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Originally Posted by DomerJen View Post
I have no symptoms (except a missed period and + tests. )
Same here. I don't have time to be tired with 3 little ones already.
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Originally Posted by laralee16 View Post
I know Im preg, the tests cant be wrong (or I hope not) But I do not have ANY symptoms. I figure my boobs should hurt and I should have to pee alot by now right? I did with our son. hmmm, I am really tired thou.

Anyone eles?
What about symptoms you can see, but not necessarily feel? I noticed out of the blue the other day (I guess at the end of week 4) that my montgomery's tubercles have already arrived. (google it, and then do NOT try to pop them! ) Give yourself a a quick boob flash in the mirror and see if you notice that your areolas look different. I haven't noticed the "darkening" that starts happening, but the "pimple" looking things are in full force all over my areolas. When I showed my DH, he finally said, "Oh! You ARE pregnant!" I guess he remembered more about what my breasts did last time than the rest of me
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Originally Posted by freestyler View Post
Sheesh, I am ardently hoping and praying for symptoms this time around! Last pregnancy that ended in m/c at 12 weeks, I never had a single symptom at any point. Personally, I would be so happy to start feeling pukey and tired. Every day that goes by with no symptoms, I try to remember that it is NORMAL to not have them yet. Last time I was not even tired. At least this time I am tired.

Sheesh, there's always something to worry about, right? I think I'm mental.
I know what you mean, I'm happy to feel good but want to feel properly preggers. So in lieu of symptoms I shopped! It's crazy but I am also looking forward to knowing the life inside me is strong enough to make me feel weird. Having an m/c does that though, makes you doubt things. But look at all these mamas, so this must be normal right?!

Good luck to us all, and roll on the big bellies!
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My breasts are killing me. Dull throb with sharp pains every so often. Also I was so tired today I fell asleep on the couch while dh rubbed my feet....ds was running everywhere, but he let me sleep. Plus it seems to be hotter. Still cramping...I seriously keep feeling like AF is going to show up. I feel something "oozing" down there and cramping. But otherwise I feel pretty much how did with ds.

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