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Do you know people IRL who are loosing their jobs?

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It's one thing to sit and read in the newspaper or online about this company cutting jobs or the unemployment rate being at such and such percentage. I am just curious if you know anyone in real life who has lost their job due to the economic changes over the last... oh let's say 6 months to a year? What line of work were they in? What area of the country?
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We do. My dh's company (building materials; southeast) has cut the workforce by over 35% this year.
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My best friend's husband is losing his job at the end of this next quarter - just in time for fall and winter. He's been told already. He runs a printing press.
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My FIL was laid off in November and hasn't found a job yet
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16 people at DH's branch, and hundreds nationally at his company. Some of his friends were part ofthe group laid off this past Friday.
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Haven't seen anyone IRL lose their job completely, however, many people's hours have been cut.
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It is hard to read about so many people struggling... My bestfriends DH was told today that his entire company will be closing this Thursday. Work had been slow, but they thought it would pick up and then BAM, to be told that.

We seem to be in a little bit of a protected bubble where we live, so when I talk to my DH about people loosing their jobs all over- he just doesn't see the reality of it... I keep telling him its a trickle down effect and it is well started and will continue.
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I dont know anyone who has lost their job. im crossing my fingers that dh or I dont, that would really be very very bad. I dont know what we would do.
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My company is restructuring (actually a Chapt. 11 reorganization,) and dozens of my co-workers have been laid off since January. My scrapbooking girlfriends have DHs who work in auto manufacturing, and just got layoff news today. Plus, living in St. Louis, we have many friends who work for A-B - it's not looking too good for lots of those employees right now.
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A lady at my church is a hospital social worker. She works part-time and due to budget cuts, they're cutting their part-time workers as of next week.
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No, I don't know anyone personally yet. I worry about the future of my father's job though.
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No, I don't know anyone personally.
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My Dh's Uncle at a big auto company in Michigan..( fill in blanks and is two letters ) he was a higher up employee..

They now have lost their home ( well will its not heres here anymore in a couple weeks) and still wont admit they need to change they are in lalala land...aunt says she still needs 2 dinning rooms for both tables... she now makes $8 hostessing. Uncle doesn't work and cant find a job

My family so far is fine and my DH has a job that isn't likely to be cut ( utility)
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Unfortunately, we know several people. :
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I do. I lost my job and Dh lost his within a year's time. I worked for the federal government (wow, never saw that coming... thought I would retire from there!) and DH worked for a large for profit MH place that "downsized" all the people making any sort of money. We are in the north eastern part of the country.
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Yes, myself and many around me here in Michigan (everyone I write about is from this state unless otherwise noted).

At my last job I worked for a clothing retail store that closed it's doors in April (SDD's Mom worked there too - she also is having trouble finding a job). About 100 stores company wide are set to shut down this year alone.

Going back further than the year you requested, just to give you a little backround:

My old grocery store that I worked at for many years (was my first job) is no longer in business as of last year. The stable I worked at before I had DS is losing horses, and as a result is cutting hours dramatically ( I LOVED working there). The shop that DH and I worked at for a short time(and where we met) replaced workers with machines (this was five years ago I believe). Basically, every job I have worked at has gone under or made cuts in some manner. As I was filling out my layoff paperwork for the retail store, the district manager joked I must be the death bringer to companies because of my luck so far. I tried to keep my chin up, but inside it made me feel like sh*t .

The private investigation company DH worked at 2 years ago (that provided for us very well) went out of business, and he hasn't been able to find a decent job since. We have been struggling, barely surviving. That is why we are moving accross the country to where jobs are waiting for us. We have had enough with the lack of jobs that can actually support us.

Others I know that have been affected within this last year -

~ My Aunt and Uncle (they are my Mom's siblings) worked for a auto parts manufacturer for roughly close to 20 years each. Both lost their jobs due to job cuts.

~ My other Aunt that lives in North Carolina was an accountant for a construction company for over 25 years. The boss decided to retire rather than keep the company afloat (this happened around christmas). She is "starting over" at age 50.

~ Another Aunt is a teacher, and has noticed a dramatic drop in students this year. Parents were so broke that not enough students signed up for summer school, so it got cancelled, along with the extra money my Aunt needed.

There are more than this list, and it just keeps getting worse.
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Originally Posted by Tangled Hill View Post
Unfortunately, we know several people. :
So do we. I have about a half dozen friends whose breadwinner is out of work. Add to that, about a dozen more. I am in the Chicagoland area.

My BIL was a bigwig at the company he was at- a consumer goods company on the east coast. They let go of several people under him and forgot to tell him. He is a divorced bachelor and no children. He has been interviewing anyhow just to do something different and said to the company- if they go, let me go. So he officially left last week w 18 mos severance, all his stock etc, airline milage and his country club membership. He already has several interviews lined up. Thats the good story, all the others are not good stories.
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DH was laid off in March. He worked for a lighting company. They're actually trying to get rid of a lot of people and hire temps so they have to pay less and don't have to pay benefits. DH hasn't found anything else yet.

There is a Stoufers/Nestle plant in town that's cut almost everyone to 30 hours per week. Another place in town just cut 40 jobs. They make automotive chasis'. They're getting ready to either cut hours or lay people off in the service department as customers don't want to have to drive here to get service done since gas prices are so high. Things don't look good around here.
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My DH too, he has been at a new job for 2 weeks now. He was out of work for 2.5 months. we are so thankful he is working now but he is only making 70% of his previous salary, but it sure is better than nothing!!
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