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her: Welcome! We are glad to you have you join our thread.

My little girl Dahlia (she's my fourth child) will be 10 months on the 6th and I just adore her.

So glad you made your way here.
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Well I got some news today about the diapering.....

I've been approved!!! I honestly for some reason felt like I wouldn't be, but she looked at my submission and liked it. I decided to go with the fatty cakes pattern, I like the fit a lot better and it is still very versatile. Now I need to get started on creating a business! Business name suggestions are welcome, I really need help with that!

Plaid - SO glad to hear from you! I'm glad you had a good time in Italy and I hope you enjoy England as well!

Mommajb - Glad you were able to meet some mama's last night, I hope the gym works out for you. I used to go when I was in college and once you get into a routine it gets easier, especially if you can find some classes that you like. Yoga and pilates were always my favorite.

beemama - I love seeing ruby's pictures, she is a very sweet little cutie.

SweetTexasgal - Sounds like my night last night! Liam does the standing and banging on the wall, I'm so thankful that the bed is on the opposite side from the neighbor's.

Wendi - I still have a lot of details to work out with setting up shop and everything but hopefully it won't take me too long. I hope DH makes it out of there soon!

Sabo - I hope you're feeling better today, my sleep is all screwed up too and Liam is keeping me up until 3am and then sleeping well into the afternoon.

her: - Welcome, never too late to join! The more the merrier!
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Oh, Thank You!!!

It's nice to finally be able to talk to parents with children that are the age of my own. Sometimes I feel like my husband and I are the only people that understand this age!!!

My LO will be 10 months on the 5th! It's so exciting watching, listening, doing...I can't get over it. Although, 10 months already...really??!! This is our first. We cannot get enough of her!!

Thank you again for the welcome! I am on here at least once a day, if not twice (when she naps...I am a SAHM), so hopefully I'll be able to keep up with what is going on!!

Yay for beautiful babies!!
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Katie ~ what is the deal with diaper licensing? Who do you license with? What is that all about? I can't sew my way out of a paper bag. :
You are my new idol.

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Only 48 more posts until I get to X 2!!

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Andrew is home and officially on vacation until Monday, yay!

Woohoo Wendi! - It will probably take me another 6-7 months to get to 2000...I don't even know how I end up posting this much.

As for the licensing, there are a few different patterns that have different rules. For the first pattern I used, it's $700 and you get lifetime licensing. I liked the pattern but wasn't crazy about it, so I decided to give Fatty Cakes a try and I fully expected not to like it, but I LOVE it. With Fatty Cakes, you have to be an active member of diaper sewing divas and you have to submit detailed pictures of a sale quality diaper to the owner of the pattern (Berritt) for review. Once she reviews it she decides whether you get licensing, once you do it's free. So now I'm looking in to a website host and designer, once I get that up and running I will start advertising!

Also, if you want me to do some dipes for your daughter's new lo, I'll give you a discount for a custom package. Are you looking for AIO's or fitted's?
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her: And what a great username it turns out to be.

I have 5 children and Linus 10 months today.

Congrats o the diaper licensing Katie. I totally understand about the hobby that keeps you busy. You get to add money making to your list.

Lactivist :1000 x 2 here you come. I know I posted wuite a bit while dh was away.

SweetTexasGal and Sabo, I hope things go more according to plan tonight!

greenmagick, we did get the garden weeded and watered. I pulled out the peas that never did anything and added in some more tomatoes I found at the garden center. They were already quite large and 1/2 price so I don't think it is too late. The melons are threatening to take over the place. :

I am always so excited to meet new people and one of them contacted me today. I have friends that I keep in touch with from everywhere I have lived and it is such a nice circle. Now, I have lived here since 2000 and I often feel left behind when others move away. It is the longest I have lived anywhere. (and it feels like forever:!) I am sure they thought of me as old and if I say more I will prove their point so I am done.
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Plaid....wonderful to hear from you....hope to "see" you more

mommajb-way to go with going to the gym...I wish I could motivate myself to find the time...I know it would help with my stress level.

Katie-Yippee on the diapering business...I love the monkey diaper. PM me if you want some information on wholesale fabric resources.

