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Cross-posted with NOS - Spiders are great, and I was really looking forward to seeing her brood, but to tell the truth having her in my house does make me a little nervous. I didn't think it would. The two egg sacs are getting to be a little too much for me, I think, and with 5 cats in the house I am nervous the jar with get smashed. Not likely, really, but.. When the hatchlings come they would have to be separated for her to not just eat all of them, so while it was fun while it lasted I think it will be best for both of us to go free. She's not a fan of being in the jar, they like to be under things and in the dark, so I've been putting her in a drawer for part of the time to make her more comfortable, being so exposed really freaks her out, and when I handle it she panics. I have trouble with the word "pet" All of our cats going in and out as they please and I believe they share their lives with us when and if they want to, although I love them dearly and hold them in my heart like I do my daughter. Although Nate totally digs her and will put up with anything! Oh yes, and might I add - Parenting Fail!
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Originally Posted by operamommy View Post
Geez...tons of posts. Do you mamas do nothing all day but post on MDC? Just kidding! :

Glad to know that Peter isn't the *only* babe not rolling. It's funny...you try to be super rational about it, but then paranoid thoughts creep in. Mine are something like this: "It's fine that he hasn't rolled; every babe is different. But...the dr. did mention he has a small head...what if his brain is so small that he doesn't have the mental capacity to roll over? Wait...that's stupid...he does other stuff. But what if his brain is so small...." :

Recently a dh of a good friend of mine told me that he does the same thing with his kid. One of them was really late on getting teeth, and he said that even though he knew better, he secretly worried that his kid didn't have teeth AT ALL!
Yeah, Hillel is not doing the rolling thing yet (unless he can get to his mums breast) and I know that this is fine and keep reassuring myself that it is a temperamental thing, not a developmental thing... he likes to eat and otherwise doesn't see the point in rolling around just yet... but there are sneaky thoughts that maybe something is not OK

Originally Posted by Juise View Post
On the thrush subject:

Vaginally: I tried a million natural ways of getting rid of that, none of which helped for more than a small period of time UNTIL! Garlic. I didn't try it forever because it kind of freaked me out a bit, but it was magical and I will definitely do it again the moment a vaginal infection begins to rear it's ugly head.
I started to develop a yeast infection vaginally at 38-9 weeks pregnant and started to get freaked out that I would pass it on during the birth (I have no idea if this is possible or not) and so started with garlic and also tea tree oil (had good experience with this before)... only to have my waters break the next morning... freaky to say the least. It took a good 15 hours or so until the first contraction hit and I was too scared to tell my OB that there had been a clove of garlic "up there" when he examined me - and just hoped all would work out fine - and so far no evidence that I did harm

Originally Posted by eilonwy View Post
Pit Bulls aren't dangerous at all if they're not trained to fight. Spiders are sneaky, and far less trainable. I totally disagree with the analogy.
This is a bit scary - but I guess personal choices and making educated decisions.... I worry about fleas getting to Hillel, so I don't think I would be a good candidate for pet spiders of the poisonous kind
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Post Card Exchange is CLOSED and addresses have been PM'd! :

Spiders: I've kept black widows in jars. Thing is, mama spider will die after she's done making egg sacks too. The spiderlings will eat her when they hatch. Seems such a weird & cruel circle.
I've watched those huge brown spiders you find in your house carry 4329082 babies around on their bodies. Now THAT is cool to see!
We found a tarantula last fall while traveling up the canyon. We brought him home for a week or two before turning him loose again. The thing was the size of my hand. : I guess they too mate and die.
When I find them in the house, I usually throw them under the sink. Seems as good a place as any. I can't kill spiders... But as PP's said, I will SMACK me some mosquitos... and houseflies. I hate them both.
I'm glad to see that some folks feel the way I do about "pets". I can't cage my "pets". The cats come and go as they please. (yes, even living in the rv)
Our last neighbors thought I should cage them in the house because they hunted the birds (and rodents-but that was ok)... Anyone that ever watched these birds dive bomb the cats would say that they had it coming.

We were fortunate enough to be visited by a wild horse this morning! It's been an eventful day here in the camper. See blog for more details.

