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THanks, Helen. I woke up very sad about Christopher this morning...well, sad enough to poke Terran and wake him up so he would comfort me. I should probably update that Christopher misses his little brother and comes over to visit him, use the computer, and meet his friends several times a week. When I talked to him about switching his health insurance over from Blue Shield (which is very expensive and only covered half of his psychiatric expenses) to Healthy Families (a California state sponsored program for low-income families which we may or may not qualify for and which may or may not be a good idea to apply for) he said that he lived here and not with his father.

But he has no respect for my authority whatsoever and is still totally farking up his life. I have a year and a half befor he is no longer considered a minor. I have very few rules for my teens, but I honestly cannot allow him in my house after his eighteenth birthday unless he turns his life around.

Dea, it's so great to have you back! You totally rock on the road trip; Terran and I can barely even make it to Arcata and back without needing years of therapy to recover. I'm hoping the switch to a convertible carseat will help and went all out on a Britax Marathon, but there's no way I'm going to take out the infant seat and try to make the switch without dd's amazing parter being right there to bail me out if I get stuck.

I'm going to send you my fertility vibes as well. : hasn't returned yet and isn't expected until after Terran's first birthday, but I'm feeling more and more like I might be done: there was a HUGE baby boom in Humboldt last month so I'm seeing a lot of newborns, but they aren't making me want another baby. I like my almost-six-month-old too much: his smiles and giggles and kisses and the way he knows when I'm upset and consciously tries to cheer me up and the beginnings of that irrepressible boy energy that makes the schools want to ritalinize them all and me wish I could hook them up to a generator while they run around in circles in the back yard reciting thedir Latin Grammar exercises out loud at the top of their lungs and....

I can't remember for the life of me why I ever wanted an unboy in the first place. dd has suddenly sprouted a maternal instinct and has a new daycare babe, as well as being more and more interested in her little brother as he becomes more and more interested in her, so I feel that my matrilinear immortality is as insured as it ever could be.

I'm not afraid of pregnancy and birthing over 45 and I honestly think I still have some good eggs left and the hardest part of the whole TTC process, finding a good known donor, is already done (I definitely wouldn't use anybody else) but I'm just feeling as if this particular little boy is my "dessert"; a mellow, "easy" baby who makes me feel confident about my parenting ability.

I hesitate to compare my experience as an elderly SMC to your journey to conceive Trixie, but many of the feelings were the same. I felt the loss of each unsuccessful insem attempt as a child who never even had the chance to be conceived. It just plain takes awhile, so it makes sense to get started earlier rather than later if you want Trixie to grow up with a built-in best friend the way my Sis and I did.

Best of luck to you and please keep us updated.

Pit Bulls aren't dangerous at all if they're not trained to fight. Spiders are sneaky, and far less trainable. I totally disagree with the analogy.
Okay, I see your point; that wasn't a very good analogy. I probably don't have enough experience with dogs OR spiders to make that kind of a generalization.

Juise, how's Mama Spider doing? My kitty is pretty much domesticated, but my grandkitty comes and goes as she pleases and that feels much better to me. I don't know how I would react if she got hit by a car or died of a vax-preventable disease, though. It's really not my place to react at all, since she belongs to my daughter and my daughter is a grown woman who has the right to make her own decisions about her own cat.

I've started the very beginnings of my postcards, but wanted to make sure everyone understood that I am a VERY slow writer and have never written a postcard with a baby in my lap before so I don't know how they're going to turn out, just that they're probably going to be late.

Crap, I'm late for my office job. I should have walked out the door fifteen minutes ago and I'm still in my bathrobe with a naked baby sleeping in my lap.
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Juise, I loved that pic of your DD with the monkey. So cute! I hope you can work things out with your MIL soon. Must be irritating. I've been very fortunate with my MIL. Well, plus she lives 10 hours away by car

lovetobemama, sorry your LO is wanting to nurse so much at night. I've been trying to think if I remember reading/hearing about what to do if that happens, but the only thing I can remember reading is to offer the breast very, very often during the day to try and get them to get more calories in before bed. I hope you're able to get more sleep soon!