Okay off to bed...so I can soothe her back to sleep as opposed to letting her fully wake up.

Night Mamas
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Plaid, its great to hear from you

mommajb good luck with the tomatoes. I measured my soil today and it measured low to average for fertilizer, which considering its straight compost???

Katie thats so cool about the diapers. I probably need to order some soon, when are you going to be up and running

Cian is now dancing a lot and when he gets really excited by a song, he screeches and headbangs He has also joined in playing tiger (or lion, or leopard....) with Lilah. She likes to crawl around and growl and Cian now joins in.

Also, he is starting to consistently stay up late, which would be fine except that Lilah still has her late bedtime, but wakes up early and then wakes up Cian: All in all, he is such a happy baby he just goes with it, but you can tell when he needs more sleep.
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Wendi, so glad you're doing well on the 5-HTP! I looked into taking it end of last year (you know, when the babies were babies!!), but couldn't find good info on it with breastfeeding. What does your naturopath say about it? I could really use some of the suggested effects of the 5-HTP, even now that I'm much more level on mood. : Okay, not THAT level, but you get the idea.

Katie, how exciting!! I have been meaning to comment on your sewing, but have yet to.... It looks wonderful! I am very impressed with what you've made so far, and definitely need to get on your list once you start a business.

Plaid, so glad to see you back! Glad you're doing well!

Sabo, so sorry your nights have been rough! I hope you're sleeping soundly and solidly now! (unlike me! )

I need to get to bed, but a few things I wanted to share... And try to catch up here!

Clapping! Judah's really mastered it now. He started working on it about a week ago, and now can do it any time he wants to. It's so sweet!! And he'll make great noises that sound almost like the cheering we all do when we clap for him.

Walking: He's not walking independently, but about a week ago started walking with the Haba Walker Wagon. He's totally obsessed with it now! (in fact, he's got a few bruises thanks to managing to tip it over - which is not easy to do!) He's super-duper proud of himself for it.

Standing: He will stand independently here and there now. Not really when he knows it, but he clearly has the strength. He'll also do things like moving the walker wagon around while standing still, where the wagon is obviously not supporting him at all. I don't remember when my big boys started doing this, but it does mean one thing for sure: walking and standing alone are on the way!

Mamama: He's finally saying mamamama!! He started about 10 days or 2 weeks ago at night saying "mmmm" when he woke and wanted to nurse. Within a day or two he was saying "mamamama" during the day, and still does, very clearly meaning me and/or "milk." SO sweet!!

My Dad and little brother are in town for two more days, to finish off a week's visit. It's been really neat, as they haven't been here in several years, and my 3.5yo doesn't remember either of them, really. Judah met my Dad in January, but it's been 3 years or so since I've seen my brother. So they've all gotten to know each other better and Judah can even identify "grandpa" when asked. It's been really sweet. : In the morning (like a few hours from now) we're all going to an Astros game together, then they leave on Friday, the 4th. My sweet Iain (3yo) will probably be really sad, as he's been very protective of the idea that Grandpa is staying with us and doesn't want him to go away.

A friend from church is having her baby tonight/tomorrow.. Apparently her water broke this evening. Very strange/funny circumstances, but I'm glad that it's a natural start to the birth. (Rather than induction that was recommended by her OB just so she could get a room in the hospital. Of course I know the birth will only get less and less natural from there, which really saddens me. But I'm so very passionate about birth that most any hospital birth will be that way for me... The dad was posting updates from the family waiting room while his wife got the epidural, and I was thinking how utterly sad that was...

All that on the tail end of some really wacky dreams last night and the night before, including being pregnant and two months (or was it weeks?) overdue... And one seeing my midwife and her needing to consult with other folks for various conditions I had that were basically unrelated to pregnancy but strange nonetheless...

I've (clearly) been thinking more about pregnancy and birth, Judah's birth, etc., recently and have had, at times, pangs of missing being pg, and wanting to birth again. I do think we'll have another at some point (not too soon!!)... Birth is so amazing it would be hard not to! But I certainly don't want to be pg now. : Still, there's something amazing about being pregnant and giving birth and welcoming new life! And it's hard to believe it's been nearly a year since we did all of that!

