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It seems like every time I start a post these days its, "Wow, I haven't posted in a while." I'm back. In case you forgot who I am, I'm Alexis; my daughter is Aili. She likes to try to eat paper and the cat's ear.

Sunshine: Take care of yourself. OMG, how scary.

Heather: Congrats on the walking. As if you weren't already busy, now chase Judah around even faster than he was moving before.

MyBoyAramis: He has such a beautiful grown-up face.

beemama: Aili took a tumble off the bed last week too. We were cuddling sideways on the bed playing, she sat up to look at her books, and in a flash, she was on her head. I have no idea how it happened b/c my hand was on her. Even if I had been told 2 minutes before, "Aili will fall off the bed in the next few minutes," short of removing her from the bed, I don't think I could have prevented it. I thought that I was still in a position to catch her before she fell. She cried and nursed for about 20 minutes and was fine.

We need to get a crib. When she is sleeping in the bedroom, she doesn't cry when she wakes, but she just sits up. If we take too long getting into the room, she starts crawling across the bed. Basically, as soon as we hear her stir on the monitor, one of us races upstairs to get her.

Sleep: Aili has been a little monster about sleep lately, partying until 1:00, sleeping in until 10 and then waiting for full on exhaustion before allowing herself to nap. Not so bad if dh and I didn't have to work at 8 in the morning.

Standing: Aili is almost ready to start standing unsupported. If she doesn't realize that she is unsupported, like if she's holding a toy, she can stand for a couple of seconds.

Food: In general, Aili eats whatever I am eating and I let her have as much as she wants to eat. For instance, last week I made a chicken piccata spinach salad and a chickpea pasta. I put some rinsed noodles, chickpeas, cooked spinach, and chicken on her tray. As she ate the food, I added more until she just started smooshing everything between her fingers. She LOVED the spinach! She was eating that meal for about 30 minutes more after dh and I had finished eating.

The other day, we went to a baby shower and I was giving her some blueberries. She goes crazy for them. My friend is visiting from GA and kept giving Aili more blueberries. Obviously, Aili's bum is a little red today.

While at the shower, the mother-to-be was discussing her diapering choices. She will be using the 7th Generation diapers b/c as she said, "I was reading that cloth diapers are actually more devastating to the environment than chlorine-free disposables b/c of all the water that gets used." I got a little defensive as a cding mother and told her of the research that I've seen that more water and fuel are used in the production of disposables than in the washing of cloth. I think I said something else about how cding isn't for everyone and I've heard of people who really like the 7th Gen diapers and left it at that b/c I really wasn't trying to start a fight or criticize her choice, but I don't like for people to have and use inaccurate information to back their decisions.

After the shower, we went to our friend's beach house. Aili was crawling down the beach like a crab and trying eat driftwood (yick). She had a good time.

This has been a really long post, but I just got off the phone with dh. I'm at work; he works from home with Aili. Uggh, he's being ridiculous! I don't have the mental energy to go into it now, but uggh.
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Sabo, it's always good to hear from you, no matter how long it's been! I always go in spurts on posting, too... Like today, posting again after last night. Now it'll be a week before I'm back on.

I so know the mad-dash to get the baby before they're off the bed. Yesterday I rushed through the door (which makes noise) and his little head popped straight up - he'd still been laying down! But since he was cooing, I was sure he was already up and headed for the edge of the bed!

I think your comments on diapering were perfect! I also hate for things I love to be slandered by inaccurate information. Besides the fact that, at least for me, it's not just about the environment. There are lots of things we can do for the environment, but I'm the only one who can protect my baby! And keeping potentially dangerous chemicals away from his bum is one of the things I do to keep him safe. I actually had a dream last night that was a similar discourse on c/s vs. VBAC. Not like I have opinions about anything.