Dea, hi Dea, I'm new since you went on vacation We have a 10 hour drive to visit MIL coming up in August which I'm still a little nervous about - your trip definitely makes me think we can manage one way or another! Hope Trixie's cold goes away soon and she feels better! I've been pondering when to start TTC again too - we had to do IVF for Alex, and I'll be 35 next month. I feel like I don't want to wait too long to get started on #2 in case it takes a long time again, but then on the other hand... the thought of a baby + a young toddler scares me!

nos, I love Terran's post! Alex loves banging away at my laptop too when I have him on my lap.

lovetobemama, what did your LO have for her first meal? Alex is definitely trying to snatch things from me lately and keeps spilling my drinks over both of us if I let down my guard while drinking with him on my lap. He doesn't have all the signs yet, so definitely not ready, but starting to think about what exactly I will start him out on.

slgt, I was totally surprised at how sharp they were too! I can't wait until they smooth out some! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that she doesn't discover the joys of biting mommy I am soo sorry to hear about your lousy day yesterday, I hope it heals quickly and you feel better fast! Congrats on DD's night - I'm sending : that she keeps it up. I have used the Camilla drops and noticed something a bit similar with Alex once or twice. I just figured he had been so worked up and tired fussing over his teeth that once some of the pain was eased, he was able to relax and just be an exhausted little baby. But he didn't really seem stoned. I'm new to all these homeopathic remedies, so can't really offer more than that! I use the Hyland's Teething Tablets mostly now since I ran out of the drops and haven't gotten around to getting more. DS seems to like the tablets a lot and they don't get him stoned

applecore, sorry the plumbing interfered with your weekend away, that sucks! I'm sorry you're feeling down too I'd love to lose some more weight too but got freaked out after reading some stuff about how toxins stored in your fat get into your breastmilk after being released when you burn the fat, so I'm trying very hard to remind myself that my body is still on baby duty and I can get myself into shape later.

All you clother-diaperers... I need some advice. I have to confess that I am not loving clother diapers, and I really WANT to! It's not the washing or putting them on or what not, it's the BULK! I guess four and a half months of disposables spoiled me in terms of trimness. I keep getting annoyed that DS's pants and shorts look stupid with the huge diapers or in some cases that they don't even FIT over the diaper. Right now I am using a very trim cover (Bummis Original) and unbleached indian prefolds. Is there anything else that I can try? I can't afford to get a whole stash of $20 AIOs
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slgt, ouch! I also wanted to suggest peppermint EO diluted in a carrier for your bruising. It helps the bruise to go away faster which will help you to not feel like a freak with a black & blue face.

Gotta run, be back later. to all
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Originally Posted by cwoodard View Post
Is there anything else that I can try?(
I hate the bulk too, I do know that baby ends up needing a half a year size BIGGER in pants, shorts etc. because of the bulk.
NOS sent me a care package a few months ago, and in that package was a gem of a diaper cover known as a SUGAR PEAS wool cover.
NOS: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! It has become BY FAR my favorite cover of all the covers I have. (and I have too many) She's now THIS CLOSE to growing out of it, so I managed to find someone who sells them AND has them in stock. They also have another similar cover that I just ordered. The woman I order them from says that they are VERY similar, only this one is more stretchy. I am hoping to love it as much as the other.
The original Sugar Peas wool cover is VERY trim with just a prefold or rainbow diaper. I just want to say again: I LOVE THIS COVER. Yes, they cost more than life, but I love them enough to own THREE now... in the next size up. They really only have to be washed once every 1-2 weeks unless they get soiled. I just alternate them, putting the "wet" one in the sunny window to dry & sanitize.
I don't even put any sort of bottoms on Ember anymore, these covers are cute enough to BE the bottoms.
Here is a picture of Ember in the one NOS sent me. It's not as tight as it looks. It's actually very comfy fit; a trim fit with a baby budda belly
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HI everyone!
It's so nice to be back in the fold. Ahhh I've missed you all!
Thanks for all of the fertility vibes. I was really hoping that my body would be shocked into shape after pregnancy and conceive on it's own, but it's back to it's old tricks. I had a vaginal ultrasound and my ovaries are as cystic as ever, looking like a pomegranate cut open. (and yet I don't have the offical diagnosis if PCOS, weird, but I've stopped trying to bend my brain around my infertility issues....)
cwoodard WELCOME! Aren't all of the Mamas here wonderful! I wish I had some super amazing tips to surviving a long drive with a baby, but I don't. I give all of the credit for our success (did I mention the trip there was 2.5 days?) to Trixie, she's honestly a dream! About diapers, we cloth diaper too, I use prefolds and we have some fittededs for my clumbsy husband. I used to think that the bulk was ungainly, but now honestly I find it to be cute. I think it's because I'm at the point where the smell of disposable diapers nauseates me. (that overly perfumed smell) Also when I see her in her bulky bum cloth I know that it's better for her skin and the environment. Maybe a weird analogy is you know when you don't like the taste of something and you keep eating to like it and soon you do? I think the same about bulky bums...

