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OrchidZ, my DDC did a birth bead exchange, too, and when the beads arrived, I got all sniffly looking at them and reading the messages that came along with them. It's a great project.

Nony, 37 weeks! How exciting! Time flies!

Kemi, I hope you've gotten some rest and your cold has improved.

Thanks for the turning vibes, everyone. Baby has been moving from breech (I think--though maybe vertex) to transverse lately, at least, which is encouraging. There seems to be plenty of room to move in there!

DH and I were in a car accident this morning, which totally stinks. We were hit by some college girls trying to pull a U turn right in front of us--or maybe it's more correct to say that we hit them when they swerved into our lane. No one was hurt in the least, which is great. Baby is moving just like normal, so everything is fine there. I called my midwife's backup (my midwife is on vacation) just to check in and see what she thought, and she was very reassuring.

The cars are not in great shape, but ours was at least drivable, so we could get home. I was worried we were going to be stuck on the side of the road for a while! This is the second accident that car (our "nice car"--nicer than the one held together by electrical tape!) has been in since January. It's such a pain to go through the whole insurance company/body shop process.
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Glad you are ok Catherine.:
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Hey ladies,

I haven't been on this thread awhile either. I can't believe I've reached this far already. I went to the doc this morning and he said I'm 1 cm dialated and my cervix was very very soft. He was pleasantly surprised. Of course, I've been crampy all day since and light blood when I wiped this afternoon. Wow, she's almost here. We bought our stroller yesterday and things are coming together, slowly but surely.
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Sugarshoc!!! Looks like you may be first this month! I'm not due until later this month and it feels like we're getting close, but I don't have any SIGNS yet...and seems like you sure have!! Am so excited for you! July babies, coming right up!
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I just checked in over at the June DDC to see how halfasianmama is doing. Poor thing is at the end of her rope (see 7/09 daily update). Send her ELVs. :

Hope all is well with everyone. July mamas, keep us posted!

Catherine, sorry about the accident but glad you're okay.
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I've been kind of in lurk mode, here, and in my DDC. I think I'm up to reading, just not posting as much for some reason.

All is well with me, 37 weeks now, and I guess now baby is "full term", things can get started anytime, really! Wow. :

I'm starting to feel the hips separating a bit, when I sleep I get pain in the joints a bit if I don't change positions often enough. I'm also starting to get occasional low back ache type feelings and once in a while low menstrual cramp feelings, my body might be starting to prep for the big event!

Trying to re-read a lot of my coping stuff in the childbirth books I have and think through it all and work it.

Now the baby room is done, we're doing the last of the Spring farm chores this week, then we should be pretty ready.

Nony, how are you feeling lately?

Sugarshoc! yay! keep us updated!

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37 weeks, Michelle!!! Whoooo hooooo! Nony and Sugarshoc, you're there, too, arentcha!! Let the stalking begin!

Did anyone have a recurrence of something like morning sickness in their third tri? I have been feeling kind of like I'm back in the first tri lately--that yucky feeling, though not quite as bad. I guess it's not that uncommon, but what did you do to deal with it?

Car's at the body shop, getting an estimate. Other driver's insurance company is waiting for the police report--methinks they do not want to pay. : Oh well, let's hope Officer Beebe wrote a nice report about it all, and the man in the hat was a good eyewitness!
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Originally Posted by VeganCupcake View Post
37 weeks, Michelle!!! Whoooo hooooo! Nony and Sugarshoc, you're there, too, arentcha!! Let the stalking begin!

Did anyone have a recurrence of something like morning sickness in their third tri? I have been feeling kind of like I'm back in the first tri lately--that yucky feeling, though not quite as bad. I guess it's not that uncommon, but what did you do to deal with it?
Yep, I totally got the third tri icky-morning sickness-stuff again.

I kind of did what I did in the first place, ate only what sounded ok, drank a lot of water, and rode it out.

, it sucks.

But, yep, it lasted a lot less, and was not as bad as the 1st tri stuff! Hope it goes away soon.
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I saw that HalfAsianMomma had a baby girl on July 12! (Sorry, no link to announcement thread; feeling very lazy. )

Also, celesterra is in the hospital because her water broke. She's hoping to keep those little baby boys in for six more weeks. : to her.
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Congrats to Halfasianmama!
She finally had her baby, a girl, on July 12.

