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Baby always holds head to one side?

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I am not sure if this is a twin thing or not. I know such things as torticolis, hip problems, etc can be more common with multiples, though, due to crowding in the womb. So... maybe?

One of my twins always holds her her looking to the right. Both babies have a weird head shape - occipital something? I think? We had to take baby A to a geneticist for testing and they commented on the head shape. It goes way back so their heads are freakishly long and it looks like there's no way they're be able to just lay back and look up or straight ahead. It's not a problem, just an oddity. (My husband says they have a bonus room in their skulls...)

Baby A has started to look up, though, and when she's not looking up, she doesn't have a side preference. Sometimes she looks right, sometimes she looks left. She's getting a bald spot on the back which I think is a good sign she's balances. But baby B always holds her head looking right. She is capable of moving her neck to look left but clearly doesn't prefer it. Oddly her boob is my right boob for nursing which means she has to look straight/leftish and she has no problems nursing. But all other times - she looks to the right. If you try to move her head she whips it right back. If you put her on the changing table with her head at the right end, she will stare at the wall, not look at you. It's like a stiffness or something.

We're kind of between doctors right now as we're in the process of moving so it's going to be a while before I can bring this up. Maybe it's nothing to worry about, maybe she'll outgrow it ... but has anyone had a problem like this? I don't think it's torticolis because it seems like that means looking ahead with sort of a tilt? She just looks totally to the side. She's getting a bald spot on the right side of her head.
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Hi there,

How do you feel about chiropractic care? We see an AWESOME chiro for our whole family and she did some work with DD2's soft upper palate that helped reshape her odd shaped head (looked VERY oval in shape after spending four months tucked up under my rib cage, I guess). Now DD2 has a much rounder head and face and DD1 is a bit more oval. Anyway -- it was not terribly invasive -- she just would run her thumbs up and out of DD2's upper palate and I guess those are connected to the skull bones? I don't think I'm making any sense, but if you can find a recommendation for a good chiro who is familiar with kids, it could be a big help.

I think that condition of always looking to one side can also be treated by a chiro. I know people aren't always 100 percent comfortable with chiros (I didn't have a good opinion of them before but this one was strongly recommended by someone I trust) but I think alot of these issues, if treated early on, can be small deals, whereas if you waited, they could be big deals.

Just my 2cents! Good luck!
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yeah that! word for word.
find a good chiro familiar with children, even more specifically familiar with your particular needs. chiro has helped us with different problems but i would always see children in there for issues similar to what you are describing and they swore by it. head shape and head turning to one side.
i would also try switching sides when nursing, just to increase the range of motion, even things up, despite that being the side she never looks toward.
i think the sooner you start treatment, the easier it is, with chiro.
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I agree with those above, or you could try cranio-sacral therapy. We did CST for one of my twins, who had mild torticollis, and the improvement was phenomenal. Do make sure you find someone with lots of peds experience. Try to get a rec from your tribal area here. We went first to a chiro we found online who said she had special training to work with kids, and she was awful. Our CST therapist was so wonderful with my tiny babies! CST is very gentle, and you don't go as often as with chiro. Our therapist was certified as a PT, so insurance actually covered it.

I will also add that I am an incredible skeptic, so if I was impressed it means alot!

Other than that, I would definitely mention it to her ped. The only other thing I can think of if it's not musculo-skeletal is a possible vision issue? Maybe she sees better out of one eye? It's a reach, but that's all I got.

Good luck!
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One of my babes always looked to the same side as well. He always had his head turned to the left and I thought maybe it was because I always held him in that arm or something. Anyway, this is a distant memory because he just started looking the other way and never had a problem anymore. Just so you know, sometimes it's really nothing to worry about. But if you are worried - go check it out and I wish you luck.........Dawn
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My dd2 came out looking to the right. Sometimes she would even refuse to nurse on the right side (when lying down) because it forces her head to go left. One chiro adjustment and she was a different baby. Now we go every week or two, and she's great. I notice an immediate difference.

Our chiro in AZ adjusted all four kids for free. I totally miss that!
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try icpa4kids.org to find a local chiro who specializes in children.

nak (=
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call me if you want the name of a craniosacral naturopathic doctor here in p.a. she's really good and loves babies...
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Originally Posted by jgracefrank View Post
try icpa4kids.org to find a local chiro who specializes in children.

nak (=
Just buyer beware. The icpa4kids website is where we found the chiro who I really didn't like. She was very nervous handling my infants, and when one of them spat up on her (after being hung upside down on a full tummy!) she acted really put out. I'm a nurse. Exposure to body fluids is part of the game if you're in healthcare! Anyway, I think a provider just has to join the ICPA and/or pay a fee to be listed. It might be a good place to start, but I would really try to get a personal recommendation if you can.

Hope that's not to OT, but I feel really strongly about this!
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My baby b has torticollis and you described what she does. We do daily exercises and will soon see a physical therapist. Not a big deal, but good to catch it early on.
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my daughter wasn't diagnosed with anything either, but she looked to the left all the time, had an odd-shaped head, was grumpy/cranky a LOT and didn't have a good latch. My LC suggested cranial sacral therapy, as mentioned above.

We went to a local chiro with CST creds but I didn't like her. She was not a warm person and didn't instill confidence. The treatments were only about 10 minutes and were mostly energy work (not CST), and she said we had to do it every day. Three weeks and $400 later, she couldn't tell us exactly what had improved. "it might get worse before it gets better"

So we asked around and found a PT with 20 years of experience with infants. She did a team treatment with a massage therapist who also specializes in CST. It was extraordinary to watch!

Catherine and Mary 're-birthed' Maggie. They held her and gently contorted her back into the position she was in utero. Then they unraveled her slowly and carefully, working on her head, neck and shoulders the whole time. They went at her pace. She went from crying/anxious to calm, relaxed and peaceful. She even fell asleep!

It's like we have a new baby now. She's happy, she looks to both sides, she has dimples on both sides of her mouth (before it was only on one side) and her latch is much stronger.

It's worth getting it checked out and treated, imho. But you might have to do a bit of legwork to find the right therapist.

good luck!
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I agree (from the opposite perspective) about the ICPA or whatever the acronym is.

Neither of the chiros who have seen my children were ICPA certified, and both have done wonderful jobs.

Leslie, that sounds like a really cool experience!
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Originally Posted by kjoy2 View Post
call me if you want the name of a craniosacral naturopathic doctor here in p.a. she's really good and loves babies...
Erm... how bout you call me? I accidentally deleted your number when you called from your home phone... :

About the chiro - I am on the fence about them. I think they are a little quacky and inclined to take people for a ride... but I think some of what they do has merit. It's hard to sort between the two, though.

Yogafeet, so you can have tort without the head tilt thing?

Maybe I should bring this up with the pedi before we move. I feel kinda sheepish about it becase we were supposed to do a weight check at 3 months and I never booked it because it seemed pointless to me. But maybe...
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Originally Posted by RunnerDuck View Post
Erm... how bout you call me? I accidentally deleted your number when you called from your home phone... :

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Originally Posted by kjoy2 View Post

Yeah, yeah... dh writes code for the masses and I can't work my damn cell phone.
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