NOS I loved Terran's post!! He might be a genius! I liked your comments about ritalin and such... my brother was put on 3X the adult dose when he was a child and it stunted his growth, ruined his teeth (he had teeth coming in sideways) and just messed with him. Then he got wise and would pretend to take them because he didn't like how they made him feel, but then sneaky so he started selling them. WHen he was found out he was put on cylert which is no better. Now is daughter is showing the same signs of ADHD and he is not handling it well. I get so upset when she is told to sit down and be still and quiet. Sigh, she really is a good girl, but it's not fair to ask to to be still and quiet, she can do one or the other, not both. I really hope that she doesn't end up the same as my brother. I hope he's learned from his experiences. okay rant over.

AHH I have more to write but my baby sings for me!
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okay, i'm on post 146 and i keep waiting to finish before posting but i just have to let you all know
Linnaea rolled over!!

she went from back front on the bed this morning and she hasn't stopped all day! i have to say she went about it so much less intently than lazlo. he wouldn't stop trying and she just kind of happened into it...she didn;t fuss or cry at all trying to get over.

now she keeps going from front to back and back to front.

and i have a confession... i totally want to cook yummy things for dinner so i can write a good healthy description in chore wars speaking of which, i'm going to go catch up now.
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Originally Posted by PlayaMama View Post
and i have a confession... i totally want to cook yummy things for dinner so i can write a good healthy description in chore wars .
hahaha I have a confession too (vegetarians can move past this post):
Last night I grilled some chicken breasts that had marinated ALL DAY. They were DONE, looking GREAT, smelling WONDERFUL then I opened the grill lid to take them off and BAM! The entire grill collapsed to the ground.
This is the confession part...
I washed them off, put a little more marinade on them and cooked them again for a few minutes.
They were good, but not as good as they WOULD HAVE BEEN, since when I washed them off, it washed off all the yumminess. :
Grit and all, my new recipe is called "Desert Surprise Chicken"
Tell me that isn't a scrumptious thought? :
Hey, we are camping, right? Expect dirt in your food. Lots of minerals. :
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Don't have time to respond to everyone... sorry!

but I think Applecore, wrote about body image. I can relate. I am 5 ft 4 in I was 108 lbs before I got pregnant, 153 lbs end of pregnancy, and now I am a nice 118 lbs BUT BUT BUT I have a HUGE belly still. So I look like I am 5 months pregnant. I HATE IT. I have a thin frame, thin arms, now I have a fatter neck & face, MUCH wider hips and fatter thighs and an enormous belly. Plus my hair is a mess (I got it cut too short and now it is in a weird growing out stage) it is graying badly, I hate my glasses, and I look like I am barely out of high school.. (I am 30 and have people comment on how young I am and ask if I have finished high school...btw .. I have a Master's in Neurobiology!)