Ember is starting to do the little bird mouth at our food. I told her when she was big enough to put it in her mouth herself, she could have some. I'm going to regret that statement I bet. After that hard won bfing relationship, I can't believe she's already wanting to move on to "solids". Sigh... she's going to have to wait.
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I'm glad to read about free-living pets too! We have 3 adult outdoor cats, and some people just don't understand that (worries about them getting run over, etc.) However....we live on a dead-end gravel road on 4 acres...no worries about traffic here! I am rethinking our decision to let one of our females have a litter though. We started with 5, but now 2 of the little males have disappeared (most likely a predator got them). I'm so sad, and my dd doesn't know about the second one yet. She's going to take it soooo hard.

Juise and NOS, even ds2 (age 2) knows to get a cup and trap a spider and set him free outdoors. We are a non-smashing family.

salt phoenix, I'm going to check out your blog later - how cool to see a wild horse!!

birthmommom, breastmilk muffins!!! : I'm going to tell my dh about that one!

lincap, where are you going on vacation? Oh, and did you see my post asking what you liked about your bumbo?

teeny, I'm glad to here things are a bit better as well. I've been thinking of you everyday even though I haven't had much to add via e-mail. *hugs*

smokeylo, I am not allowing myself to use my ravelry account. Between mothering, craftster, and my blog I spend far too much time on the net as it is....ravelry is just too great of a temptation!

I noticed today that Chore Wars must be set up on Helen's time....things I did today are already on "yesterday" Is anyone else obsessed with reading what everyone ate for dinner? I always love to get new menu ideas.

Tonight is dh's night off, so he's downstairs working in his shop. I'm looking forward to my night tomorrow night - gonna do some crafting!

Must go...Peter is calling!
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I need some advice and/or encouragement from those who have experience with this or are going through it now too. I've been having trouble with Alex biting while nursing ever since he started cutting his first two teeth on Father's Day. I'm totally feeling sorry for myself - the first month and a half after we got back from the hospital I had excruciatingly painful thrush. Then another month of painful nipples due to (we think) a narrow palate. Finally around 3 months the pain cleared up and I had a blissful month and a half of pain free nursing. I loved it. I love nursing. I get tears in my eyes sometimes as we look at each while he nurses because the whole experience is so powerfully sweet to be finally nursing this beautiful boy I waited so long for (sorry, cheesy moment). But I'm getting seriously gun shy!

He's always had a pretty aggressive latch I guess - I used to laugh and call him my barracuda boy. Once back in earlier days when he was going through a growth spurt or something and cluster fed for like a week straight it seemed, I had a nightmare where he was attacking my breasts, and I was frantically trying to fend him off with my arms while I called for help . Anyway, barracuda boy has taken on an entirely new meaning lately, and it's not so funny!

Some days are worse than others - today was so bad I felt like just pumping and giving him a bottle right after I'm exhausted since he had a bad night last night so maybe that's partly why I feel so down about it... But what do I do about this?? I'm at the point where I'm dreading nursing and feel nauseous when I'm about to try it. I KNOW my body language and facial expressions are not well under control and I must be giving him some serious mixed messages. I'm flinching before he even bites, so sometimes I'm jumping when he hasn't even done anything. I'm scared of putting my nipples in his mouth!

I can't tell when he is going to bite or not because he always makes an initial lunge for my breast. To make it even more fun, he usually pops on and off 3-4 times before he gets serious, so I have to survive all those brief latches too. Sometimes he gets his tongue in the right place before he gets there, sometimes he doesn't. He doesn't bite and hold down at least, thank god - he lets go as soon as I jump and yelp and looks up at me trying to figure out what's going on. He's not TRYING to bite me I don't think, he's just not used to having teeth there. I'm trying not to yelp, so he doesn't end up thinking it's funny but not having much luck

I give him teething tablets before trying to nurse if his teeth seem to be bothering him. I've been saying "be gentle now" before he latches on. I say "no, we don't bite mommy" when he bites and tap him lightly on the check. If I say it too firmly, he'll start to cry, and I'm scared of starting a nursing strike. If he bites twice in a row I stop attempting to nurse him for a minute or two. I praise him when he does latch on without biting. Sometimes it seems like he gets it, and on the second attempt at least he'll latch on more slowly, but I still have to endure the first attempt and sometimes it doesn't seem to be sinking in at all

I'm hoping this will get better once the two teeth are all the way in, and he's not actively teething, but how much longer is that going to take? I'd say they aren't even halfway in yet, and it's already been 3 weeks. And what happens when upper teeth come in and there isn't a tongue to shield against them? Is that going to be even worse? Any words of wisdom?

