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**September 07 mamas - Its July!!**

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I didnt see one started yet, so here one is
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I was just posting away not even realizing I was still posting in June. Thanks for starting a new thread. I even flipped my calendar but didn't think about a July thread.

Dahlia just went down to sleep. I love it when she sucks her thumb. It's just so sweet and cute. Eavan is having great fun with his new hotwheels and I am about to clean the house. Fun, fun, fun!!!

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I don't think I even notice that a new month has started until a new thread starts!
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The only reason I knew it was July 1 is because DH birthday was yesterday.
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lactivist, you seem very empowered lately and I like it. It motivates me to hear such positive things on the thread.

sunshine, I am glad your mom is stable. You also sound like a weight has been lifted.

jeanine, I hope you are home soon and the fires are out.

We had a very, very trying day yesterday. I felt so drained at the end of it. Dh felt drained. The children were strung out. Today has been better. While I often feel alone in some of my decisions I love knowing that I can come to mdc where there are others researching and thinking about some of the same ideas - : : : :
: : : : : : : and so much more.

Linus loves to hunt gown outlet covers, remove them and place hem in his mouth. I need to get some of the twisty variety.

Our CSA box is so fun, I love that the girls sneak to eat the peas and cucumbers on the way home. Time to go use some goodies and make dinner.

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I didn't even realize it's July! That means the 4th is this week! The 4th is my favorite holiday, I can't really tell you why other than it's the only holiday where something bad hasn't happened to give me negative feelings about it, and plus I just love fireworks There are lots of activities in town that day so we will be busy. I think we're buying a Prius tomorrow as well.

Thanks Wendi, I also feel very blessed to have had the birth that I did with Liam. I just don't understand with all of the information available out there why someone would choose to ignore it, but I've never been one to follow the status quo.

Oh, I forgot to say that last night I didn't get to bed until 4am when Andrew was getting up. Liam woke up and was ready to party and play and took forever to get back to sleep. Tonight I am going to bed EARLY
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mommajb ~ I am feeling fairly empowered these days and working hard on getting all the way there. I am tired of feeling sad and miserable and it has been way too long with that feeling. The first step for me was getting on 5-HTP from my naturopath. Apparently I was way more depressed and anxious than I realized because since I am feeling so much better I can see how low I was. Once I got the chemical part handled the rest has been a lot easier. I still have a long way to go and tons of goals but I am just "leaning into it" (my new favorite phase I heard on Oprah). I have been doing a bunch of stuff that is just for me and that helps so much. Dahlia being an easy baby has made it possible for me to be more selfish.

I LOVE my csa box! I am going to share a couple things with my neighbor that I won't use because my family is gone. I have been eating such yummy stuff. I am going to make a smoothie today in my vitamix with the kale I got. I haven't tried it before but am venturing out on a limb.

Katie ~ Enjoy getting a new car! I love fireworks too! I am a fire sign (aries) so anything to do with fire is exciting to me. I am glad you had a good birth. I have never been one to go with the status quo either. I am usually the one sitting around scratching my head wondering why everyone is just following along. It has never made sense to me not to think for myself.

Dahlia was just trying to pull up on Eavan and it was making him giggle so much. They are going to be so close. It is fun to watch their relationship develop.

A little Eavan funny ~ He had playdoh all over his underwear so I had him take them off. I went to go get a new pair and came back and he said to me in a really heartfelt tone "mom, you know what? My butt is really warm!" ::
I told him to go wash his hands.

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Wendi, Eavan sounds adorable.

I know I am dealing with something but I have not figured out exactly how to deal with it. I am resisting anti-depressant drugs, I am trying self-care but struggling. Please if you see me start to be down in my posts call me on it. I soemtimes need to be told so that I can get my act together. Yesterday I was agan telling myself that life will bnever be perfect I need to work on my reactions to what I am dealt.

On the butt thing, this is what I overheard this morning from the bathroom.

H: Don't fall in.
C: I won't.
H: You're close.
C: My butt is still dry but the poop won't come off.
H: Then you haven't fallen in yet. When you fall in your butt will get wet.
C: yeah.
H: Sometimes I fall in on purpose. The water is cold though so don't do it in the winter.
C: 'kay

All this in a completely normal tone.

