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Hope I don't miss anyone! I have been away!

cwoodard- Sleep is tough. I had a HIGH NEEDS DS1 who was/is a terrible sleeper. HUGS!

nos- You are my hero. Seriously. MY HERO!!!!

flapjack- Chorewars.. I will re-join the action tonight or tomorrow! Green pooh can be getting too much foremilk and not enough hind milk... and laundry.. holy moly I am BEHIND in laundry. I will be doing like 5 loads a day to catch up!

birthmommom- How is Henry's relux? is cereal helping? Sorry about your sister. My SIL nursed for 4-6 weeks and was like "ooh this is icky".. nice. (we don't get along)

jezzy- LOVE the pool pics!

operamommy- DS1 rolled over at 5.5 months.. then walked at 11 months.. don't be worried!

smokeylo- food is tough. I would hold off a bit longer. Although I admit (feeding them is FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!)

slgt- the CRIB! I got DS2 sleeping in crib for naps and first part of night. I can detail it for you if you want. It works for us. Don't feel guilty!

Babybump- I love Eli's feet! I could just eat them!

eilonwy- I missed you!

teenytoona- I think it is so cute that Nara likes tennis!

We bought a Bumbo seat (NO FLAMES!) We LOVE it.. will post pics soon!

DS2 needs to pooh.. be back later!
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Oh wow So, when are you having the next one? (that was to slgt, btw. I crossposted yet again.)

Jezzy, go here I do two, though- one to keep the mob motivated and one to keep me motivated.

Teeny, I should've known someone would mention Wimbledon. I'm still peeved that Andy Murray got knocked out in the quarterfinals
You know what? I might be covered in in blood and shit and puke and stuff, but I've had a surprisingly good day I'm currently ordering wii games from amazon whilst watching ice age 2, with my neatly folded pile of laundry in the middle of the kitchen table waiting to be put away, a mug of steaming hot chocolate next to the keyboard (with marshmallows, natch) and Isaac and I have really got along. It's been grand .

lincap, I love you too. Honest
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Helen. I love your new signature! I am glad you are having a good day

Lincap..I am not sure, we did our second night on cereal and it still seemed to go well. We have a Bumbo too, Henry used to sit well it in now he flops over...he has been doing better on the floor. Can't wait to see pics!

slgt...congrats on the tooth...can you send some : tooth vibes this way!

Teeny...thanks, My friend daughter likes to watch hockey at least she was telling Nara what was going on.

Rynna...glad you had a good time.

Cwoodard...i haven't heard of crib bumping either. I did join the yahoo group...now to just read.

Babybump...love the picture.

For the first time yesterday Henry scooted around 90 degrees. He does better with his diaper off too...but has started playing with his feet with a diaper on.

I bought dh and I some vitamins today and myself some cal/mag tablets...maybe I will sleep a little bit.
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Wow. I stayed away for most of the weekend cuz my head wasn't clear and the vicodin didn't leave me in a social mood and missed 3 pages! I'm going to try to remember what I read.....

NOS Thank you so much for what you did by telling that busybody to mind her own business. I wish so much that I could NIP. I wish DD and I had a different start to our nursing relationship than what we did...but anyway. Its so sad that in the US a womans breast is something that shouldn't be seen unless it is on the cover of Playboy. It is disappointing that Americans can be so uptight about such things.

Playa I live down in the southern part of the state, in Ashland. I've not spent much time up in Eugene but it seems to be a nice place. The thing about Western OR is the farther north you go, the less sun and more rain. I am one of those types that NEEDS the sunshine, so I'm not sure how far north I could live. This place is pretty nice, its got a college and is a tourist town so there are always street fairs, art walks, live music and the Shakespeare Festival puts on a free live show called the "Green Show" that anyone can attend in the evenings.

to those with sleep issue babes. DD is waking up about 2 hours after we go to bed, not hungry and screaming. The horrible cries like something is very wrong or has scared her. I just sit up and hold her and try to calm her down. Last night I got her calmed down and she woke up the same way 30 minutes later. I couldn't get her calmed, so DP actually sat up and took her. The next thing I remember is waking up around 4AM to feed her. I don't know why she wakes up so suddenly and so upset.

Oh, and whoever has a black widow spider for a pet.... yeah, no way would I do that either. Have you thought about what you will do when the egg sack hatches out hundreds of little tiny poisonous spiders? Really I am not trying to be over-dramatic, but that was my first thought when I saw the pic. I do have my own spider story from this weekend. The Saturday I was sitting on the throne trying to poop (the pain meds had me constipated until yesterday) and I felt something ticklish on the underside of my leg, just beyond the edge of the seat. I stood up quickly brushing at my leg and a little spider fell off! It totally messed me up and I had to wait until the next day to get my inner plumbing moving again. I'm glad it was just a little brown spider, and not your black widow.