I'm sorry I haven't responded to everyone today, I've been too wiped out. I'll get caught up tomorrow!
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Originally Posted by birthmommom View Post
s Gen I was wondering how you were. Let us know how the dr appt. goes.
Thanks. The doctor was not sure what to suggest except more testing. I feel like I am wasting my time and should head over to my naturopath, but I'll give this another appointment and see what comes up.

Originally Posted by sarahn4639 View Post
I'm on vacation but I've been reading. I have wireless in my parent's cabin so that's cool! Things are great but James has been "off" today. I'm pretty sure it's teeth, the Hyland's teething tablets helped alot. I think we need to do them again so he'll sleep. I need to run but thanks everyone on the compliments on the pics of the kids. I am thinking of you all as I read along, much love!
Have a great time! I've had luck with the Hylands too, although I still think DD is a ways off from a tooth surfacing, she still benefits from them.

Originally Posted by Teenytoona View Post
Things are going fairly well here. Mr Toona and I had quite the argument last night (well I picked it, again), but we ended up much more positively than we have in a loooooong time. I think some headway was made last night.

Today I had my review at work, to which I wonder alot, the work related part lasted all of about 5 minutes. They had pretty much nothing to say except that I do my job very well, very consistent with my work and just to keep up the good work and learn as much as I can. Then we talked about water parks for the next half hour. heh. I really don't have it that bad, I mean, not very many people get the opportunity to such freedom at work as I have. Most of my posts are made from work, and I'm starting to do some of my own writing... Though I sometimes feel guilty about posting from here, and those are the days I keep my posts short. It's time I learn to see the glass half-full, for real. :
Teeny, Congrats on things looking up between you and DP! : And reviews at work...bleh! I remember those things, they just felt like such a waste of time to me. And I would also goof off on the internet during work and everyone was always IM'ing each other so we wouldn't have to walk 10 steps... Ah, the days.... but I don't miss them. My industry was pretty stressful and still is from what my friends still there say. It was easy work and we had really flexible hours and could easily and frequently work from home but it still wasn't my thing. I quit there in 2004 and am so glad. Its good that you like your job though and see the importance of seeing the glass half-full. Next you can work on filling the glass to overflowing and letting all that joy spill out into all areas of life. :

Originally Posted by birthmommom View Post
so I totally have to shre this real quick...
I made bluebery muffins today. I did not have enough rice milk so I added some breastmilk...they are so yummy!!!

hope that doesn't gross anyone out. I am dairy free for Henry so what is he next best thing?! just don't tell my dh...he will be grossed out.
laughup That's awesome! Maybe you could tell him about it after he has eaten them? Just for a little fun

salt_phoenix A wild horse! Oh my, that is so awesome! I love seeing all the deer around our place, but a wild horse would just be too awesome. I'm a horse person at heart, I just don't have the space for one right now. We live next to a doctors office in a remodeled house. There is a doe and her 2 fawns that frequent the back yard of the office. They have a wood fence surrounding their yard, but one panel is missing and the deer slip through the fence there to spend the night and early mornings there. There is an apple tree there too, so they even have food. I see them nearly every evening from my bedroom window.

YEAH!!!: The postcard swap is on! I haven't figured out how I am going to make them, but the ideas are brewing in my mind and I'll come up with something. I think this is going to be so much fun!

On pets and spiders..... Having grown up on a small farm, I love critters mostly. I have even held a tarantula and thought that it was so cool to feel it walking up my arm, but I don't think I would own one. There are several resident spiders in our apartment, some live and some get squashed. There is another poisionous spider here in the PacNW called the hobo and I'm not sure how to id it, so some 'suspicious' spiders get squashed, others scurry across the carpet as I approach and I don't pursue. I have mixed feelings about pets being only indoor. I am one of those that has seen, as in literally watched a car hit my favorite dog when I was 12. It was so sad cuz there was a strange dog across the street and so our dog was protecting his property. There was a car coming down the hill and around the corner...... then it only badly injured my dog so my dad made me go to the house to get a rifle to do the kind thing. I know it would be much more natural for my cat to be an indoor/outdoor cat. But when he was a kitten, I just couldn't bring myself to do it after having several of my pets being severely hurt or killed when I was a child living out in the country. But then OTOH each year we kept one steer from the rest and corn fed it. I always named this one Beef, and I was fine with it being taken to the butcher shop in the fall. We even made a contest of guessing the weight. We butchered our own chickens, rabbits and pigs. It's all life and death and I guess just like there are freak accidents that kill humans, the same can happen with spiders, cats, etc.