Had another rough morning here. Ugh. It must be teeth. Now my 3.5 yo is crawling around saying, "uh-duh, uh-duh, uh-duh," pretending to be a baby like Judah, who is crawling around, fussing. Gotta rescue him!
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Yay Judah!!

Aramis just stands for like 2 seconds and then sits. You can tell that he's still nervous, but I am sure he will be walking soon.

I got my labret pierced last week and finally, I don't feel it rubbing against my gums. I didn't know how to clean it, since the piercer didn't tell me. So, I decided to use breastmilk. What do ya know, it's healed a little. Next week, I get a new stud.
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Despite being perfectly able to crawl and cruise, Lucy is still my little velcro baby! I swear this kid refuses to go more than a foot away from me if I'm within sight of her. I only have a minute before we run out but I managed to set her down for a minute so I figured I'd better seize the opportunity to post!

Yay for Judah walking! Lucy's doing the same thing as Aili--she'll stand unsupported if she doesn't realize she's not supported, lol. She can go several seconds, or at least that's usually how long she'll stay in one place before leaning toward me! No steps yet without holding onto something or one of us, but I can't imagine it's too far away. I have to say, I'm sort of happy that her velcro-ness keeps her from crawling all over our hardly-babyproof house. She'll crawl around a little but stay within two feet of me. I think she doesn't like the hardwood floors but I feel like it's too hot to put BabyLegs on her for extra cushioning!

Blueberries are by far her favorite food so far, but she has a horrible diaper rash from them! It's not on her bum though...can blueberries change some quality of urine to cause a rash? I stopped giving them to her after the rash appeared over the weekend but she keeps oggling them when I try to sneak a few for myself! I'm trying everything I have to clear up the rash.

So uh...anyone have birthday plans made yet? We'll probably just be having a small party with family and a couple friends. I've been looking at some wooden toys and trying to figure out what I want to get her (and what to suggest my mom get for her, instead of whatever beeping blaring plastic thing she'll find on her own, lol). I might just make myself finish up the Waldorf dolls I've been working on and then use her birthday as an excuse to FINALLY order prints of the digital pictures we've taken since her birth! I'm curious about what everyone else is doing though as far as parties or gifts!
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ishy, I'm still clueless on what to do for Judah's birthday. My middle DS is also a September babe (the 5th), so I've been working on his birthday plans. It's nice that he can tell me what he'd like! He wants a train birthday, and I found a nearby (well, 3.5hr away) steam train that runs on his birthday. So we're going to go up there and ride the train (and likely spend the night before so we're not up before dawn!), give him some American-made trains for their Brio (he's been asking for more), and then come home and have a party the next day for his friends. More trains!

But for Judah? I don't know what to do! We've basically done two parties for each boy every year, with a "family" group and the "friends" group. Though for Gabriel's first that turned into a horrible nightmare of a disaster, and for Iain's we just did one party. We did take both of the older boys to the zoo on their first birthday, and then we had a classic Pooh themed party at home. I'm mostly struggling with the idea of finding something Judah likes to center his birthday around. Of course, I've yet to find something he doesn't like! So I could go with the traditional Pooh (if I have enough stuff left over - I always order too much, but it's no longer available), or I could go with an animal theme. : Don't want the third one to be left out of tradition, but sometimes it seems nice to do something "new."

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: I am ready to kill one of my cats (not really). He is driving me crazy. Cian is extremely rough with him, and the cat will not leave. He keeps coming back for more. I mean, its a good thing the cat is so passive and doesnt scratch or bite, but he is going to get really hurt. Also, Cian is learning really bad habits with handling animals. If he tried any of that with my other cat, he would get bit. Cian rips handfuls of fur out, body slams him, bites him, on and on. On the one hand its kind of funny, but mainly a nuisance. Anytime we are downstairs and Odin is awake, he goes straight to Cian. I intefere over and over, show Cian gentle, but I've got to do other stuff at some point.