I know I am missing ppl its not intentional, I am just too far behind to multiquote on everyone....

DD is no closer to rolling over either. She will get onto one side, but doesn't seem interested in trying to go farther. Lately she made progress on tummy time. She will try to raise her belly up off the floor but isn't scooting or army crawling yet. Her hands have become more active and controlled. Less frantic waving them around. She can now take her paci out of her mouth and then put it back in. She even picks up a toy if it is laying next to her and holds it up so she can see and gum it. She is learning about her feet and legs too, she will grab her leg, but doesn't pull it up to her mouth yet. And she is a talker, loves to coo, trill and babble with the occasional squeal thrown in. I love listening to her talk and talk back with her.

I am feeling OK, not great though. I didn't have another flare up of the insane pain over the weekend. That could be because I didn't let the meds wear off alot between doses before last night. I can't let DD stand on my lower abdomen though cuz it is still tender. I have a follow up Dr appt in a few hours. I don't know what they will do or say. I'm still in pain, but that is the only symptom I have. If I still need to be on pain meds, I am going to ask for something else, cuz this stuff is making me so itchy. I stopped taking it last night cuz I couldn't go more than a few minutes without scratching somewhere from my head to my feet literally.

Oh, and I am loving chore wars. I told my Mom about it, how she would have loved to have had it when she was raising us kids. She totally gets how it is nice to have some kind of acknowledgment or reward (even if it is from a computer) for doing all these daily monotonous chores. It has actually motivated me to do more. And finally DP gave me a compliment when he came down from showering after work yesterday saying the bathroom looked really nice. I looked today, even though I haven't done anything yet and noticed we are all dungeon masters. And I was so enjoying having Helen be our leader too.

Well, that's about all I can write for now. Wishing everyone good times and easy fun babes! :
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s Gen I was wondering how you were. Let us know how the dr appt. goes.
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Geez...tons of posts. Do you mamas do nothing all day but post on MDC? Just kidding! :

peace laughing...yes, acknowledgement for all the housework we do! That is something I've always struggled with. Don't get me wrong, my dh is very appreciative of what I do and shows it (most of the time!) but it's not the same as getting promotions and raises like you do at work, kwim?

smokeylo, I agree with some of the other mamas - it sounds like it's too early for solids even though your little one seems interested. It should be a smooth transition.

baby bump, my ds1 used to play with his toys using his feet all the time! Your pic brings back memories. I can't believe he's already a teenager. :

slgt...TEETH?! How exciting! I found with my babes that they usually didn't take long once they broke the surface, but every babe is different.

lincap, I've been thinking about buying a bumbo seat. I'd be very interested to hear why you like it so much. Peter is getting tired of laying on the floor - he wants to be up and see the action! We have a bouncy seat, but as he often sleeps reclined in his swing, I'd like something that could position him a bit differently for variety.

nausicamom, hope Alex is less fussy by now!

flapjack, I'd join you with cocoa, but it's hot here. Glad your day has brightened up, even with the laundry.

eilonwy, I'm glad you had a good time! Sounds so fun and relaxing.

Glad to know that Peter isn't the *only* babe not rolling. It's funny...you try to be super rational about it, but then paranoid thoughts creep in. Mine are something like this: "It's fine that he hasn't rolled; every babe is different. But...the dr. did mention he has a small head...what if his brain is so small that he doesn't have the mental capacity to roll over? Wait...that's stupid...he does other stuff. But what if his brain is so small...." :

Recently a dh of a good friend of mine told me that he does the same thing with his kid. One of them was really late on getting teeth, and he said that even though he knew better, he secretly worried that his kid didn't have teeth AT ALL.
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Originally Posted by peace_laughing View Post
Oh, and whoever has a black widow spider for a pet.... yeah, no way would I do that either. Have you thought about what you will do when the egg sack hatches out hundreds of little tiny poisonous spiders?
It was me, and, yes! Well see typically 60 or so hatch at a time and then they all eat eachother and 3 - 5 usually survive. Ahh.. well.. I guess I'm thinking I'll just drive them somewhere far away and let them go in some woods or something. Um. I don't know, I can't kill them? On the one hand I feel like I should, and on the other I feel like they are just shy little spiders who would be more than happy to mind their own business if they were left alone It's not their fault they are poisonous, right? Argh sometimes I even shoo mosquitoes because I can't bring myself to slap them, other times I just smack. They're the only thing I kill on purpose. Um.. See I'm kinda stupid. The other week I drove this little baby robin my cat brought in 45 minutes away to a wildlife rehab center, even though I *knew* I should have just shut the cat out with it and let him finish it off. I *know* the gas there and back had a much worse environmental impact than one little robin, but.. I just couldn't. I told DP he could squish the egg-sac if he did it right away, but now they are little baby spiders!

