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S is just getting old enough where sometimes I'll offer him the boob while he's crawling around near me, instead of picking him up and cradling him. When he sees me pull it out, he gets this big grin and starts clapping his hands, like "YAY! BOOBIE!" He does it whether he's hungry or not, too.
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these are so great!! inspiring! i just wrote a blog post about this topic, and then came here and found this thread
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Great thread! :

I love the gulping sounds DS makes when I get a let-down after he starts.
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Sorry no experience of breast feeding. But love to experience this as I love kids. I am married from last 5 months by this 27july it will be 6months. Sonot yet decided about a baby.
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I wanted to add that I too LOVE LVOE LOVE the convenience. It's the best.

I've experienced bf and formula with ds1, but ds2 is almost ebf. I have to say that the statement "Formula is easier" is a pure lie. it isn't. I had to find what was perfect in everywya. Not easy. Not to mention mix bottles with my eyes clodsed. I Hate formula.

i lvoe the joy of parenting. Nursing is the best part. It makes up for the hard parts of infancy,
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Breaking Latch to Smile

I love it when DS breaks his latch to smile... only he's trying to keep nursing, so his little tongue is still going.

I got pregnant when our oldest was seven months, and she weaned at a year when my milk was completely gone. We gave her formula for awhile until she was eating more solid food, and I hate, hate, hate formula. I totally agree with the pp who said that it's not easier, it's a big pain. I love that with breastfeeding I'm always ready to feed a baby when they're hungry... no matter where we are, or what time it is.
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We had a tough start to our nursing relationship, but it is so easy now. I love that we both worked at it, and all our work paid off.

I love the way my daughter's breath smelled when she was EBF. It was like dulce de leche, and I couldn't get enough of it!

We don't cosleep any more, but I treasure the night feedings. She's so calm and she snuggles up and nurses, and we both doze while she's doing it. At some point I realize she's asleep and I just cuddle her like I did when she was a newborn.

I get a kick out of the excited giggles she lets out whenever I grab the Boppy, say ni-ni, or start to lift my shirt.
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Convenience-it's always there, warm, sanitary, and free.
Comfort--for me and him. There's nothing better than coming home from work, picking up DS and nursing for a long time. No cocktail, happy hour, workout, or anything else can be that comforting and relaxing.
Having DH say how amazing it is that DS was 100% grown by me, inside and out.
The look of a milk-drunk chubby DS in the middle of the night when you're just too tired to go on.
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I love knowing that I am doing the best thing for my baby girl. Love knowing that every feeding comes with immunities and love. I love thinking of her newborn days, when her little head would bob around rooting for the breast. I love nursing her now, at 7 months, when she knows what she is doing and smiles when I unhook my nursing tank. I love the convenience. I love knowing it is 100% natural. I love the reminder that humans are animals--there is something very primal and cool about the female body being able to nourish and sustain another life.

Typing this out is such a good reminder for me. We have had a lot of nursing challenges and have had to suplement 2 feedings a day. Through all of that, I've fought so hard to keep our nursing going. Even if it isn't perfect, it is still such a beautiful part of mothering her.
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Ohh there are soo many reasons why I love breastfeeding!
I love the fact that she hasn't been sick at all!
I am the reason that her thighs are so chubby!
I love when she's eating, she just looks up at me & smiles!
I don't have to worry about yucky formula or cleaning bottles!
I have a constant supply of milk & don't have to worry about packing it!
I don't have to share her with anybody!
Now that she's getting busy it's our snuggle time!
She gets soooo excited when I lay her down to feed her (she just knows) and she goes crazy trying to get my shirt down, lol!

I could go on and on!
It's worth EVERY challenge!
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Great thread! Nursing is the best. It's like home base - a safe haven for me and my babe to be peaceful and close.

I also love the first baby "conversations". My DD looks into my face intently while nursing. Then she'll take a little break to say something very earnestly to me, like, "bow-aaal" (ball, which was her second word after "mama"). Or "noe" (nose).
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Thought of another one.

I love the look on his face when he starts in on the second breast. When I switch him over, he gets this very determined look, like a competititve eater, takes a deep breath, opens his mouth wiiiiiiide, and chows down. I can just imagine him thinking, "this is hard work, but somebody has to do it."
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When she was little and nursing was not going so well what kept me going was the smile she would get on her face when she got near my breast.
And the little grunts she would make when I was getting her to the breast- Faster mama!

Her delicious milky smell when she was EBF. Even DH couldn't get enough of it. It's delicious! Even last night DH was saying she still has that smell sometimes, and was sniffing her and drinking it in.

I love that for 9 months I grew her, for 6-7 months I fed her exclusively. Only when food was introduced did she have any other outside source of nutrition, I thought that was so cool. I made her!, I would think.

When she was older I loved how she would sit up in bed and fall face-down onto a boob, so cute.

Now, at 19 months, I love how much she loves "Booboo." I love that she has me nurse all her toys, I love thinking that maybe she'll have a memory of nursing when she's older- how cool is that?
I love how quickly she relaxes and how she pops off to say something, and pops back on real quick.

And when they smile with the boob in their mouths, OMG.
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A couple of times, DD has all of a sudden out of nowhere decided to pop off the breast to give me a kiss, then gone back to nursing. It's so sweet it makes me all teary just to think about it! :
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* Love the Thread*

I love moments when I looked down at him nursing and he gives me the biggest smile and I see the milk on his mouth!!! IT'S SOOOO WORTH IT......... YEP EVEN THE THRUSH I wouldn't have it any other way
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Originally Posted by shannonnc78 View Post
Great thread! :

I love the gulping sounds DS makes when I get a let-down after he starts.
This is to die for :
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I love when she claps her hands if I say "milkies."

And I love when she gets "punch drunk," or I guess I should call it milk drunk, and laughs out loud but still manages to stay latched on.

And I love when she pets and strokes my chest or my back while she's eating. It just feels so loving

And I just love that blissed out, relaxed look on her face when she is nursing.
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I love in the beginning when you're the only thing in the world to your lo when they're nursing

and now, at 13 months, I love the DS can show me love back. How he gently reaches up to play with my face, hair, or earrings, or claps his hand on mind and giggles!
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Originally Posted by detroitgirl77 View Post
I love when I'm tandem nursing my 2.5 yr old and 5 month old boys, they hold each others hand
OH my, this nearly made me cry. How beautiful:
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