On the bright side, Cian has taken 1 1/2 - 2 hours naps the last three days without me running in and nursing him back down several times: I hope this lasts as the last three days we also havent gone anywhere. He is also really starting to get signing. He has been doing milk for awhile, but he randomly does it as well. He just now is starting to realize there are different signs meaning different things, though he still prefers clapping, which means any and everythiong. Lilah has been really good at showing him the signs as well.

He is still only taking one or two steps at a time, but it is a lot more frequent and deliberate.

I need to get some new pictures up. I took a couple yesterday (pajama day) because I put a clip in his hair to keep it out of his eyes and thought it looked awful cute He kept it in all day. Lilah just started keeping barrettes in this past winter
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party - my mom's already called to find out when it is so i'd better get thinking about it. we'll probably just invite my parents, dh's parents, dh's aunt, and my bro. my bro won't come, but we'll invite him anyway . my parents will be here for sure, and we'll have to see about the ils and aunt. you never can tell with the ils.
presents - ugh. the last thing we need is *more*. we have waaay too many toys, too much clothes. mrsb said *her* house looks like toy r us, well, that's only because she hasn't seen *my* house. i think i might get jamison a baby that can go in the tub (hence the inquiry into lactivist's corolle co-op). i don't even know what to tell my parents to get her. and the ils will definitely buy her, how did ishy put it? some beeping blaring plastic thing. sometimes they ask for suggestions, but if they can't get it at toys r us or walmart, forget about it. if dh's aunt comes she'll probably get clothes - she has good taste too.
standing/walking/crawling etc - jamison can stand unsupported really well. two times she has taken two steps, but i think it will be a while yet before she takes off. she crawls really well, so she's never where i leave her. luckily i just have to look for the big kids - that's where she can usually be found.
naps - i haven't been having much luck laying her down lately. she falls asleep on me, but a while ago i was able to put her down in the bed. but not lately. it sucks.
sleep - i need some. we've been staying up too late on the weekends, and i haven't been able to catch up during the week.

when i was pg with dd1, i took a bellydance class. after she was born, i took her along and wore her. when she got too big to be worn, and too mobile to be on the floor i had to stop (she was uber-attached to me, couldn't be left with dh). so, the troupe has gotten really good, and i'd love to rejoin them, but they're so awesome, and i've forgotten a lot. but, one of the ladies is starting a beggining class : on saturday morning : i am sooo going!:
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You gals are making me cry! I looked down at waylon just yesterday, as he was nursing to sleep, and his whole body spread across my lap. It seems like just yesterday I could hold him in one elbow and now he is across my lap.

Waylon is sooo far from walking. Dd didn't walk until just before her first birthday and even then she didn't walk as her primary form of transporation until she was closer to 13 months. I think waylon will follow that lead. I am pretty sure he iscutting his top teeth right now--sooo fussy and wanting to nurse all night long. I am exhausted.

Wendi--. I stalked you. They were way outta line.

greenmagick--our dog is like that. I want him to leave W alone because I keep waiting for him to snap at the poor baby, but he seems to love it!!

ishy--Waylon is the same way. Attached to me all day AND all night. Literally attached. He would love to just nurse all the time. He screams if I so much as turn him around with a thought of putting him down. I am exhausted, and have tendonitis in my elbow becuase lately he won't let me put him in any of my carriers.
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I had a post typed out earlier but MDC decided to shut down for maintenance right at the same second I posted.

Definitely have a cold, Liam is awake when he should be sleeping and Andrew is sleeping and being no help.

Birthdays - It will just be DH and I, so that makes it much easier for me. We always get inundated with gifts at holidays so I suspect that Liam's birthday will be no different. I tell the IL's that we prefer clothes in bigger sizes since he always needs those, and books. My MIL knows we try to do non-plastic toys and she's usually really good about that (the only thing she is respectful of, knock on wood). If we do end up getting anything plastic I'll check it over and see if it's suitable for Holiday Helper, otherwise it'll get "lost". We have some plastic stuff now that we picked up from the thrift store down the street and it'll go back there when we move.