Anyone know anything about spiders? She just laid another egg sac and she *definitely* hasn't been gettin any. Do they maybe just lay unfertilized eggs, like chickens?

I'm sorry you're struggling, Gen Have they done any ultrasounds or CT scans?

Originally Posted by operamommy View Post
It's funny...you try to be super rational about it, but then paranoid thoughts creep in.
yesh! Kaia is little. She's like, 12ish pounds at 5 months. I *know* I'm a little person. I have *always* been a little person. I have *never* been "on the charts" and there is nothing wrong with me. I can *see* her thigh rolls, tummy chubs, extra chins, etc.. but I still get freaked out and worry that I'm not good enough for her My mum still have guilt over weaning me at 13 mo. because her MIL insisted I was too small and her breastmilk wasn't good enough. Of course, this coming from a woman who didn't breastfeed at all... bah! I try to keep telling myself duh she's small, she's your daughter and she's obviously healthy and happy and meeting all the "milestones" way early, and none of these things matter they are just statistics and damn it I wouldn't be worried *at all* if I didn't know about the stupid charts
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Helen I think there are two Tour de Fleeces. I'm doing this one http://www.tourdefleece.com/.

Which one are you doing? You are on Ravelry right?

Lincap- I feel the same way about Eli's feet. They are cute and fat! He has thunder legs not thighs.

More later-sqirmy baby in arms!!
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I don't even know where to begin but just to send a blanket "Hi" out to everyone and lots of hugs, love and thumbs-up where apropriate.

Alex is definitely my high-maintenance kid and when he's mad everyone knows it. I went out the week before and got a call from my husband telling me Alex had been crying for 30 minutes and showing no signs of stopping so I ended up paying $18 to take a cab home and the next week not daring to leave the house without him. Naps are super sketchy and he still nurses every 90 minutes or so during the day. Developmentally, he's *this* close to being able to sit unassisted and he can stand really well with us keeping him steady. Still has a decent tongue-thrust so I don't see solids starting for a bit yet but I'm definitely leaning towards baby-led this time around. He absolutely loves chomping on his feet and my fingers but shows no desire to gnaw on anything else. We started him in the exersaucer a few weeks ago and he's really starting to enjoy being able to stand, spin and play with the toys on it. I think he's going to be so happy when he can sit on his own and hold stuff in his lap.

I'll have to take a closer look at it, but what kind of stuff in Chore Wars do you get credit for? My husband does a lot of stuff 'round the house and I'd love to get credit for things like cooking dinner and balancing our finances. I'll get over there eventually.

Definitely no "Tour de Fleece" for me this year - I've been knitting with what little bit of me-time I have right now and spinning will have to wait for another year.

All right - here's hoping that I can keep up for a bit!
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I'm on vacation but I've been reading. I have wireless in my parent's cabin so that's cool! Things are great but James has been "off" today. I'm pretty sure it's teeth, the Hyland's teething tablets helped alot. I think we need to do them again so he'll sleep. I need to run but thanks everyone on the compliments on the pics of the kids. I am thinking of you all as I read along, much love!
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Originally Posted by operamommy View Post
Glad to know that Peter isn't the *only* babe not rolling. It's funny...you try to be super rational about it, but then paranoid thoughts creep in. Mine are something like this: "It's fine that he hasn't rolled; every babe is different. But...the dr. did mention he has a small head...what if his brain is so small that he doesn't have the mental capacity to roll over? Wait...that's stupid...he does other stuff. But what if his brain is so small...." :.
Seriously ROTFLMAO!!!! This is the funniest thing I have read in ages!

Originally Posted by Juise View Post
It was me, and, yes! Well see typically 60 or so hatch at a time and then they all eat eachother and 3 - 5 usually survive.
Ohh...makes perfect sense! I'm a bleeding heart for living things, too. I DO smack the crap out of mosquitos, but that's about it. And don't worry one bit about your LO's size...you couldn't be feeding her anything more perfect than breastmilk, so keep up the good work!

Originally Posted by nausicaamom View Post
I'll have to take a closer look at it, but what kind of stuff in Chore Wars do you get credit for? My husband does a lot of stuff 'round the house and I'd love to get credit for things like cooking dinner and balancing our finances. I'll get over there eventually.
It's going to be perfect for you...that's what I am loving about it so far...you get to take note of all you do, even if it's not every chore in the book. There's no reason to not be giving yourself credit where credit is due, even if someone else took out the trash today.

