from my own body.

I love that I could just roll over at night and feed my baby without even having to open my eyes.

I love "nature's silicon!"

I love not ever spending a dime on formula!

I love always having what I need to feed my baby instantly no matter where we are or what we're doing.

I love that milk-drunk look on a baby's face...eyes half-open, suckling slowly, fingers twitching as if in sleep.

I love toothless milky smiles!

I love the oxytocin rush from nursing.

I love doing what is best for my baby! It feels SO GOOD!
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Definitely the satisfied pop-off and then resting his head on his booby pillow!
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Originally Posted by woodchick View Post
DD likes to 'tuck in milks' when she's finished. She'll kiss the breast and say 'nite nite milk!' and then pull my shirt down. It's so sweet!
That just made me chuckle...how incredibly cute!
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