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how soon did you start to show after a twin pregnancy?

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Hi, my name is Hillary. I used to be a more frequent reader/poster here but what can I say, life got busy for a while

Anyway, I've got 4 year old twins boys that I carried until 37 weeks. I'm pretty small (5'3" and 125 pounds) and got to be pretty big with my twins, I believe my final weigh in was 197 pounds.

I just found out this past weekend that I'm pregnant again! We are THRILLED and feel that this is perfect timing for our family to add another - our boys start preschool in September and will have their own things going on by the time the new baby arrives.

I was just wondering what to expect in terms of how big my belly will or will not get this time around (assuming it's not another set of twins - but that's a whole 'nother post!) and how early I might start to show. I am hoping to make it into my 2nd trimester before informing my employer. Problem is, I work at a gym and I take yoga/pilates classes so I don't know how long I'll be able to keep this a "secret" before it becomes obvious.

I have heard from a few women that they started to show sooner in 2nd/3rd/4th/etc pregnancies but those are women who had singleton pregnancies and I'm wondering if because I got so huge with my twins, I'll be even MORE likely to show earlier this time. I think I was showing by 15 weeks with my twins and by 22 weeks most people mistook me for full term!!!

Thanks in advance, ladies. And I look forward to participating on this forum again with questions for those of you who have also added to their families after twins
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for me .... I'm thinking it was around 16-18 weeks or so .... there's a picture of me on my blog from December, and I was still wearing regular clothes at 14 weeks. I didn't start gaining a whole lot of weight until I weaned my daughter in February.

It seems like when I finally started showing, I grew by leaps and bounds. One of these days, I'm going to compare the shots from this twin PG to my last one.

For reference for the OP ... I'm also a shortie .. 5 foot tall, started off the PG at 116. Ended up gaining 40 lbs, and my boys were both over 6 lbs at birth.

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My singleton pregnancy after my twins, I didn't really start to show til around 20w (vs about 11w with my twins). It was awesome!
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I didn't really show much earlier but once I got to the 3rd trimester it became obvious how stretched out I am. I am much bigger right now (almost 36 weeks) than I was with my other singleton. Here is my 19 week picture from this pregnancy (1st pregnancy after twins): 19 weeks
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Gosh, I started showing almost immediately. I think I was in maternity by 7 weeks? I carry straight out front, so I think I show quickly.
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I agree with F&P's mama,

I showed very quickly this time. I am in maternity full time at 12 weeks. I am also 5 feet tall, but I am very short wisted, and I always carry out in front.
Also, my twins are only 20 months old, so I hadn't finished getting my abs back together yet.
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