And, finally (really), if you haven't see The Business of Being Born, you should definitely see it!! There are links to it in my blog, attached-at-the-hip, below.
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hello everyone!

ro has been keeping me busy for sure. she's cruising, crawling, and into EVERYTHING. we have 6 teeth now, and we've received a lovely collection of bumps and bruises from ro not really caring about her physical limits. haha.

her favorite game is pulling books off the shelves. she'll empty the shelf and then wait for me to pick them all up so she can do it again.

she stood up all on her own, not pulling up on anything, the other day. she just stood there with her arms out like.... WHOA! then she plopped on her butt.

OH! we got our first word!!! she waved her little hand and said, bye-bye, to daddy when he left for work. dh was almost in tears. he kept coming back in the room to say bye bye to his little girl. she would dutifully repeat 'byebye' and wave her hand.

hope you're well!
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Katie - congratualtions! That's awesome!! I love the monkey diaper I've been trying to think of names for you, but...nothin'. I think i used up all my creativity on the pirate party.

Hi Plaid!

Welcome loveher! My lo was born on the 5th too!

oy, that fire. not out yet. but the firebreaks have held really well, so that's good. and the weather's been fairly cooperative. i started taking some stuff home yesterday. i might take some more today, but i also want to go to high sierra music fest, so we'll see what wins . dh wanted to move everything home tomorrow, but again, that conflicts with high sierra.

lwab - i've been going home like every other day, and when we're there i can get jamison to nap all by herself in our bed ::: yesterday she slept for like 1 1/2 hours *not touching me* ::: i can get sooo much done!

garden - we're talking about having raised beds next year. and chickens. dh is still going on about chickens. my dad has a garden this year, he's really enjoying it. he brought us some zuchinni. dh *hates* zuchinni.
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Katie ~ I have to talk to Kaija about what she wants but I think a mix of both AIO's and fitteds would be best. I know that AIO's are easy for outings. I just changed to godaddy.com for my webhosting and they are really great. Excellent customer service. Stay away from ipowerweb.com

greenmagick ~ I bet Cian is so cute when he dances. Dahlia loves to sing and gets so excited when So You Think You Can Dance comes on. She claps through most of the show.

Heather ~ I am so done being pregnant. I am really enjoying have a pregnant person around me though. I love the concept of pregnancy but it is soo rough on me. Getting to watch Kaija grow and change and feel her baby move has been really fun and exciting. I can't believe all these babies are trying to walk.

leanbh ~ so cute waving bye bye to daddy. Awww! Nice to see you post. Solo standing is pretty exciting!

Jeanine ~ the fire has to stop at some point right? I am glad you are getting some things back home and I hope you are home for good really soon. Sending cool, wet vibes. :

The smoky air cleared here today so it is much nicer. I am enjoying the sunshine and all my flowers that are blooming.

Jenabe and Kaija made it home last night! : I was so glad to see them! I even got to go out to lunch with girlfriends today!!!

mommajb ~ I was thinking of you today when with my friends. I am glad you are meeting new people.

Dahlia was so excited to see her dad and sister. She was clapping and squealing and couldn't stop smiling.

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Hi Plaid!!! Great to hear from you!

Katie the diapers are great, GL with the business. I was thinking about you today. I was looking at fabric at the store and thinking "How does she find the time to sew???"

for all of us who need it

Moving update: my car should FINALLY arrive on Sunday. DH's car is still in CA, waiting for someone to bring it to us.
Carpet is dry.
Appliances are working.
We aren't saving any money but that should start soon...maybe?

just because this makes me happy ::::::::
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Standing! Judah is working VERY hard on standing by himself! And he's totally, completely, utterly thrilled with himself, too. Though it's really more like :. WAY super stinkin' cute!! He's stood now for up to about 6 seconds at a time, which considering yesterday it was only a second or so, is pretty good. My big boys never did the thing of standing on their own before walking, so it's all new (and exciting!) to me, too.