Here's the announcement thread: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=930887

Boy has MDC been wonky as of late! I tried to post this morning and the site just kinda disappeared.
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Yayyy!!! for Halfasian!!!!:::
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38 weeks and trying to be patient.
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Vegan - thanks for the note about Celeste. I know we're all wishing the best for her...

So, we have nony, Michelle and sugarshoc getting very close!!! I'll be lurking and watching for a note from you ladies! How are you feeling!?

I'm doing well. I *think* I'm starting to get some braxton hicks - not really sure but I feel some tightening of my uterus sometimes... Getting tired too so... today at work I made a plan. It could change but as of now I'm going to plan to go part time in 1.5 weeks, then stop working Aug 15 - I'll be 30 weeks. Most twin mamas have told me their dr. told them to stop working at week 28. I'm starting to think better safe than sorry. Some twin mamas go into labor at 32, 34 weeks! It's hard to leave work tho - it's such a big part of my identity. Not to mention the paycheck. DH is getting worried about money and feeling pressure to be the breadwinner after I leave. I will get disability pay, tho.

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well! Let us know!
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Just kind of hanging out, waiting for baby, enjoying a bit of time with DH now, and trying to relax.

38w1d, no sign of baby, I started drinking RRL tea a few times a day, and taking EPO capsules both orally and vaginally. We're supposedly going to start a DTD everyday plan soon too....hee. I have had a few instances of low-grade period type crampy feelings which my mw says are my body starting to get ready, cool. Not planning on having an internal exam until the appt. on the 28th, a few days before my EDD. I was actually pretty happy that at the last appt., she said they only check if you ask.

Nony, Sugarshoc? How are you guys doing?

Jencat, I know I was definitely getting BH ctx by then! I like the idea of you getting to take time off work at 30 weeks. Awesome. I'm still working here, but I'm not carrying twins! I hear you about work etc., I think I'm still a bit delusional about how soon I'm going to be able to be working, part time from home a bit, but still, after the baby is here. I'm also nervous about the no income thing...

Congrats to Halfasianmama! Yay baby!

Sending loads of vibes and love to Celeste.
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Hey ladies,

I'm still hanging in there. Tonight, I've been having moments of feeling crampy. It came and went throughout the day. I have the occasional uncomfortable but not painful contraction but nothing else. For the past 2 days though, I've been feeling the urge to cook again which I haven't had in a long time. My DH has been cooking everything or we eat out or order in. Tuesday I seasoned beef and chicken. Today I cooked it on the grill and I'm already thinking about what I can prepare tomorrow, so something has to be about to happen. I sit on my birthing ball all the time.
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Sounds promising Sugarshoc!


Last night I had that low-medium grade period crampy feeling on and off throughout the evening and night, accompanied by my strongest BH ctx yet!

Maybe my body is prepping .
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hi guys, thanks for the nice thoughts and love... i've been unable to spend much time online, so i was just updating in a thread in my ddc.

thinking of all of you who are so close to having your term babies! it seems miraculous to me at this point!

i'm hanging in... the emotional part is hardest, to be sure. life in the hospital, on bedrest, is much more chaotic than you'd ever think. i get very little sleep and it's wearing on me. the boys are both looking great on their daily non stress tests, and i'm not having any contractions. after meeting with the NICU doc yesterday, i'm hoping for the miracle of my membranes resealing so that i could carry beyond 34 weeks... it just kills me to think of these, my first, long-awaited babies, spending time in the NICU. i know we'll all get through this, but it seems like a tall mountain to scale right now.

so nice to read your updates! i'll be back more regularly as time permits.
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Oh Celeste! Thanks for the update. I'm so glad to hear that the boys are doing well on the NSTs. Rest up as best you can. :
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Celeste, SO good to hear you guys are doing well! Continued vibes and thoughts your way.

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Ok, so today was my doctor's appointment. I'm 2 cm. The last internal was done 3 weeks ago and I was only 1 cm then. Send the labor vibes my way please. My due date is next Tuesday. Tonight I went walking and I'm on a mission to walk as much as possible. LOL! I'm impatient and trying to get back to being patient, but this NYC heatwave is killing me!!!!!
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