Originally Posted by eilonwy View Post
In this particular instance, a matrix is a suspension. It's like... okay. You have a bathtub, and you put water in it. The water isn't a matrix, it's just water... but if you toss some toys, some bubbles, and some kids, you've got a matrix-- a bunch of stuff all together. It's a water-based matrix, and it's got kids and bubbles and toys in it. A matrix can be anything; in The Matrix, Morpheus explains it pretty clearly when he says, "The matrix is all around us." It's a created environment, with all of the trappings of late 20th century Earth-- a mixture of stuff. Matrices of all varieties are fun, because the words "matrix" and "matrices" are fun (among other things).
Thank you for the EXCELLENT explanation! Ice cream, anyone?
I would join Helen for some hot chocolate, but it is in the 90's here, AFTER dark, and I am thinking about a cold shower!

Rynna, I would TOTALLY get the air mattresses. Once I camped on one once, I knew I would never go back. Sure, it's not truly roughing it, but at least I am out there camping!

We had a great day today, btw!! Ben has started going to a preschool-like babysitter on Mon mornings, and I have been LOVING having some one-on-one time with Molly. Plus, Ben thinks the preschool is the coolest thing since sliced bread, so I feel like it's a win-win. Molly and I have been taking a momny-and-baby yoga class, and since it's the only guaranteed workout I get every week, it feels really great to go. I feel fine with my post-baby body...don't really care what it looks like, to be honest, but I know my belly is much softer than it was after DS at this point, and it's nice to feel like I work some muscles at least once a week.

Hugs to all the other mamas!
-Glad Eli is feeling better
-Gen, hope you got some good news at the doctor!
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Juise, I'm not positive, but I know various arthropods (insects, crustaceans, arachnids) can sometimes mate once/twice and be able to produce a few rounds of offspring from that mating. Heck ants mate once and the queen can lay eggs from that one mating for up to 20 years! I'm not positive on spiders, but I wouldn't put it outside the realm of posibilty. Interestingly enough male spiders never live their adult life very long. They usually have the one life's goal of mating... and the black widow typically consumes the mate, so, I think it's a possibility that it's from a previous mating, though I don't know for sure.

Things are going fairly well here. Mr Toona and I had quite the argument last night (well I picked it, again), but we ended up much more positively than we have in a loooooong time. I think some headway was made last night.

Nara rolled over yesterday (diaper off), to all our happy claps, which of course startled the begeebus outta her. She's got some yeast in the folds of her legs, where they meet the hip area, and I'm afraid my attempt at treating it made things a little worse. She's not really fussing about the pain (in fact she still giggles at every diaper change, especially the poopy ones), but I'm sure it's sore poor dear. I think we will be seeing a tooth soon, she's got a bulge of gums on the top right side!

Today I had my review at work, to which I wonder alot, the work related part lasted all of about 5 minutes. They had pretty much nothing to say except that I do my job very well, very consistent with my work and just to keep up the good work and learn as much as I can. Then we talked about water parks for the next half hour. heh. I really don't have it that bad, I mean, not very many people get the opportunity to such freedom at work as I have. Most of my posts are made from work, and I'm starting to do some of my own writing... Though I sometimes feel guilty about posting from here, and those are the days I keep my posts short. It's time I learn to see the glass half-full, for real. :
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Teeny - I'm sure you must be right about the spider, I was soo curious and blown away! We're going to try to take her somewhere and release her today. She made it to the top of the jar with her web now that she has grown and has longer legs, so we can't feed her.

I'm so glad things are starting to to come together more with Mr Toona! I've been reading a bit on the yahoo group, but to be honest, using it confuses me a bit so I've never posted. My heart goes out to your struggles

Hurray for Nara! And FWIW my topical yeast was never painful, even when it was really bad, it just got itchy. I don't really know if it is a different experience around the diaper, though. What did you attempt to treat it with? Yeast does have a brain and learns and adapts, so you have to change your plan of attack once in a while. I rotate diluted white vinegar (one tablespoon to a cup of water - by far the cheapest route,) and diluted tee tree oil (1/2 teaspoon to a cup of water.) So far since disappearing my spots haven't come back : although it is still coming and going in the ducts and my nips turns red again ahh well, I have barely started with the GSE so I have high hopes still.
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Oh, and I forgot to thank everyone for the compliments on Kaia's pictures! I am really, really happy with how the last batch turned out
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I agree with you all, we put the baby food away and for now she's just getting a spoon to play with if she seems excited about eating. That gas was no fun for any of us!!

