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This morning, Simon figured out that if he pulls down on my collar, he can see my boobs.

He seems to think this is awesome.

He doesn't want to nurse when he does it. He just wants to look at them. With that "YAY BOOBIE" look. :
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Everything! Seriously, even with all the hurdles I don't love anything more than nursing my boys! Overall there was never a question as to whether I would try or whether I would stick it out even when neither baby could latch and I had to pump and bottle/syringe feed for more than a month... but there were moments I cried, feeling so hopeless and rejected and I am so grateful we all got it and are still nursing today.

For my younger son, I love seeing his chubby rolls, his bright eyes, his healthy glow and knowing that he's nourished from me and me alone and I have grown this beautiful boy into what he is today. I love how he makes eye contact with me while nursing and starts to giggle so much he comes unlatched and then he feverishly roots until he latches again and then he sighs with contentment. I love when I wake in the middle of the night to find this beautiful boy nursing away, cozy and warm, snuggled up against me.

My older son is a blast to nurse! The way he talks about it - "Mama, I want to nurse... just a wittle bit, just for a minute... or two!" "Hold me like a baby, Mama!" "I want the big milk from dis boobie!" I love how it's an instant tantrum or bad mood fixer. I love how he stirs in the morning and whispers "I wan nurse, Mama" before he even opens his eyes. I love how he describes the sweetness of my milk and tells me he wants to nurse even when he's all grown up like daddy.
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I love it. It is that peaceful time with just you and your baby. Even now that my baby is a big boy and not breastfeeding he still likes to know that my breasts used to have his milk in them and he can't wait for them to have milk again. It bothers me when people think your breasts or breast feeding is "dirty". Your breast should be a source of comfort.
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sometimes it's not easy,when my little girl bites me when she's nursing.but i forget all this when i see her sleeping with a drop of breastmilk running down
her cheek,when i see her vitality and her calmness.
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I love when I look down at him and he gets a huge grin and comes off, and I give him a hug and jiggle him and he giggles and then gets back to eating. I love nursing.

Also, we had houseguests this past week, and I loved having a polite reason to go upstairs- "so he can nurse off to sleep"!
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fantastic thread!

[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]I loved the way my daughter would encourage my breast to let down more milk by kneading it and waiting patiently!
I loved how we could go anywhere and if she was hungry, in just a few minutes of nursing, she was ready to go!
I loved falling asleep for a quick nap while nursing, my son and daughter just loved it and always woke so very happy!
Even tho I am well past my nursing, when I serve at the birth of a nursing mom I feel let down when they achieve the perfect latch!!

::::t ruedat:
Kathy wife to Danny and Mom to Ian and Kamala

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When DD started talking, I wanted to have a name for breastfeeding that she could say easily. I thought *nippies* would be the best one, as probably not everyone would know what that is.

Well, DD had her own ideas -- nippies wasn't good enough for her. She decided, from that moment on, that whenever she wanted to nurse, she would ask for *Yippies*! How fabulous is that?
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I love the big nursing smiles.
I love the way my daughter sings when she nurses.
I love it when we both doze off together while nursing lying down.
I love how before my daughter was even mobile, she would fall all over herself trying to get to me if she caught a glimpse of boob.
I love how nursing calms her when she's upset.
I love looking at the milk dripping from my breast and thinking about how it's full of antibodies and stem cells and cancer-killing compounds. My body makes magic!
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One of my very favorite things was when my baby was still newborn and getting used to nursing and she would first root for boobie. I love the way she would bob her head around like a chicken with her mouth open and I'd take the breast out and she would get SO excited that she would flail her whole body and her head would bob like mad. I'd be trying so hard just to get the boob in her mouth, but she was just all over the place! Milk would be squirting everywhere and she would start freaking out because she couldn't get it in her mouth.

Then when I would finally get it in there she would glomp on it like it was the only thing that kept her attached to the earth and would pull her fists up to her cheeks and squeeze them tight as if to say "OOOOHHH YESSSS!! That is sooooooo gooood! That's just what I wanted! Mmmmnomnomnom!"

She wold have milk in her eyes and all over her clothes and in her hair and it would be running down into my pants and I'd just crack up at how hilarious it all was :
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It's funny, just the other day I just came across an old journal entry from when DD was about 6 mo:

I love it when we lie down to breastfeed and she puts her little feet on my thighs. I love it when she’s super tired/hungry and roots like a newborn, shaking her head back and forth across my nipple before she latches on. I love the gulp-ahhh-gulp-ahhh sounds she makes while she’s eating. I love how when I feed her at night, when she’s done, she pulls off, groans, and falls asleep again. I love it when she puts both her hands on my boob like she’s chuggin a 2L bottle of coke. I love it when she kneads me like a cat. I love it when she does these “ronde-de-jambe” with her arm – when she’s tired and nursing, hitting my chest or my arm, and when she’s trying to wake me up, each circle ending with a palm slapping my face. I love it when she pulls off and just looks up at me with a huge grin on her face. And I love love love taking a nap together, curling up face to face and then drifting off into a milk-fed, hormone-soothed, body-warmed sleep as she nurses and I hold her.