Jeanine - Can you send me the carrot cake recipe?

Forestrymom - I have a handful of pictures of Liam nursing, one when he was a day old where he is super tiny (7 lbs.) and I compared it to one when he was 9 months old (almost 30lbs.). The difference is huge! It's like a completely different child. It seems like yesterday that he was born and I hope I am always lucky enough to keep that memory as vivid as it is now.

Here are some pictures from tonight. We also got two videos of Liam walking down the hallway and one of him dancing to Andrew's ringtone. Those should be on there as well.

His new Kate Quinn outift, has a cute little tree on the front

All about smiling at Andrew
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Katie, love the KQO! The bulk order is a little stressful right now but seeing how cute Liam is in his outfit helps a ton!

We have a bad diaper rash here. Apparently his bum doesn't like the refried beans he at last night as much as he did. He's had three BMs today and his bum has gotten more and more angry and red. Tonight he was screaming and screaming, as DH was holding him, for no apparent reason. Tired? Frustrated? Maybe... but this was a bit much. So I checked his diaper, and he was dirty again. I was afraid he'd go hoarse while I was changing him. Thankfully he fell asleep pretty quickly thereafter - bum in the air.

My short-fused DH declared, while I was dealing with the diaper and screaming, "That's it - no more food!" As though any and all food would cause this kind of problem. Of course, it's really sad to think my great idea of giving him food at a restaurant is causing him so much pain. I need to figure out what they put in their beans. They're yummy, that's for sure! But I didn't figure on him being allergic to them.
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HeatherB-Lucy is the same way with refried beans...it is one of her favorites. We really only go to 2 Mexican resturants....one here in town and the beans are fine there and then one when we are in Atlanta...and the beans there just make her miserable and then me miserable. You are right it has to be something they are adding to the beans. 'Cause beans are beans....right?

Katie- I hope you are feeling better quickly. I love the video of Liam dancing....adorable.

forestrymom-I hear you Mama. I look down at Lucy sprawled across my lap when she is nursing and think "when did you get so big?"

jeaninevp922-yeah for bellydancing....what a great way to spend some Mama time. Have fun!!

Ishy-I hadn't given Lucy blueberries yet....we tried them last night. It was hilarious to watch her. She would pick then up and roll them around in her hand....and then try them in her mouth and then roll them on her tongue and spit them out. She finally mushed them and thought that was great and finally tasted one...and score...she loved them.

I am about to start the process of looking for a nanny/office employee. Lucy is starting to need more and more of my time at the office and we are coming up on our busiest season. I really don't look forward to searching and interviewing someone (because I don't want someone else taking care of her). I will be looking for someone who will watch/play/teach/entertain Lucy at the office and is willing to travel with us as well. : I don't know where to start.

I am off to get ready for work. I am so . Lucy has been frequently waking to nurse and then will not stay asleep unless my hand is on her chest. My shoulder feels like it is out of joint from "sleeping" in the same position all night.
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I forgot....on a brighter note. I just found this boutique the other day around the corner from my office.


I am in trouble there...wonderful things. I can't wait to check out some of the classes.

Also, this is grand opening today. I love Whole Food, but it is kinda far and expensive. This is close and a lot less $$$.


I would love to be able to shop at true farmers markets, but not really any around. I so wish I still lived in Austin.
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Linus has a bad rash also that is bleeding in one spot. It started bleeding during his last diaper change so he is cover free today. He had a rash that I thought was caused by the trim on one of his covers as it was actaully on his legs. Then we gave him wheat and he ate it for the first time this week (twice). I think we will pull back on the wheat until he is better or his birthday. I don't think it is yeast as we have no real risks right now and it is red,scaly and dry where it isn't bleeding. He is also still furiously teething so that could not be helping. Heather, I have to admit I am almost in your dh camp on the food. We were so slow to start and I just hate problems. Who doesn't?

