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Modified tapioca starch

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What exactly does *modified* mean? Is that something that I should be wary of?

I'm curious because I've been buying A Taste of Thai thin rice noodles and putting them in my bone broth for some faux homemade phở (mmmmm). I swear I checked the ingredients when I started buying them, and it said: rice, water. Well, the last week or so DD seems to be reacting to something, and the timing corresponds to when I'm eating the soup....

So I go look at the box yesterday, and now suddenly the ingredients are: rice, water, modified tapioca starch.

Why do people have to go and switch up the ingredients when I have it already on my 'safe' foods list?!? : I guess I need to start checking ingredients EVERY time I buy the same foods...

Ok, done with my long rant... just curious if anyone knows about modified tapioca starch. Maybe there is corn involved somewhere in the process??? (I did also email the company... will post the response if I get one.)
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No ideas?

Has anyone eaten something with this in it, with good/bad results??
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Well, it looks like DD is ok with my noodle soup after all... I think it was the heat that was setting off the eczema the past few days.

But I'm still curious WTH "modified" means!!
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Ok, so you seem lonely here. I have wondered too, will let u know if I learn something. Best guess would be that they do some chemical rxn. that attaches an extra hydrogen molecule or something...making the substace have slightly different properties (usually more stable) and in the process probably also less digestible...because our guts don't take chemistry classes.

Just don't know what I would do without the modified tapioca starch in my sliced turkey at the deli counter. Mmmmm.
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