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Pregnant with #1 in our 30s - July thread

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~*~*~Pregnant with #1 in our 30's thread!~*~*~

July 2008


July 2008
: Nony 33
FiberLover (Michelle) 32

August 2008
: AngelaM (Angela) 31
: Radiowave (Aimee) 31
: Meglegs 32
AcademicMama 32

September 2008
: Alcyone 29
: Scalpel, partner (Darcie) 36 carrying
: VeganCupcake (Catherine)
: Amahrey
: Youngsoul (Lori) 33
: lcaitlin (Lydia) 31
: sssarah (Sarah) 33
: mynetname 36
: Engineering mama 34

October 2008
: Mis sig 32
Celesterra 35
Jencat 37
: Pen_esque 38
OrchideZ 37
Crosscat 34

November 2008
: Sweet Pea 35
: ecnelis (Emily) 32

December 2008
: Red Lil Mama 34
: KJad29, Kemi,

January 2009
: seashelle 38

February 2009
: Fretina (Andrea) 33
: Ghislaine 33
: VioletLeo (Jonni) 34

March/April 2009
: Mischievium


: rock dr (CJ) Gabriella born June 05, 2007
: farmama Natalina born July 17, 2007
: nikkihoi 37 Marshall born Aug. 4, 2007
: eri_flores 31 Ariel Efrain born Aug. 10, 2007
: cornpicker 33 Jonah Harrison Aug. 15, 2007
: PiePie 36 Lorelei Siobhan born Aug. 16, 2007
: greengrey (Alex) 30 Layla born Aug. 25, 2007
: dctexan (Emily) 34 Benjamin born Sept. 1, 2007
: veganone (Elizabeth) 34 Isabella Lourdes Sofia born Sept. 3, 2007
: plummum 36 Sinead Summer born Sept. 3, 2007
: beckyphry (Becky) 32 Maya Rose born Sept. 7, 2007
: hazieluna (Natalia) 36 Aidan Sebastian born Sept. 15, 2007
: ATD Mom 32 Alasdair William born Sept. 16, 2007
: Down to Earth (Laura) 30 Elizabeth Grace born Sept. 17, 2007
: ~minnow~ (Lane) 31 Adelaide Beatrix born Sept. 20, 2007
: K9sarchik (Laura) 38 Gavin Rutgar born Sept 20, 2007
: Amberella Nathaniel John born September 30, 2007
: jpiper0430 (Jenn) 31 Eleanor Diane born October 10, 2007
: MajorGroover (Dee) 32, Mathilde born November 10, 2007
: Grace24 (Julia) 36, Oliver Roland born November 24, 2007
: cmu204 (Cher) 34, Baby Z born December 10, 2007
: Kharen (Karen) 32, Samuel Asher born December 15, 2007
: expectantmami (Karen) 34, Reyes Daniel born December 22, 2007
: MoreThanApplesauce (Jenn) 34, Elizabeth
: Johannah born December 27, 2007
: Nico DeMouse 31, Peter Naren, December 28, 2007
: CowsRock (Kripa) 34, name TBA, December 29, 2007

: SarahJen (Sarah) 36, Aveline Paige, January 3, 2008
: xenon 31, name TBA, January 8, 2008
: California_Mom 36, name TBA, January 9, 2008
: To-Fu, 31, Aesop Glenn, January 25, 2008

: Writerbird 33, Edwin George, February 9, 2008
: Slgt (Sarah), Rosemary Joan, February 15, 2008
: jentina (Jen) 34, Ellis Thomas, February 20, 2008
: trizzle (Tracy) 31, Gemma Elise, February 20, 2008
: phillybama (Aimee) 32, Georgia Lenore, February 22, 2008
: Jujubie (Judy) 34, Callie Maureen, February 25, 2008
: peace_laughing (Gen) 35, Lakshmi Ella, February 25, 2008
: Teenytoona (Leah) 32, Senara Elena, February 27, 2008

: pinkorchid2 31, Lyric Imani, March 2nd, 2008
: Itsy (Shannon) 31, Carter, March 5th, 2008

: Cking (Christina) 31, Josephine Angela, April 1st, 2008
: meli-mello (Melanie) 32, Moira Catherine, April 8, 2008
: oyinmama 32, Kaiju, April 18th, 2008
: Anouk, Lacy 33, Jakob Alexander, April 17, 2008
: Raingyrl, April 21, 2008
: Sheekara, 35, April 27, 2008
: GISDiva (Kim) 32, Leo Allen, April, 2008

: BerryMac (Rebecca) 30, Delilah Eve, May 9, 2008
: Samantha675 33, Brennan Richard, May 22, 2008

: Halfasianmama, July 12, 2008
: sugarshoc, Mackenzie, July 24, 2008

July threadkeeper: sweet pea (Vita)
August threadkeeper: Crosscat

Now Accepting Applications:

September: ???