Now my ds is 3 months old and I am loving all these moments all over again.

Amy, mom to (almost) 4 yo DD and 3 mo DS
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All the above. My son is 30 months and so many of the posts reminded me of things that seem so long ago.

Right now he is so verbal so we talk about nursing.

My favorite is when I get hurt. He starts to cry. "I need milkies." or he tells me to have milkies.

I've always told him, "Milkies make everything feel better." He got hurt once so started to nurse. He said, "Milkies make me feel better."

I asked him how milk tastes, "Yummy."

I make milk, cows make moo. I asked him which tastes better, milk or moo. He said, "Milk," meaning what I make.

Today he told me how to roll my t-shirt so it would be out of the way.

Often, when he's done nursing, he'll say, "Close your milkies" and will pull my shirt down.

He asks to take baths together so he can nurse in the tub.

Still, my all time favorite has always been when he looks up and smiles at me while still holding my nipple in his mouth. I don't think anything in life can compete with that moment (moments, actually.)
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My wonderful moment was last night when I got home from work. DH handed Nora to me and before I could even lift my shirt she was diving into me with her mouth open. When I finally got my shirt & bra out of the way she had a big open smile as she dove in. It was even sweeter when she looked up at me with those big blue eyes as she ate. I miss my baby when I'm at work
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Originally Posted by detroitgirl77 View Post
I love when I'm tandem nursing my 2.5 yr old and 5 month old boys, they hold each others hand
This was soooo cool.

I agree w/ so much that's been said. The connection, the soothing, the convenience. It is an amazing experience and I am grateful to have enjoyed it for coming up on two years. All that cuddling I get to do. And for us ( because of his food intolerances and allergies) it has meant saving over $100 a can on prescription formula (the only alternative), which is made of soy that has been chemically "pre-digested" and (I have heard) smells like burnt rubber. It has been invaluable to be able to use myself as a tool to produce custom formulated nourishment, and as we found he has a reaction to a particular food, I cut it out of my diet and eliminate the problem. He's in the 95th percentile for height, very happy and healthy...I feel nursing has been indescribably important.
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Originally Posted by mybabysmama View Post
Often, when he's done nursing, he'll say, "Close your milkies" and will pull my shirt down.
This is awesome.
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knowing the victory of making it through a nursing strike. when dd finally gave in and just nursed and nursed after a stubborn strike. I could just feel the tension leave my body.

when ds holds my face or mouth while he nurses.

he also "hums" mmmmm mmmmm mmmmm sometimes while he nurses.
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My favorite thing when bfing is Mimi sucking like crazy, then suddenly looking up, stopping cold and breaking into huge gummy grin.

Oh, and bf baby breath,...nothing else like it.
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Great thread!! I love when Quinn looks at me and says "nigh nigh nigh" and when I ask him if he wants milk, he gets so excited and gets the biggest smile. :::
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I like the "drunk milk" face. you know- how the eyes roll back and the whole body relaxes against you!
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I love being able to breast feed my son at all. I could not BF my daughter bc she has a metabolic disorder (galactosemia) that made it harmful for her to consume milk of any kind (cow or human). She had to drink soy formula (YUCK) and I was heartbroken that I couldn't BF her. I still ache for the loss of that mothering experience. But my son, just born two months ago, thankfully does not have the disorder. I consider it a precious gift to be able to BF him.

We've only been at it for two months so I don't have a lot to add to this thread yet, but one specific thing I love about it so far is the little sigh of relief and the way his whole body relaxes when he latches on after a fussy spell. It's clear that it's just the thing he needs and wants and I'm so glad to be able to offer it.

I'm planning to nurse as long as he wants and I'm really hoping that I'll have some more of the great BF experiences you all have described in the posts below... Thanks for sharing!
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All the things everyone said...

Plus, the other night, my now 3 week old was nursing in bed and had fallen asleep, but was still sucking every once in a while and stayed latched on. I still had to brush my teeth, so I tried breaking the latch. He started half growling/half grunting and started sucking again like crazy. All while still asleep! DH couldn't stop laughing! It was so funny!
I do love the newborn head-bob thing! And when he tries putting his hands in his mouth while I'm trying to latch him on because he's in the "nursing position" and smells the milk. LOVE IT!!!!!!
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