I hate the way my body looks right now. I am trying to get over it, but having a hard time. I am having a pity party.. sorry.

back to my cleaning and packing for vacation.
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Originally Posted by cwoodard View Post
All you clother-diaperers... I need some advice. I have to confess that I am not loving clother diapers, and I really WANT to! It's not the washing or putting them on or what not, it's the BULK! I guess four and a half months of disposables spoiled me in terms of trimness. I keep getting annoyed that DS's pants and shorts look stupid with the huge diapers or in some cases that they don't even FIT over the diaper. Right now I am using a very trim cover (Bummis Original) and unbleached indian prefolds. Is there anything else that I can try? I can't afford to get a whole stash of $20 AIOs
I totally agree! I HATE pants! I've bought several differnt pairs in several different sizes and they just look so awful that I take them off and take them right back to the consignment store.

Terran has two pairs of Guatemalan overalls that I LOVE; they're cut nice and loose and designed to fit for a long, long time. My ds1 only had two different sizes that got him from six months to five years old.

I still use gowns sometimes, even though they wind up under his armpits and are kind of a waste of fabric, since i could make two shirts instead of one gown. Mostly, though i just use wool or fleece covers that are cute enough to leave uncovered (we have skin issues that preclude using the trimmer covers) and leg warmers if it gets cold.

Regular western-style overalls might work too, but I don't like all that hardware on such young babies. If easy access for EC-ing isn't an issue, you might like some sort of one-piece coverall or romper.

When I have the time, I'm going to experiment with altering patterns to make pants that don;t look stupid but right now I just can't. I'm learning a new (MUCH nicer!) pattern for diaper covers, but I swear, if I paid myself minimum wage, Terran would be wearing a $500 garment...and his old ones are almost completely outgrown so i need to make at least three more as soon as my thumb heals up from pushing all these pins through all these layers of fleece.

Peh. Who needs pants anyway? It sounds like something a dog would do!

Originally Posted by salt_phoenix View Post
NOS sent me a care package a few months ago, and in that package was a gem of a diaper cover known as a SUGAR PEAS wool cover.
NOS: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! It has become BY FAR my favorite cover of all the covers I have.

i loved that cover too. i get such a kick out of seeing Ember in Terran's hand me downs! Julie sent me a bunch of fabric, so I'm sure our kids will be sharing clothes again as long as they stay different sizes,

Originally Posted by Dea View Post
NOS I loved Terran's post!! He might be a genius!
Well, i don't know about that, but i couldn't resist solving for h in his very first algebraic expression and it DOES equal 4.5; i had two totally different types of math geeks in the 20th century and i'm wondering what this third kid's take is going to be. we'll be much more unschooly this time around, of course.
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wow, this is an insane amount of postings if your just starting to read the tread I've tried to read a few pages, but I will confess that I'm behind on all of you...so I'll just give a quick update and try and be more diligent in my reading!

So, Nellah has been sucking her thumb in the last month -- constantly! I think it's adorable, and it's really helped her self-soothe and sleep through the night. To all you mamas with sleep issues !!!! My ds didn't sleep well until......well, he's three and a half and still gets up way more nights than Nellah, so I can relate

A few weeks ago I had my graduation from University. I've been working on my degree (Honours BA in Child and Youth Care) since 2001, and it felt nice to finally finish. Although I was nervous about it at first, Nellah came up with me on stage to accept my degree, and stayed with me just-in-case she was fabulous, and it was great to have her with me!

After the ceremony, I spoke with my profs but couldn't wear Nellah because of the pins in my gown, so my FIL wore her

Then last week we went to visit friends, and my little guy went strawberry picking, for the first time with our friends two little girls -- loads of fun!

Things in the last few weeks have seemed pretty challenging, Nellah wants to be held a lot and Jackson has been very demanding with attention, so I find my days pretty full of activity. My house is a mess, I don't know when it'll ever be clean again, and two nights ago this was my ds's dinner because I had to come up with something fast and with one hand

I'll try to keep up with everyone more, but for now I'm sending out a huge group hug to all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Body issues-I'm in. I'm within to pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight but much less toned (can't remember the last time I hit the weights) and much more top heavy (thanks breastfeeding). If I had shirts that fit my chet better I might feel better. My normal larges are slightly too tight but x-large is too big. gggggrrrrrrr.