Please put requests in bold or PM me with changes, I'll edit/update the lists ASAP!
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Hey everyone,

Here's the new thread. I've already got a demerit for threadkeeping because I thought cutting and pasting would preserve color. Will edit later.

Welcome Emily! I'm particularly glad to see you because I was getting awfully lonely in November.
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Thanks SweetPea!
Hey, no worries about color etc. I'm happy just to have a thread!

Wow, um, its July. I'm officially due this month!


I think this might take a bit to sink in...
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Thanks SweetPea!

Hope everyone has a great July!
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33 and first baby

Hello All,

I'm 33 (34 in September) and we are expecting our first child. My husband will be 40 when our child is born. The due date is February 2009!


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Welcome Andrea!

I'll add you to the main roster.
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I just registered today, but I have lurked for awhile.

Anyhow, my husband and I are expecting our daughter in the middle of August. I'm 32.
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Welcome AcademicMama!

Glad you've delurked and officially joined us. I'll add you to the list.

Everyone else: I've reinserted all the smilies according to the June thread. Please take a quick look at your own entry and let me know if I made a mistake.
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Looks like halfasianmama is hanging in there.

How are the July mamas feeling?

Anyone else with any news to share?

I'm feeling a little relieved after my appointment Monday. I got a copy of my ultrasound report and had a long talk with my OB. Turns out the fibroids are, in fact, completely a non-issue, both in size and location. It also confirmed (I had been suspecting) that I have an anterior placenta, which is why at 20 weeks, movement still seems unclear or muffled. It also took longer to hear the heartbeat back in the first trimester. I will try to be conscious about my posture and fetal positioning as I get closer to my due date, though: having an anterior placenta makes it more likely that baby will be positioned posterior.
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Ah doing ok.

Working still and need to keep working til this little one is born! I have a ton of things I'd like to get done at work so I can relax more when she arrives.

Getting a sore back more and more, ugh.

I'm glad you found out your fibroids aren't an issue SweetPea, whew. And that makes a lot of sense about the placenta and movement.

Welcome Fretina and AcademicMama!

I think this weekend we're planning on finishing up the baby room, so that should be fun and exciting. Green paint, some curtains, a lot of just washing and organizing.
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Welcome Fretina and AcademicMama!

~sweet pea~, no demerits for you. I think the list looks great! Good work!

We're starting to sort of get ourselves organized. I bought an enormous used changing table yesterday to hold all of baby's diapering supplies. We hope to paint the room someday soon, too.

Baby is still breech. Wah! I have ordered a Turn Your Breech Baby Hypnobabies CD, though, and it's still so early. My midwife told me not to worry. Ok, trying hard not to worry. I've been talking to baby and telling him/her to turn, as well as trying a slantboard. This morning I think I really irritated baby because I got on the slantboard, put headphones playing some of my favorite music down low, and a buzzing toothbrush by his/her head. There was some shuffling around and then some hiccups and I felt TERRIBLE for being so mean to my baby!
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Thanks for the new thread, SweetPea!

Vegan, you're due in September, right? Seems like your LO has a lot of time to turn, and you're really taking charge! Hope your next check shows a vertex bebeh!

Fiber, sounds like you're doing great! What kind of birth are you planning? Congrats on reaching your dd month!

SP, one of my placentas was anterior, too, and I didn't start feeling movement in that area until a few weeks ago. There's plenty of time for that to shift up and back! Glad you're feeling relieved about things.

Welcome, AcademicMama! Hope July and August are peaceful and comfortable for you!

Fretina, congrats on your pregnancy, and welcome!

Well, I'll be 27 weeks this week, and I'm measuring about 32w. The boys sometimes put on an amazing belly show - just this week I've been able to really feel appendages from the outside, and can reasonably guess at feet, knees, heads and bums. It's amazing. My 26w photos are in my blog - the link's in my name in my sig.

