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When do you *have* to have your 1st appt?

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I'm wondering if it's all right that I'm 8 weeks and haven't been to see a health practitioner yet about this pregnancy. I had an appt today with a midwife I haven't met (but whom I was already iffy about from talking with her on the phone) and she canceled this morning because she's attending a birth. I then had a terrible time on the phone with a person in her office who couldn't seem to read a schedule well enough to tell me when the midwife would be able to see me, and we ended the phone call without rescheduling. : I've been thinking of ditching this midwife and doing a HB anyway. But at this point it will be next week at the very earliest that I have my first appt, get that bloodwork done, hear the heartbeat, etc.

Is that okay? Is it okay if I don't get an appt until I'm 10 weeks?

So I just left phone messages for 4 homebirth midwives and we'll see what they say.

How do homebirth midwives do prenatal care anyway? Do they have offices that you go to? Or do they do home visits? Or do they send you to an OB for the bloodwork and ultrasounds and that stuff?

Oh, the emotions!
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I think it's fine. With my first pregnancy, the first OB I called (I was also trying to establish myself with an OB/GYN office anyway) didn't get me in until after 10 weeks (but by then I had both found a better office and miscarried).
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I think it's fine. Just make sure you're taking good care of yourself, good prenatal vit ect.
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if i hadn't suffered miscarriages (and subsequently alot of fear when being pregnant) then i would probably have my first appointment around 10-12 weeks anyway. just keep doing what you're doing and take care of yourself.

we are thinking of a homebirth this time round (god willing of course) as our last birth was (accidently) unassisted and while i am feeling confident about the unassisted part, dh wants a midwife to be there.. so our happy compromise is an assisted homebirth. so i've been looking into it and from what i can tell - the homebirth midwives come to your house for all the prenatal visits and send you off to your local GP for blood tests and ultrasounds.
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THe only thing I can think you would be 'missing out' on would be dating since the more time goes by the less accurate dating US is. But if your fairly sure on your conception date it's no biggie.
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I'm in the same situation! My OB can't get me in until the 16th, which should be right about 10 weeks (I think?). I'm really anxious to see what's going on in there and get a more accurate date, but I guess I'll have to wait. I called today to make sure that they'll call me if they have any cancellations, but the wait really is hard!
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I can certainly understand wanting to get in to see someone as early as possible so things start seeming official, but unless you're having issues you're concerned about, there's no reason to worry that you won't be seeing a doctor or midwife until 10 weeks. Nothing they do in the really early appointment(s) changes anything; you might get a lab confirmation of pregnancy and recommendation for vitamins, information on eating well, and things to avoid during pregnancy but it's not as if the baby would be harmed by not being seen until later, especially if you're healthy and are eating well, anyway. So don't worry about it.

About homebirth midwives, I'm sure it depends on the practice but mine does have a home office as well as a satellite office at her assistant's house in another town. She likes to have patients' 36 week prenatal visit at their home just so she knows for sure how to get there when the time comes. And living in Indiana, she has some Amish patients, too -- she does do home visits for theire prenatal appointments since travelling to her all the time would be difficult for them.

Good luck finding a practitioner who meshes well with what you're looking for! Now's a good time to figure out who may not be such a great match, before you're too far along.
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I don't think there is really any harm in not seeing someone until the end of the first trimester or early 2nd trimester. If you aren't having any problems or complications, there is very little that you do in the early appointments anyway.

In both my previous pregnancies I had some spotting, so I try to at least get one appointment in early, just so I have a place to call if I need some support.
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i'm not going until 9 weeks...i'm taking a prenatal and i'm certain on my dates...so i'm not concerned about it at all.
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I won't be seeing anyone until around 13 weeks. I'm out of state until then, haven't had any problems, no for sure my LMP date and have been eating well and taking my prenatals. I already spoke with my midwife and she didn't even blink about it.
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With my son, I started seeing my midwives around 12 weeks, I think. With my last pregnancy, I still hadn't decided on a midwife (we moved too far from the first ones) at 17 weeks, when I miscarried, and called the closest midwife.