We got a little video of it and I'll have to try to post it later! Err, tomorrow sometime... Gotta get some sleep tonight! My dad and brother leave tomorrow, and we're going to do family pics before they go. It's the first time in many years that my Dad and ALL of his progeny have been together at once. : So sleep, a good shower in the morning, and family time...

Hope everyone enjoys their Fourth! :

That's as close to fireworks as I can find.
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Busy, busy day today. We went and looked at cars and decided on one. There's a 4-6 month waiting list for the Prius pretty much nation-wide, they're not doing any deals because it's in such high demand, so we were looking at paying 24 grand. We test drove a few cars including the Toyota Matrix and a Scion XD, I couldn't even see above the dash on the Matrix so that one was out (they don't make cars for people who are 5'1" I guess). I had that problem with a lot of the cars unfortunately despite raising the seat. We tried the Scion out, I really liked it, could see out the windshield well enough for it not to be a safety issue, and the price was good. It handles really well and was fun to drive, plus we were able to downsize. It gets great gas mileage as well. So we will be picking that up on Saturday :

We also went to the farmer's market and got a bunch of goodies for dinner, there is a fantastic tamale stand that is sooo good.

How do I find time for diapers? I stay up too late I get a window starting around 9:30pm and I stay up for 3 or 4 hours and get as much done as I can in that time.

Wendi - I'm sticking with mainly fitteds at this point, but I ordered a bunch of materials for covers and I can do wool interlock and fleece if that's something you're interested in. I use mainly luxury fabrics (velour, minky, sherpa, etc.) for diapers also. PM me and we can talk details

Falicia - I'm glad things are getting fixed and your car is almost there!

I love hearing about all of our babe's new milestones, they are growing up so fast!

I hope everyone enjoys their 4th!
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Garden pics are here . Hope it works! I get so much joy from this little patch of ground! :

I cut off my hair! I got a 23" braid to send to wigs for kids .... I'll take pics when I get it shaped a bit... I just put it in a ponytail on the top of my head and cut it off so it's technically a shag but I think I want more of a bob. It feels so great but looks pretty poofy, my 4yo woke up & said it looked "funky".

I forgot my dd's bathroom quote from when we were camping (I'm always a day late & a $ short with this stuff)
"Do you know why women's bathrooms are cleaner?

Because there are no penises!"

Welcome, : love her:! The more the merrier. I swear I get so much just through osmosis here....this is such an incredible group of women, inspiring & positive. So much love going out to all of you!!

LWAB~ Ru is dancing to some Bob Marley right now, cruising along the futon & smiling away. What a sweet, happy babe.
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Hi there! We have had a couple of quiet days. I am really enjoying my me time even if I have to get up at the crack of dawn to find it.

Linus will not be one of the early walkers.

Beemama, I want to see pics of your hair! Haircuts are addictive for me. I don't really like this last one of mine so my cure isn't to let it grow out, it is to get another one. (I haven't yet, that is just my train of thought.) I think your daughter has it right about the ladies' room. Your girls look delightful. I especially like the sink photo. Your hens seem happy in their A-frame coop.

Jeanine, more for you. Enjoy the music fest.

Katie, a new car! WooHoo! FaliciaGayle, your own car! Hoot!

Have fun with your family Heather.

Leanbh, the waving sounds so cute and purposeful.

Wendi, give your family a big hug now that they are home. I want to go out for lunch!

I had the worst nightmare last night. I not only checked on everyone I had to wake them up just to make sure. (but all was well)

Our anniversary is the middle of the month and I am hoping to go out. Last year I think we took everyone with us. I like to expose them to great things and it is cheaper to buy them dinner than to pay a babysitter. While that is all good, I might like to have some time with dh. I wonder if my parents can handle the troops? It would be a good use for the very tiny stash I have pumped (8 - 12 oz?) I can't even remember why I pumped. Maybe I woke up over-full one morning?
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Originally Posted by beemama View Post
Garden pics are here . Hope it works! I get so much joy from this little patch of ground! :
I am soo jealous My eggplants are gone, my tomatoes are like 3 inches tall, and my seelings are all still seedlings :

Wow, I just tried posting this a minute ago and got a banned message
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