Liam is adorable in that outfit Katie.

Michelle, I hope you find a great assistant/caregiver for Lucy.

Lactivist, I am working hard not to be grumpy. I have been lurking at summer camp and have taken a couple of ideas to add to my life.

As for birthday parties, my parents may come visit but we will keep it simple. His birthday is the 2nd and dh's classes start the 1st (yes, on Labor Day) so we will not be up for visitors right then. I'll probably make some baked fruit with whipped cream for the older, skinny people and call it a party. We'll skip the presents. I have found that everyone just wants to be celebrated, royalty for the day style as we don't have any real needs.
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I only have a few minutes before my friend shows up. She's gonna spend the day with the girls and I bc all her family is still in town and she needs a break. So....she'll be here in a few.

Birthdays: We are gonna go to one of the metro parks...they have a picnic area in their wildflower fields........It's where I wanted to do dd1's first party bc it's at the end of April but we ended up with 5" of ice that morning so it was cancelled. But, that's just an idea. Otherwise, we'll just do it at home. My sister, mil, best friend, and maybe dh's cousin with his little girl who is dd1's age so she'll have someone to play with. We'll go see mom at the hospital ON her actual birthday and do the party that Saturday......since her birthday is on a Wednesday.

Presents: I am getting in dd1's old toy boxes and pulling a few out from there....she doesn't need to know that some of them require batteries. I hid that fact from her sister until a friend of mine said, "Oh, my neice has that. She loves the songs..." Gee, thanks. Anyways, we will be wrapping some of those. I'm gonna make her some pretty dresses and tshat's that. We *may* take her for some professional pictures to the place we took her big sister but that's $ permitting.

Ok, I see my friend walking up the walk.......I'll try to come back later...

to all.
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red bums - my children are the king and queens of red bums (as were my bro and I). Breastmilk and wool covers are my best friends (and it's taken me three kids to learn that )

the other day dh made pizza with lots of cheese on it : but, it totally spilled over in the oven. today i was heating the oven for muffins : and the gigantic globs of cheese started smoking, so i had to open the hot smoking oven and try and get the hot smoking globs out. the smoke alarm went off, and of course it's wired to *all* the smoke alarms, so they all went off and woke dd1. ds slept through it so i have a window open with a fan trying to blow all the smoke out. i guess burnt cheese smoke is a nice change from forest fire smoke (where's the "actually, i'm sick of *all* smoke" smiley? i guess that would be a hacking my lungs out smiley. do we have one of those?) yes, it's still smoky here from the fires. it clears out in the middle of the night, and starts to come back in after noon. it's not *real* bad till the evening.

i signed ds up for swimming lessons. finally. the kid's seven years old. he'll be in level 2 because he can hold his breath and go under water. at the same time, in the same pool, they offer level one. dd1 will go to that. we'll see how it goes. and they also offer, at the same time, in the same pool, a parent/tot class that Jamison and i will go to. that's awesome that we can all go at the same time!!! i've heard it's really stupid (the parent/tot class), but i don't actually expect her to learn how to swim, i just want something for her and i to do while the others are in class, so this will work out perfectly. i'll also be taking two of our friends who are 6 and 7.5 - they'll be in with ds. should be fun! another friend is thinking of signing her 4yo up - she'd be in with dd1. oh, and it's not till 11:20 am, so there's a chance i could actually get there on time! and, the air will have had a chance to warm up.

must go find my baby, and then eat muffins. katie, i'll pm you the recipe later. if i don't do it today, remind me, ok?
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Blueberries--I need to start rinsing my blueberry poop diapers, becuase its his very favorite food but he doesn't digest the skins--and they stay in the washing machine. Vomit.

Here's a picture after my SIL did ds's hair, from about a month ago.

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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
Katie, love the KQO! The bulk order is a little stressful right now but seeing how cute Liam is in his outfit helps a ton!