I think I'm 7 or 8 weeks right now and am in no hurry to see anyone. We don't do unneeded U/S or doppler or do any internal exams. (We just do external exams and use a fetascope.) So, it's really of no use, except in the "get to know you" kind of way. I believe we have chosen our midwife. I'm in no hurry, as long as I get on with her by about 20 weeks. I do plan to call her, though, to get on her schedule and lined up, when I get back home in a few days.

Homebirth midwives vary in what they do. Most are VERY flexible, discussing all your options and letting you choose what type of care you want. Some have offices, some have home offices (most of them, I think) and some do all house calls.

Some use a coordinating doc for tests, but others can order their own U/S. I think most do their own bloodwork and just about all of them do their own urine tests, etc.
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I didn't see a midwife with ds until 13 weeks and it was fine. I have an appointment with my doctor for next Monday so she can give me a req for a u/s for this one as I don't know how far along I am and it would be nice to have a due date. If I get a midwife I probably won't see her until 12-13 weeks. If I was sure of my dates I'd be waiting too see the midwife.
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I didn't see a dr until 12 weeks with my first and my appt with this one is on the 24th and I'll be about 12 weeks again. You get a better u/s picture by then
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Most Dr's don't see you until 12 weeks. Irritating sometimes though when you're so excited!!!
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I had the exact same question a few weeks ago. I ended up going in at the tail end of week 8. The next day was week 9. With my other I probably could have waited another week or so. Some docs won't even see you till you are around 10 weeks. I went in early with my first two and was excited to see the ultrasound pics. (Two lovely DD's to show for it!!) After having a miscarriage during my 3rd preg, I was nervous about going, so I waited. Eight weeks seemed about right to me, but that was just my gut talking and not anything concrete or scientific. I say go with your instincts. Good luck!!

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i will see a nurse informational at 8 wks but wont see midwife until about 12 1/2 wks
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My first appt is scheduled for next friday, so I will be almost 9 weeks.
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I live in the UK (on the NHS, everyone who gets pregnant on their own starts with midwifery-based care; you're only turfed to an OB if you turn high-risk for some reason), and once I told my GP about the pregnancy, my first midwife appt. was scheduled for 9 weeks.
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Thanks for the responses, everyone. Here in NYC both MWs and OBs generally want to see you at about 8 weeks, though homebirth MWs seem to wait until 12 weeks.

I realized why I was concerned about seeing a MW early. It's because I had a miscarriage a few years ago where I didn't start spotting until 11.5 weeks - the day after Thanksgiving, when I had figured I was close enough to 12 weeks and had told my entire extended family - and at that point learned that I had been carrying a dead embryo for almost 5 weeks! It was, um, unpleasant. So I want to hear the heartbeat after the 8-week mark so I can be surer that this is sticking before I announce it to anybody. (I haven't even changed my siggy yet - I'm a little cautious like that.)

Anyway, no worries, I've got an appt with a hospital MW who my insurance covers 100% on Thursday, just so I can hear that heartbeat. It'll probably be the only time I see her. I've got appts set up to meet with homebirth MWs in the next few weeks, and I'll go with one of them after that.

Thanks again! 3 cheers for the Feb09 DDC!
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: hey, not in your DDC but wanted to say...

We found out I was pg two day after my period was late (unplanned pg here) and I started taking prenatal vitamins right away, but I didn't even make an appointment with an OB until I was at 10 weeks. I got the bloodwork and etc done at that time and didn't see my midwife for an appointment until I think 14 or 16 weeks. I met with them and did an interview around week 10, but that was it. But then, we're taking a pretty laid back approach to this, since I'm very low-risk and all. I'd say do whatever makes you feel comfortable, but really, there's not too much an OB can do at this time except alleviate and fears or doubts you may have. And btw I would do some research before I consented to an early term u/s.
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