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My BIL lost his job about 6 months ago, but it was due to office politics more than the economy at large. However, he has not been able to find another job in that time.
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DH here too, but it wasn't because of the current economy; he really was very over paid with his pay plan. We were quite lucky for several years. He replaced his job within hours, but his income has been cut in half.
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My friend in St. Louis who works in advertising lost her job last week.
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Yup. A friend of mine's husband was laid off and is still out of work.

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Yep, my good friend's dh was let go almost 2 years ago. Then he got a job out of state and commuted 7hours each way only coming home on the weekends. The boss on that one flaked out and he's now been back home for a few months and still hasn't found a job.

My dh has a job but tried for 2 years to find a better one with no luck.

There are 2 companies in our town that was taken over by a company from out of the country. At the first they laid off over 1/2 the people. People who had been there for over 30 years and were getting paid big $ even though it was manufacturing. This of course has trickled down. My fil's co was the other that was taken over. Their entire plant was shut down. He was close to retiring anyway, but he would've stayed had they not strongly suggested he retire.

It's really bad up here.
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My Sis. She's a bartender/waitress at high-end resturants in downtown Minneapolis. Her main bartending gig just got cut -- they're closing the store she's been working at for years. She's having a tough time getting hours at her other waitressing job because the crowds are slow, and she isn't getting many hours at her "fun" job (working in a tattoo parlour) either.

Luckily, she's single and can quit the whole thing and move back home to go back to school to get her CPA. She's been offering to give some of her shifts up to other waitresses who aren't so lucky and have little ones to support, but they don't know how long the whole resturant is going to last at this point.
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Yes--me. My hours were cut in half effective tomorrow. Not the end of the world, but not great, either.

I doubt I'll have a job in 2 months. I *hope* I do and want the company to do well, but...

And MIL told me she lost one of her teaching jobs (she teaches ESOL/ABE/pre-GED courses)--that's 6 hours/week gone.
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My sister and a good friend of my DH are both now out of a job, in WA.
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About 50 people were fired last week where I work. They were mostly support staff like unit clerks, telemetry monitors, CNA's. All the executive employees were given a 10% pay reduction, that included the CEO. It also included my MIL but for her a 10% pay reduction isn't gonna hurt too bad since she's been there 30+ years and is very financially stable. As an RN working in a state where patient ratio laws are in effect my job is pretty secure, unless the hospital gets really desperate. The man won't lose his job the ER doesn't have enough providers as it is, he's very good at what he does and if the ER in our local hospital didn't need him he'd still be able to find work quickly.

The main reason for the mass layoffs is Medical funding which has been reduced greatly over the last few years. We provide care to anyone even if they don't have insurance and Medical can't/won't cover as much as they previously did.
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My DH...

My DH was part of the layoffs at AOL, so were a lot of other people we know. Although, the AOL layoff packages were good and everybody we know found new jobs quickly. The layoff was actually really good for us.
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My friends Dh who has a PhD in statistics has been out of work for 4 months now We're in the NE
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My older brother has had his hours cut alot. He is doing mostly busy work. He is a carpenter, sole bread winner for a family of 4. They were struggling even before this. I know things are going to get tight with them. DH job is secure. They have cut back Alot on overtime where he works. This has been a major factor for alot of people we know as OT was always there KWIM. I'm currently in nursing school (lpn) and it will be atleast another 4 years before I go get and RN. Job prospects look okay. I'll find a job. Planning on working part-time. Hopefully this will allow us to pay off our home early.
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Yes, several.
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No one that I know.
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My mom lost her job working remotely for a very large insurance company in Chicago area.

DH's dad still has a job selling pre-fab bathtub replacements in Chicagoland and he's not getting any leads.
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We live in a small town in a rural county, and our local grocery store just went out of business. No one, including the employees, knew this was going to happen. That's at least a dozen additional people in my town looking for jobs.
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No one I know, yet.
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No one, yet. But DH is Air Force which is a whole different can o' worms . He's retiring in 2 years though, and a bit worried about getting a civilian job then, especially one that pays as well (he's an officer, so we do fairly well financially).
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My BF lost her job in Nov, construction in FL. Then her DH lost his job in Jan, govn job in FL. They both found jobs about 3 wks ago. Neither one makes as much $$ as they did before.
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My xh is laid off from his supervisor position at the kenworth truck plant. Bye bye child support. He made really good $$ there for not having a degree or anything.
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