Isn't it hard to believe our bodies once housed these small creatures?
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Oh my! That is a great conversation and sooo true!

I am totally procrastinating on doing anything. I was going to clean and never did. : I am gearing up to taking the kids to the park in a minute so they will be tired out and I can cook dinner. I think I am hitting the wall with no help. I can't wait until everyone comes back. At least I haven't resorted to eating out this whole time. I decided there is no point to cleaning until Eavan goes to bed. I did wash diapers.

Now I am going for real to get ready to go to the park.

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I did it! I took the kids to the park for two hours. I got back and not only got Eavan showered but got the baby bathed too. Everyone is fed and clean! We had a really nice time at the park and although I have been going non-stop I have had an uneventful evening. Dahlia was so cute in the sand. She crawled all around and ate it and dug her feet in and had a blast.

I hope she will go to bed soon and I can jump in the shower and maybe watch some tv. I decided the house will wait. It isn't THAT bad.

I hope you all are having a good night. Dahlia smells so sweet. :

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I so should be asleep right now....Lucy didn't fall asleep and stay asleep until 3 last night/this morning. She is sleeping now and I am wide awake. I am going to crawl into bed in just a bit....I love to watch her sleep. It is the funniest thing...that I will do anything to keep her asleep...tip-toe around the creaky floor-board...not flush...not go into the closet that squeaks...but laying next to her in bed while she is sleeping all I want to do is touch her sweet little head.

I can't believe it is July and our babes are going to be 10 months old....where is the time going????

mommajb & lactivist- I want a CSA box....you 2 have me looking now...there just isn't anywhere to near me... I am going to keep looking.

Okay...off to bed....
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mommajb - I was telling Andrew that I seriously am afraid and amused for when the time comes that I'll overhear those kinds of discussions between kids.

Wendi - That's great, so glad that you all had a good time. I really hope the rest of your time goes well with the two of them.

SweetTexasgal - I am the same way, I go in at night and I swear, every night, I think about how sweet and peaceful he looks and it makes me love him even more. We haven't been sleeping well either, probably a combination of teething and all the milestones.

I've decided that I'm going to try my hand at sewing diapers professionally. I'm going to submit a sample for licensing and see how it goes. After all the diapers I've sewn it has become really easy for me and it keeps me busy. I really, really needed a hobby and I really enjoy it, I honestly don't even care if I make any money!

Liam finally conked out after I wore him in the Beco for awhile, it seems to relax him and get him in the mood for sleeping. I will be heading there very soon as well.
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Heyyyy!! Happy July.:::

I am in France with the kids. Dh is in England - first day at new job and moving into the house we found to rent. (well, our stuff won't arrive there unti the end of the month but he has a sleeping bag, a pot and some silverware.)

Yann is doing great. He has 4 teeth, is crawling and really wanting to walk. He says a few words - dog, cat, mama, papa, dehors (outside in French), Axel , Elsa... He weighs almost 23lbs and is 74cm long.

I have really missed all of you! This is the first time since I have been back in France that the comp has let me access the LWAB board.
Italy was great. Friendly people who love children, nice parks, good food.
Better go but hope to be back again soon.
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Hi Plaid!

We went to the park last night also and I met two mommas. They already knew who I was (I live in a small town). I had even helped one of them out by email in my unpaid professional capacity (working with new moms).

I went to workout this morning and I am not sure about this gym but it is my attempt to do something for myself other than eat dagoba dark chocolate lavender and blueberry bars. The membership includes a trainer at each workout if you so desire.

Way to go on the diapers Katie! Your looked beautiful. You were so flexible I was overwhelmed with choices. When I tried to decide I wasn't sure I needed any.

greenmagick, I found something growing in my garden.... WEEDS and GRASS! Seriously, w/o much progress I haven't kept up with it and I hope something gets done about it today.

Sunshine, did you get your package yet? There are some snappies in there.

Time to get ready for swim lessons, I'll check in later.
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Wendi~I'm so inspired by your experience w/the naturopath. How wonderful. You do sound great!

mommajb~ dagoba dark w/lav & blueberries mmmmmmmmm! exercise makes such a huge difference in my mood, I felt like I was going to suffocate yesterday & then went for a walk felt so much better.I feel like I need ma joad to snap me out of my funk sometimes, "get ahold of yasself!".
that conversation was great!

plaid~ yaaaay! so glad to see you! :

katiejd~ you've got talent, you should pursue that. I love hearing Liam updates. For some reason I found myself telling my friend IRL about him the other day.... I think it's because he's so big & getting into everything, already.

sunshine's mama~ more hugs & hope you are getting the balance in :

sweettexasgal~ I know, I can't believe how fast it's going!