I've still been having a lot of BH, though, which makes me feel so unsure of what's going on. I know I posted that last week, too... it's definitely better this week. I moved last Wednesday to the friend's house I'll be staying at through when the boys are born, so it's one more step to feeling settled, and that seems to have helped physically, too. I have another growth scan (like the 20w u/s) tomorrow, and expect everything to be fine.

Jencat, I know you asked about my homebirth plans... i'll come back and post about that soon.
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Sweet pea - thanks for the new thread! It looks great. I'm so glad your fibroids are ok and won't be a problem.

Welcome new ladies!! Jump right in anytime!

Vegan - sorry about the SIL's MIL! And the breech baby. But like everyone says - the baby has plenty of time to roll over! But I know what you mean - one of mine is breech and I'm already worrying about it too - at 24 weeks...

Celeste - sorry you are having a lot of discomfort... but happy the boys are doing well. I'm also measuring ahead. At my appt today the dr said I'm measuring at 27 weeks.

Well, I just got back from MI yesterday and my shower was really nice! People are so thoughtful! And it was nice to see a lot of family and friends who I have not seen in a while. My sister surprised me with two baby scrapbooks all ready for photos! And it's amazing how generous people are - people I don't even know. My sister's friend's neighbor sent over a bag of boy clothes for her to give me! With everything people are giving away, I won't have to buy the babies any clothes!

Anyway, the new thread looks great! Nony and Michelle - I'm so excited that this is your month!!!
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Hello ladies!
I forgot to check in here for the last thread so hopefully will be better this time!
Hope everyone is feeling great.
I am 24 weeks now, had my one hour glucose test today and midwife said baby sounds great, my uterus is measuring at 24 cm and I have only gained 8 pounds thus far so I am all belly.
Feeling good except for the occasional sciatic pain and sharp cervical pain (she said its the baby and his hands likely). Been doing prenatal Kundalini yoga and some chiro too.
Can't wait for October!
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OrchideZ, everything sounds great! Good to hear .

Jencat, I'm glad your MI trip went well, and the shower! I had fun at my shower, I'm glad you did. The scrapbooks sound perfect, how thoughtful!

Celeste, hoping your BH are subsiding...how cool to have a 2 baby belly show, I feel like I get a show enough sometimes with one baby!

Vegan, sending turn baby, turn vibes your way! No breech!

I'm super excited to reach the due date month too! We're planning on a birth at the family birth center attached to the hospital about 40 min away from our house. I see a mw practice with 3 mws and one of them (I see them all) will attend. The birth center is pretty progressive about things like laboring positions, water birth (I might do this, its still an option), delayed cord clamping is standard, etc. Hoping to go natural, of course!
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Ooh! Look at all the October mamas!

Nothing much going on here. Looking forward to spending the long weekend floating around in the lake. Then NEXT Friday, I'm going to D.C. for vacation.

I'm still feeling really great and have no complaints.

Vegan - I'm hoping your baby turns for you soon.

Welcome to the new thread members! We're glad to have you here. :
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Thanks Sweetpea for the new thread!

Man it looks like everybody is doing so well! I can't believe that Fiberlover is so close! Didn't you just get your BFP yesterday?

This seems so strange to me that the weeks just keep flying by and my belly gets bigger every week. I hardly have time to adjust before I get bigger or some other pregnancy thing happens to me. The morning sickness is over!!!! : : : Yay!!! Praise the Lord!!! Now all I have to do is get rid of this cold. I feel like crap, but better than yesterday. I hope that I only have another day or so of this. I even had to cancel guests for the weekend because of being sick. I didn't have the time to get my house together and all so I decided that we should reschedule.

I'm 14 weeks and I'm now officially in maternity clothes. I love it!! I also received a very generous donation of clothes from a friend of mine. I received 2 large bags of clothes. I don't need to buy anything for the duration of my pregnancy! I'm so happy! I've only spent $33 on maternity gear at a consignment shop. Talk about frugal!! Everything else has been given to me. Anyways, I hope that everyone has a happy 4th of July. Enjoy the fireworks and I'll be coming around more often now that I don't get nauseous after being on the computer for more than 20 minutes.
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Cat, floating in the lake all weekend sounds DIVINE. Glad you're still doing well too!

Kemi, Yay for being over morning sickness, for getting a maternity clothes score, and for wearing them! I'm so happy you're here :. Keep thinking about the uterus, I definitely felt vibrations that were the baby by 13 weeks...so if she/he's positioned just right you might get flutters soon!