On the medical front...I have a transvaginal ultrasound tomorrow. They don't suspect the digestive tract because my pain is too low. So we'll see what that brings.

Today DP surprised me. I told him that my parents want to see DD and also need some help and so I will probably be going there later this month for up to two weeks. His response was to be sad and worried. "Two weeks? I thought at most you'd go for 2-3 days." He says he misses me already. So I told him it would probably be closer to 1 week but I'll see. He is trying to be better, I can see it. He is a really good person, he is under a lot of stress and hasn't been handling it well. It is a 12 hour drive and I'm not sure how DD will be about being in the car for so long. And stopping to care for her will make it closer to 16 hours each way. So I'll see, I would like to make the trip straight through, I'm not going to push DD's good nature just to save $60 on a hotel room. The cheapest plane ticket is still about $200 more than the cost of gas.

This morning I started laundry and then logged into CW. DP was like "what's this?" with a little sarcasm. I told him and he was starting to laugh and then I said there couldn't be any negativity cuz I get more done now and so it's good and he better be quiet about it if he likes the results. Then he wouldn't let me make lunch for us cuz he didn't want me to claim points and thought it was funny that I wouldn't let him make the bed after the linens came out of the dryer cuz I wanted to claim the points.

to everyone! TTYL
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Only popping on to read...but had to send hugs to you, Cynthia. DS was a strong nurser too, but never bit, so I don't have any practical suggestions. Hang in there...someone will have some good advice, I'm sure!

Peace, I know what you mean about CWs!!

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Operamommy! Totally forgot to answer you! I like the Bumbo because DS2 is trying to do crunches and twist in his bouncy seat. So Soon I will have to retire my bouncy seats. THat leaves me with no options for when I shower! I shower after dinner when DH takes DS1 out to the playground, so I put DS2 in the bouncy.

Right now DS2 slumps over a bit in the Bumbo because he keeps trying to touch his feet and is still wobbly. I think in another few weeks he will sit up rather straight but need support and the Bumbo will give him that.

I put him in it and put him near his playmat (with the hanging things) and he got super excited! A new perspective for him!

and for our vacation:
We are going to our timeshare in Stoneham, ME
We bought the time share last year so this is our first year going. (it was really cheap, we got a great deal $30 to buy it, and like $270 yearly maintainence fee- they ahve like 6 different types of rooms to pick from)
SO I am crazy trying to pack. I think we are going to go to Storyland in NH too.

Plus my DS1 can sit in it too.. technically it is for 3-14 month olds, but a skinny pinny 2.5 yr old can fit in too!
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Eli is an aggressive nurser too. Always has been. I have pumped out for a bottle just for a break especially during the middle of the month I'm extra tender. He hasn't tried to bite me yet even since getting two teeth. Best of luck.

I'm excited about the swap!! Going to start my cards this weekend. Thank you salt-phoenix for putting it together.

Eli discovered that he has a penis this morning in the bath tub. He had a big smile on his face which made the moment even funnier. He also figured out how to roll from tummy to back and back to tummy tonight. He had only gone from tummy to back a couple of times before tonight. Again the big smile was present, especially after we clapped for him. He's getting too big too fast......
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cwoodard - I'm sorry. Kaia pulls off constantly and I thought that sucked - but she's only really *really* chomped down a handful of times, and boy was that a shock, yow! I hope someone has good advice for you. When Kaia pulls off too much I go lay down with her in bed to nurse, and that seems to help, but I'm not sure that really applies to you. Hang in there!

peace_laughing - : Hurray for you and your DP!!!! I'm so happy, I hope things just get better and better, I think I'm going to cry :

salt_phoenix - I had no idea they ate the mum! That's crazy. Thank you again for getting the card swap together for us.
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Originally Posted by peace_laughing View Post
On the medical front...I have a transvaginal ultrasound tomorrow. They don't suspect the digestive tract because my pain is too low. So we'll see what that brings.


Oh good luck. I hope it all goes well.
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I just joined Chore Wars! If it helps me keep my house cleaner that would be cool! My baby is now 4 months old, born on March 4th, and he's a chunk. He weighs 17 1/2 pounds and is 27 inches long. And he's a bouncer. My hair has really started to fall out in the past two weeks, I'm getting it cut tomorrow and am thinking bangs to help disguise the hair fall out. Having 2 kids has been challenging. The nights when the baby wakes 2 times I'm pretty good during the day, but the 4 times a night are killer. Oh and he's teething now and he really yanked on my breast today (twice). How do I stop that!! He's so cute though and his cheeks are starting to stick out farther than his head.
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darciedoodle, try a nursing necklace.

