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My lo is three and still going strong . . . when he gets hurt he always wants the boobie because he'll 'feel better'. I love our morning routine of waking up, nursing and playing in bed before we start our day. He is getting so tall but we tucks his feet up to my tummy and tucks right in while he nurses . . .
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All those stories are so sweet and wonderful.
I also like the look on my M-I-L's face when she asked 'how will you be able to BF (after I had a c-section) now? Only to have my l'il one answer before I could - by attempting to latch on:
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After Mastitis (3x) and thrush, and psoriasis and reynaud's phenomenon, the ability to say, 'I BF'd for 19 mos'

When DS had a checkup at four days old, and already weighed 10 lbs! (he was 9lbs 5oz at birth, down to 8-14 on day 2)

MILK BREATH!!!! My definite favorite! I'd hold him extra long after he fell asleep just so I could stick my nose close to his mouth and smell that baby smell!

Poop that smells like buttered popcorn!
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Originally Posted by luv View Post
I for one find looking at my daughters chubby little thighs and double chin quite confidence inspiring. My body did that. I did that as a mother. My baby is healthy because I am feeding her the best way I know how. It gives me the confidence to handle other things as a mother as well.
That is exactly how I feel when I look at my girls. They are big, strong, and healthy and all because I gave them MY milk. It just boggles my mind sometimes to think that I, first off, grew this human being inside me for months, pushed them out of my body (both over 9lbs!) and THEN fed them all the time relying on only my body. It seems so simple, yet so much pressure to keep myself healthy so I can care for my children. What a huge responsibility, yet awesome responsibility and reward you get from being a breast feeding mother. No other job in the world is as great and the payoff is priceless!
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nursing a toddler!! him telling me "love the nursies, hug the nursies!" him actually being able to verbalize how much he appreciates nursing!

today he told me, when I put my skin next to your skin, thats skin to skin!
and then we nurse!

knowing he has the best protection against obesity (and about a million other things) I have a friend in her 70s who nursed all 4 of hers (admittedly briefly) who was told she was risking her babies health because she had asthma, but her instincts prevailed, of course now we know she was PROTECTING them from asthma!

The way it helped me fall asleep when he woke to nurse when I came to bed (doesn't happen now that he's older )
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Originally Posted by heidirk View Post
Poop that smells like buttered popcorn!
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breastfeeding is wonderful

I love it when my 17 month old can always be comforted by nursing. It makes temper tantrums, injuries and whatever else, easier to deal with. I always ask her "Does Nay-nay (nursing) make it better?" And she just nods before latching on.....awwwww. :
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I love it when my 3yo (who has not nursed since he was a baby) comments on Simon nursing. When I come home from work, I'm greeted by one hungry baby and one earnest little boy telling me, "Mommy, he HUNGRY. He need to NURSE. Nursing make him feel all better. Awww, there you go Simon. (patting his head) You getting milk from Mommy?"
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Originally Posted by apelilae View Post
I thought it was simply amazing when DS turned one year. He didn't eat really at all or drink anything. It was my breast and my body that grew him and sustained him for the first year of life. Powerful stuff!

I loved the nursing sighs, the drunk nursing look, the smiles and giggles while nursing. The hand wrapped around my nursing tank or bra. The frantic head bob when they want to nurse so badly but you just aren't getting it out fast enough. How it always soothed him. I could go on... I can't wait to nurse again!
Couldn't have said it better myself!
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Originally Posted by heidirk View Post
Poop that smells like buttered popcorn!:
And this! I thought it was only my skewed sense of smell.
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Baby's breath

The very first time I was up close and smelled my DD's breath and then I understood how incredible the milk smelled on my DD's lips.

How heavenly!

I still miss that smell.:
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I love the way my little one simply must hold my hand while nursing. She started expecting it a couple of weeks after she was born. When she's wiggly or fidgety, I just grab her hands and she grabs back tight and it calms her down.

Now whenever she latches on, she reaches out her hand and holds it open until I insert a finger. Then she grabs it as tightly as she can and pulls it to her chest and holds my hand in both of hers until she falls asleep.
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This thread is mentioned on the front page of the site:


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I love how the first time I was able to hold my kids after birth, I started breastfeeding right away and they had no problems with latching on. I love how when they were newborns, they'd root around looking for the boob.

I love how breastfeeding makes everything better. I love the closeness we share, whether we're alone in a room or our surroundings are hectic, when we are feeding, it's just us.

I love when everytime my son feeds, he wraps his hand around my finger. No matter how many times we wake up in the night, and I am tired beyond belief, his little hand reaching and holding my finger while we nurse, makes everything all right.

I love how when he's not really hungry, but just wants the closeness, he will smile and laugh and make a game of it. I love how he knows I am always there for him, whether he's hungry or just wants comfort. I love how I am not only breastfeeding for him, but for myself also. I wouldn't miss any of it for the world.
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Question about breastfeeding

My baby is 18 days old, would it be too late to try breastfeeding now?
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Originally Posted by brighteyes_0303 View Post
My baby is 18 days old, would it be too late to try breastfeeding now?
No! It's never too late to start breastfeeding. Even mothers who adopt can breastfeed their babies Good luck to you and I hope we get to see your happy nursing moments here soon!
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Oh yes the finger holding and my girls would always twirl (not pull!) my hair when they nursed. I miss that so much
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Hi Everyone:

I'd like to share how wonderful it is to still be breastfeeding as my daughter approaches 3 1/2 years. I have allowed her to direct her breastfeeding, and she only feeds at night before bed now. It has only been a pleasure and never a burden.

My husband is French, and I don't know if you're aware, but they have a bad record for breastfeeding. I get pressure from him to stop, but I have to try to remain confident that I am doing the right thing.

Thanks for listening!
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It is NEVER too late....

Originally Posted by brighteyes_0303 View Post
My baby is 18 days old, would it be too late to try breastfeeding now?
Contact someone in your area:


Hope that helps.
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