I would love to find you ladies on ravelry. My username there is lolacat.
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Hi Ladies.

I have so much to do... but all I want to do is sit here and snack. I spend thurs-mon at my mom's only to come home to a very messy house. I have to pack/plan our vacation (July 13-19) too.

Spent a good 2 hours shopping for food/supplies etc.. With DS1 food allergies I have to bring all the food we will eat because we can't eat out.

Now DS2 is napping and I have a ton to do. Just wanted to whine. But if I get my butt in gear I will dominate CW becasue I have SOO much to do!
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Congrats Teeny on making a mark. Ihope that you guys continue to get somewhere but without fighiting.

that is so cool that Nara rolled over, adn I am so sorry that you are still dealng with thrush. Have you been drinking any Keifer? that always helps my thrush but I know you have been deling with this for a long time now.

so I totally have to shre this real quick...
I made bluebery muffins today. I did not have enough rice milk so I added some breastmilk...they are so yummy!!!

hope that doesn't gross anyone out. I am dairy free for Henry so what is he next best thing?! just don't tell my dh...he will be grossed out.
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Just a really quick post for now to say how glad I am that things are looking up for Teeny and Mr. Toona.

Juise, the spider is fascinating to me, of course; I've never had any fear of spiders in general and (obviously) identify with them enough that I enjoy my house spiders and hate taking down their webs when I have to do so for "cultural appropriateness".

We had a pumpkin spider living in our front yard who used to spin the most fabulous orbs right in front of our door and I hated it when people couldn't even be bothered to duck under them to come in the house.

I'm not a big fan on the concept of pets although I do have a kitty and a grandkitty who are part of the family but have comtemplated keeping a Tarantula from time to time and might get one when Terran is elementary school aged rather than replacing my 14 year old Abyssinian with another cat.

As far as your Black widow being poisonous, as long as you educate yourself on her habits and what she actually uses her poison for (to protect herself) I don't see that she is any more dangerous than a pit bull would be--which could be a lot or a little, depending on the pet owner.
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nak (so no caps )

that's hilarious birthmomom! sometimes DP and I put my milk in our coffees for kicks and giggles. being vegan it's a novelty and a half!

On the thrush subject:

I had it topically for a year or so *before* getting pregnant, but had no idea what it was. It exploded with pregnancy and I spent 7 of 9 months with a horrible vaginal infection : but again, no idea what it was. do you have more discharge? yes. different? yes. I thought it was just part of the entire shebang... I plan on my next pregnancy being far less miserable! Midwife told me I had it when my tummy got big enough that she was looking closer to under my chest (where most of the topical yeast was) and then asked about a possible vaginal infection.

Vaginally: I tried a million natural ways of getting rid of that, none of which helped for more than a small period of time UNTIL! Garlic. I didn't try it forever because it kind of freaked me out a bit, but it was magical and I will definitely do it again the moment a vaginal infection begins to rear it's ugly head. You take a clove of garlic, peeled, and then aggravate the surface either with a file or just shaving it a bit with a knife, and insert it over night. After 7 months of it, the next morning I was already feeling WAY better, and after 3 more nights it was totally gone and didn't come back until I was on antibiotics, 2 nights of it again then cleared it back up.

Topically: Never use the same towel twice because it's a dark damp happy breeding ground for yeast, I was all laundry with some white vinegar, and alternate treating with tee tree or vinegar water as I said in my last post.

Internally: I am taking 3 chewable multidophilis (sp?) a day and two rounds of 15 drops of GSE in juice a day. I have Goldthread to steep that I'm going to add in, I tried it before and it seemed to help, but not enough, so maybe in addition to the GSE.

I was to washing my nips with vinegar water after every nursing, and that helped a lot too, but I got lazy. Even once in a while would help with the sore nips though. I'm going to try to pick that habit back up, at least around home. The only thing I haven't tried that I know of is going to the doctor and getting drugs But this is what is finally helping after quite a long struggle. Good luck with the thrush mamas, I hope this helps, and there *is* a support thread here with lots of ideas, suggestions and so on.
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Pit Bulls aren't dangerous at all if they're not trained to fight. Spiders are sneaky, and far less trainable. I totally disagree with the analogy.

My computer's cord died. I had to get a new one. AGAIN. This is not the first or second but the FOURTH replacement cord. That's right-- when it shows up, it'll be my FIFTH cord in two years. Grrrrrr. Anyway, I'm on Mike's computer, so I can't stay here because the kids are all downstairs.

So I still haven't read over all the posts I missed at Drum & Splash. Meh. Love me anyway? :
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