I want a CSA, too...

LWAB~ :unless she is teething or over-tired, ruby is the sweetest, most bubbly little baby I've ever known. And she is little, too.... at her check-up the other day she was only 18lbs 2oz, her sister was 23lbs 5oz at her 9 month visit! She loves to eat and smile, she's smiling at me now over her basket of clean dipes, cooing & talking about something.
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Apparently I waited just a little too long before crawling into bed last night...as I was logging of the computer I heard this scratching coming from the bedroom. I go in there and Lucy is standing on the bed with her hands against the wall scraping her paci back and forth and bouncing up and down: She saw me and smiled really big....all proud of herself. Needless to say last night was another long night.

She is snoozing for the time being and I am in a rush to get ready for work.

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Plaid ~ it is so great to see your name here. I am so glad you had a great time in France. I hope you will be able to be a regular again. We have all missed you.

Beemama ~ Dahlia is the same way. If she isn't grumpy or teething she is just sweet and lovely. She was playing in the sand yesterday and I was chatting with a dad. He kept commenting about how mellow and sweet she was. I love my local park. It has great stuff to do, very quiet, few people and lots of shade. It is also just a couple minute walk from my house.

SweetTexas ~ I had a late night with Dahlia last night too. She just wouldn't get tired. Then Eavan woke us all up again at 6:11am! : Have I mentioned how I am just not a morning person? :

Hopefully dh and dd1 will be home today! Well tonight! They are going to try to drive straight through. I sure hope it is tonight.

mommajb ~ I hope the gym works out for you. I joined the Y but have been finding it so hard to get there. I am going to definitely go in the next couple days while dh is off work. I just have to get there. My weight has plateaued again and I am not happy with it. I really want to get moving and get healthier.

Katie ~ I think you will do great making diapers. Your first attempt was GORGEOUS! Maybe I will have to buy some from you for my grandbaby. I use Fuzzi Bunz and just don't think I can afford another $17 per diaper for another baby.

I think Dahlia is ready to go back to bed. She doesn't last long when woken up at 6am!

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Exhausted! Two nights ago, I took Aili to bed at around 10, hoping to nurse her to sleep and then spend some one-on-one time with dh. Dh came to bed at around midnight . . . apparently, I'd fallen asleep with Aili. I then woke up at about 4 am and had trouble getting back to sleep. Yesterday, I had some kind of stomach bug, dizziness, and felt a light flu-like achiness. I napped with Aili for about 1.5 hours in the afternoon and felt better. I took her to bed a little before 10, hoping to nurse her to sleep and then spend some one-on-one time with dh . . . you see where this is going, right? Once again, no time with dh and again I woke up at 4, then 5, then when 7 rolled around I felt tired

Plaid, Its good to see you back.

Katie, I like beemama, was talking to someone IRL about Liam the other day too, you know, with his walking already and all. I like your diapers too. I have a bunch of great fabric including some cotton velour, but I can't find the time to sew more diapers for Aili.

mommajb and lactivist, your kids are hilarious with their butt and toilet talk!

All right, work to do. See you later.
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ARGH! Any chance of dh coming home tonight is quickly dwindling. He is STILL at the doctor's office with his mom and not on the road like he said he would be. This means most likely he will get a motel room tonight part way. WAAAAAAAAA!!!! I sooo wanted him to come home tonight.

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I realize it's almost a YEAR later...

Hello to all you wonderful mama's!!

So...I wanted to know if I could join your thread. I realize it's almost an entire year later (AWW! Can you believe it!!) but I would like join your group of September '07 babes! I had a beautiful, bouncing baby girl back in September and can't seem to get enough of her! I have just recently became a member here because I cloth diaper and was looking for some answers to a few questions I had. Along with that, I noticed there is lots more on here than just about CDing. I AM HOOKED!! So, like I said, I would like to join your thread, please!! I can't wait to talk with other mama's in my age group!!

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