I know, it feels like yesterday I got the BFP, but then again it feels like I've been pregnant forever at the same time! hee. Well, I suppose I've been on and off, mostly pregnant for 16 months now...so maybe that is true!

I'll be glad to be able to not be pregnant for a while I think. I'm especially looking forward to the whole, have a beer or glass or wine in the evening again thing. Well, apart from meeting my baby, I'm SO excited about that mostly. I say as she kicks.....

We're also finally putting things together to take for the birth, a toiletry kit, Ipod dock, nursing stuff, etc.
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hi everybody -
sorry so out of touch! We are in the last month here!!!! Very exciting and very consuming of time...I'm at 37+ weeks now, pretty big, but I know I could be bigger!! Have spent the weekend prewashing everything possible: clothes, blankets and cloth diapers. I think i've done about 20 loads of laundry in three days. Should be good practice for things to come!

Vegan - sending "flip over, baby" vibes your way. Like others said, it's early and it sounds like your taking advantage of your time by implementing some encouraging techniques! That's the way to go!

Welcome AcademicMama and Fretina!!

Kemi - it's so great to see you posting here Glad your ms is passed!! and Congrats on the maternity clothes stage - especially the borrowed and donated kind!! Those are my favorite

Celesterra - WOW! You are moving right along!! Great to hear your living situation is more settled...I imagine that is a huge relief and load off your mind. Hope your scan went well!

Jencat - glad your shower went well and you and babies were duely celebrated!!

OrchideZ - I checked out some of your wedding pics - you looked beautiful!! Sounds like your pregnancy is going really well...8 pounds and all in the belly sounds, um, very wonderful and not my story!! At 37 weeks, I'm up about 29 pounds and, well, I gained a LOT in my first tri!! Whatever, no point in fussing about it now Also, I put heat on my back for my sciatic pain when I did have it and it CURED me. If you haven't, then give it a try!

Fiber - what can I say!? We're almost there and I still remember how completely elated I was when I found out you were pregnant, again, and with a sticky baby!!! It went by SO fast yet, i can totally relate to feeling like you've been pregnant forever. I have decided to cut myself off from weeding and general bending over in the garden - i'm just too darn big for the small paths we built!! If I can't sit or stand and do it, then I'm not going to do it!! I digress.

Reminder to self - pack the hospital bag!!!
Sorry - did not mean to write such a long post...
Hope everyone is doing great!
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OrchideZ - I checked out some of your wedding pics - you looked beautiful!! Sounds like your pregnancy is going really well...8 pounds and all in the belly sounds, um, very wonderful and not my story!! At 37 weeks, I'm up about 29 pounds and, well, I gained a LOT in my first tri!! Whatever, no point in fussing about it now Also, I put heat on my back for my sciatic pain when I did have it and it CURED me. If you haven't, then give it a try!
Awww thanks Nony so sweet of you to check out our wedding album and to say those nice words! Made my day.
Re. weight, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism at the start of my pregnancy and had gained like 10 pounds right away. Thankfully, they caught it and got my thyroid regulated and then I lost the 10 again and now am back up 8.
I am sure I will gain another 10- 15 now that I am getting into the last stretch here.
As long as my thyroid is working properly, no fussing from me either!
A good attitude and being relaxed means baby isn't picking up on our stress hormones.
Thank you so much for the sciatic pain advice. I will try it!
Last night I had a sleepless, tossing/turning time of it.

You sound like you are in a good place with having washed all your stuff and getting excited to meet your baby face-to-face!
How thrilling- its almost time!

Vegan: sending you lots of turning baby vibes!:

Hello to all the October mamas- can't wait to get the beads in the mail too!

We had a great long weekend...went on the 4th out to Malibu's Zuma Beach all afternoon into evening for relaxation and some waves, picnicked, even did some of my yoga in the sand and then left when the fireworks were sparking up...yesterday, drove up to Ventura to a lake and laid around and swam a bunch then ate dinner at our favorite Mexican restaurant...today drove out north-east to Monrovia Canyon Falls to do some more swimming but it was closed due to holiday weekend.
We did get to see 3 adorable little deer right there at the entrance and then went to a local park and got to enjoy our picnic anyway.
I notice my belly seems to have gotten significantly bigger and I am more affected by heat lately. Gonna take it easy and remember to drink lots of water.
Hope everyone had a good weekend!:
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