My husband wants me to run an upcoming 5K with him. I've started running again a couple times a week so we'll see. I need to get more active, but hitting the gym 4-5 times a week like I used too isn't a possibility right now.

Cloth diaper bulk. It is annoying sometimes. It's starting to look less bulky the bigger Eli gets. I was super lucky to have a friend who had a boy in march 07. She's a shopper and I got tons of stuff from her so I have the luxury of finding the right size in his dresser.
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Have to go to sleep now because things have been so bad lately...but just had to pop in and send hugs to all and say OMG, Nellah being worn by her grandpa is the sweetest pic ever!!! Thanks for sharing, jaxinsmama.
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I'm off to bed too, so don't have time to reply to everyone, but thanks for the responses about cloth diapers! At least I'm not the only one. I have a few hemp items on the way to try out. I'm going to see if I can get them at least a little trimmer and keep trying to stick with it. I can't stand the scent of most disposables either, but I've been using 7th Generation and they don't smell. I've still been using them at night actually, since I haven't figured out what to do at night that will hold out.

Way to go Linnea for rolling over!

Nellah is adorable!

And one last thing: photos of Alexander playing in his exersaucer today.

Goodnight Mamas!
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jaxinsmom the picture of Nellah sucking her thumb is adorable!

cwoodard Alexander is a cutie! Does he love is exersaucer? We're thinking of getting one for Trixie.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I would like to avoid plastic if possible, if not I'll get a used one rather than new.

I forgot about mentioning baby legs for diaper bum bulk. We have many many pairs of baby legs and I love them all. Everytime I see more I need to buy them. Right now I am coveting a pink herringbone pair!
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Hi Everyone,
I have not posted here in a long time. I try to read periodically, but you all post so much it is hard to keep up!

We are all pretty well here, things are really busy with the kids being home for summer. My DH has been trying to work as much overtime as he can, so I am alone usually for 8 or 9 day stretches with the kids...can be very insane sometimes!

I am most likely going back to work this fall I do not want to and feel sick over it, but financially things are really tough for us right now. So, I know if I work for a year we will have our debt paid down to a much more manageable place and in the long run life will be less stressful....so, I just need to stick it out for a year.

This means I will have to put Audrey and Trevor in daycare....I know it will be okay, but it breaks my heart. Again, I have to keep focused on the big picture and know that in a year everything will be so much better.

Anyway, I wanted to offer up 6 yards of a stretchy cotton fabric that I picked up today to make a wrap for Audrey out of. It is like jersey knit, but has a gauze look to it. I cut it in half for the wrap, and if anyone would like the other half I would be happy to send it your way. Oh, it is pink...so you have to love pink! I don't love it that much, but I got a great deal on the fabric! Just PM me if you would like it and I will get it in the mail to you.

As for cloth diaper bulk, I too think it is cute. My DH gets a little crazy with it and feels that it hinders the baby from learning to walk....I just love a baby in a cute diaper cover, a pair of baby legs and a t-shirt!

Body image....ugh...that is something I will always struggle with. I have lost most of my baby weight, but still feel flabby. When I feel bad about my body I think of why it looks this way, and that I have 4 wonderful kids and know it was worth it!

salt phoenix, loved your chicken story! I would have done the same thing, in fact I probably have when we were camping! It only boosts your immunity, and you are right, lots of extra minerals!!

Welcome back Dea, best of luck ttc! I would love to be in your shoes again, but I am afraid DH will not go for a 5th!

Anyway, I try to keep up, but feel awkward posting sometimes, so I am more of a lurker these days. I do think of you all often though and enjoy hearing how everyone is doing.
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Thread Starter 
Andrea, I miss you. Don't be a stranger, huh? The same thing goes for Jaxinsmom.