Cynthia, this may sound insane but have you told Alex how you feel? It might help with the flinching. I'd also try taking him off after the first bite and stop tapping his cheek- that could be one stimuli too much.

Heather we have penis playtime here too, bless him.

Gen, you're great, you are

Sarah, the remedies in hylands will work for other things (including separation anxiety and general crankiness.) It's just chamomilla.

Teeny : atta girl. Just keep on keeping on, 'kay?
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cwoodard Ashlee bites too. She doesn't have any teeth yet but I am afraid of the day that she gets them.

Looking forward to the postcards! I will be sending ones from the store Sorry mama's I just won't be able to make them. I just don't have the time Hope that is ok
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Babybump, glad Eli is feeling better! Very cute pic of him playing with his feet! Funny about him discovering his penis!

, glad you had a great time!

slgt, congrats on Rosemary's teeth! I have no idea how long it takes for them to finish coming in. Alex's broke the surface on Father's Day and still aren't all the way in yet!

lincap, glad you like your bumbo! I wanted to get one, but tried one out at a friend's house and my little chubster's thighs were too big for it, lol. He didn't fit! I ended up getting an exersaucer which he just loves.

peace_laughing, hope the dr appt goes well and they figure out what is going on!

lovetobemama, glad you are enjoying some one on one time with Molly! I thought about trying a mommy and me yoga class, but for some reason yoga intimidates me.

Teenytoona, glad that things are a bit better! Sorry about the thrush

birthmommom, awesome about the muffins!

salt_phoenix, thanks for organizing the postcard swap! Looking forward to it.

flapjack, thanks for the suggestions!
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lol, I joined chore wars, although I'm not sure why... i don't even live in a house and I KNOW I won't be cleaning on any regular basis.
I just wanted to see what the fuss was all about.

I think I'll go swimming now.

Don't worry folks, all my post cards are bought too... Although I consider myself the crafty type from time to time...I'm going to be lazy on this one.
But HEY! at least I hand wrote a note to each of you on them!
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I just took Skye and River swimming by myself- the superwoman complex is continuing It went remarkably well, considering. Skye wore her armbands home over her t-shirt
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glad you had a good time Helen!!
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Originally Posted by cwoodard View Post
I need some advice and/or encouragement from those who have experience with this or are going through it now too. I've been having trouble with Alex biting while nursing ever since he started cutting his first two teeth on Father's Day.
Not having any personal experience I hesitate to advise, but I remember hearing/reading this (I think LLL), that it's worth a try to bring your LO's head into your breast so that he has to open his mouth to breath and then slowly s/he learns not to bite... sounds a bit hectic, but maybe worth trying???

Originally Posted by darciedoodle View Post
Having 2 kids has been challenging.
How old is your older LO? Any tips for deciding when to bring no. 2 into the picture?

Originally Posted by Jezzy View Post
Looking forward to the postcards! I will be sending ones from the store Sorry mama's I just won't be able to make them. I just don't have the time Hope that is ok
Me too - I ordinarily love to get crafty and creative... but haven't even been able to finish knitting my wooly soakers for my DS...

Helen - way to go on the swimming thing. I have been meaning to ask you about your toy selections for you LO's. It sounded really interesting with nature objects! Here I am trying to go that route, but family think it's way weird and have 'compromised' and bought him colourful wooden toys...

Hillel has finally found his feet . He is such a cutie
Much earlier in this thread there was talk on the no cry sleep solution - was wondering how that has been going? And what peoples bed time/nap routines are looking like? Hillel is demanding to put it very mildly... yesterday was at a friend with a LO a day younger than Hillel, and he just falls asleep on their poof!!! I thought all babies needed to be parented to sleep???!
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Originally Posted by ema-adama View Post
Much earlier in this thread there was talk on the no cry sleep solution - was wondering how that has been going? And what peoples bed time/nap routines are looking like? Hillel is demanding to put it very mildly... yesterday was at a friend with a LO a day younger than Hillel, and he just falls asleep on their poof!!! I thought all babies needed to be parented to sleep???!

Most babies do need to be parented to sleep. But I can say I have one who needs parenting to sleep DS1 and one that doesn't DS2. DS2 is just a less needy kid. He falls asleep in his crib.. He does fuss a bit like 3 min... but if I try to have him fall asleep in my arms he will cry hard for like 45-60min.. Every baby is different!
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