I don't have body issues. I'm currently weighing in at 235lbs, and I like that this weight allows me to do certain things, like carry two children at once (or give a 9yo a piggy back.) I'm embracing being active, and eating vegetables, and the miracle that is burnt sugar fudge with sea salt. (If you see it, you really, really should eat it. I'm enjoying taking responsibility for my own health again. I still have approximately twice as much body as a BMI chart thinks is appropriate, but there are bigger problems overall, right? Plus, as Andrea pointed out, most of my weight was gained in the service of four wonderful kids, and it's hard to feel truly regretful about that.
I'm not loving cloth on River quite as much (probably because I'm going through sizes in wraps quite rapidly, and forget about the cute handknit longies.) Am I the only person who's ever needed to put a cloth nappy on a toddler just to keep her trousers up because she has a baby buddha belly and tiny hips, though? : River's a different shape entirely- he's more like a brick with limbs, bless him.
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I'm with you, Helen. I'm feeling decent about my body these days. I have more people around that I can call rl friends than I have in at least six years, and I feel more loved and appreciated... even pretty, from time to time. The more people like me, the more I like myself, and the more I like myself, the less I care about the size of my ass. I know, I should be finding acceptance within... but whatever, it's a good thing. I don't mind being a fat chick these days. I worry about my teeth a lot more, that still bothers the heck out of me, but being fat? Eh, could be worse. I still swim naked at 4QF and nobody's run screaming in horror.

Long messy pile of crap going on right now, and I am awake because Mike was behaving oddly in his sleep. I gave him a sandwhich which he inhaled, before and after telling me that his blood sugar was fine. (Note: He doesn't like peanut butter and honey. If his blood sugar wasn't low, he never would have eaten it.) I'm very tired, but afraid to sleep. Gah. i'll sleep anyway. Damn it all. I've got to get one of these. I learned about this thingy at Drum & Splash, from a diabetic man whose brother passed away in a pre-dawn hypoglycemic episode (type I diabetes runs in his family). I'm about this close to standing around with a can and collecting for the sucker-- Mike had a most hideous episode earlier this week in which he dropped Bear. : Yeah. ICK.
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Anyone else's baby acting totally possessed?

Robin has a few minutes of a day but mostly, lately, is really cranky. She spends a lot of time making this low, grating whine and I can't figure out what it is -- she's eating a ton, sleeping plenty, and I'm trying to keep her entertained, but she just seems discontented no matter what I do. : I'm hoping this is just a phase, it's just wearing on me starting at 5 am and lasting until bedtime. I keep feeling for teeth but it all feels gummy to me.
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Lauren, DD went through a phase like that. We were not fans of the whining. It accompanied sleep regression. Could have been the mass of developmental stuff she was working on, or the jaw moving around (2 teeth are now poking through, about 5-6 weeks after that fussy stuff and frequent night-waking started), or being 4 months old, or who knows.

Whatever the case, we're through it now (for the time being...). I think the wee ones sometimes just have a lot going on!

In other news...sleep has returned to our household! At night, at least. Can I reiterate how much better all 5 members of our household (includes 2 are sleeping with DD in her crib? Unreal. And this is WITH two teeth coming in.

I brought DD in to DH around 6 this morning (I got up & started working at 5) b/c she woke up & was ready to play but still very sleepy. She drifted back off by 6:30 (yay!), and I went in to grab something from the room. Looking at my two redheads snuggled next to one another, my heart just about burst with love. I know it's a cliche, but my gawd.

Happy Friday, everyone!
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Originally Posted by eilonwy View Post
Mike had a most hideous episode earlier this week in which he dropped Bear. : Yeah. ICK.
OMG...sounds AWFUL I''ve heard that some dogs can smell a sigar crash coming on. Maybe you need a dog.

Congrats to you and to Helen on liking your bodies right now!

Lauren, Molly is doing the same thing plus sleep regression. I too am hoping its only phase!

slgt: sounds so sweet!
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