We have a bad diaper rash here. Apparently his bum doesn't like the refried beans he at last night as much as he did. He's had three BMs today and his bum has gotten more and more angry and red. Tonight he was screaming and screaming, as DH was holding him, for no apparent reason. Tired? Frustrated? Maybe... but this was a bit much. So I checked his diaper, and he was dirty again. I was afraid he'd go hoarse while I was changing him. Thankfully he fell asleep pretty quickly thereafter - bum in the air.
Could they be putting cheese in their refried beans? The ones around here and back home do that so maybe that was causing the issue? I hope it's cleared up soon.

I love Katie Quinn, I'm so glad you're doing this co-op, the clothes are great and actually fit over cloth diapers.
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SweetTexasgal - Good luck with the nanny search, I hope you're able to find someone you like. How exciting that you found those two shops!

Sunshine - Have a great visit with your friend!

Jeanine - The swimming classes sound like a lot of fun, it's been so rainy here that we haven't been able to enjoy the pool in over a month.

Forestrymom - I've had the same issues with diapers so I've had to start rinsing them. I try to remember inserts because that is always a lot easier than dunking the whole diaper. And a good pair of rubber gloves
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Wow! Somedays this thread moves so fast.

Katie ~ the walking and dancing videos are so cute. He is just a beauty! The walking video made me almost start crying thinking about Dahlia toddling around. sniff! Time is passing so quickly. It is fortunate that Kaija is having a baby so it will keep my baby lust at bay.

Heather ~ Hooray for walking!!! Go Judah. Too bad about the red butt. Dahlia has some troubles with certain foods so she eats the same thing every day. I gave her a bite of my sandwich bread and she had a nasty rash the next day. I kind of want to ban food too on those days.

Sabo ~ It is always nice to hear from you! I love watching Dahlia crawl around in the sand. I wish we could go to the beach but the 3 hour round trip drive isn't possible with her serious car screaming.

Ishy ~ we haven't tried blueberries yet. I have some in the fridge I may have to give them a shot today. :

sweettexas ~ you will find the perfect person. It sort of sounds a bit like an au pair position that isn't live in. Maybe start with au pair organizations that do all the background checks and everything? I would have loved that job. I wish you lived close because you could hire Kaija!

mommajb ~ bleeding rashes suck! Dahlia seems sensitive to wheat too. Right now she is just eating O's and is happy as a clam. I am glad you are lurking at camp. I have to go get caught up today.

Greenmagick ~ Yikes on the cat! I am so not a cat person so that sort of freaks me out. I hope you figure it out or Cian moves on to something new. Our dog gets a bit abused but after Eavan she FINALLY knows to leave the area if abuse is happening. I hope the naps hold out. Dahlia loves to watch me sign but hasn't done a lot yet. She does the milk sign but only rarely. She usually just beats on my chest.

forestrymom ~ I saw a 2 week old picture of Dahlia the other day and started crying. She was sooo tiny. She is now a regular sized baby showing no signs of her former tinyness. WAAAAAAAA!!!!

Jeanine ~ we really need a clearing smoke smilie. Good luck with the swimming chaos! Sounds exciting if nothing else.

Sunshine ~ I hope you have a great day!! :

We are in the "mad dash to the bed" club here. I hear the slightest snuffle and I am sprinting down the hall. For the most part I put her in her pack n play but often she wakes up and wants to nurse back down in bed. I make a big pillow blanket cage around her and listen carefully. Not the best system. Even if she goes down feet first it is a huge drop for her.

For her party we are just going to have bbq since she has a birthday in the nice weather months (first of four). Most of the people that will come will either get her something really small or cool so I don't have to worry. My mom and sister will probably get weird stupid stuffed animals or something that makes noise. I got her a corolle baby and have some wooden stacking toys from a co-op months ago!! :

Off to go wash diapers and do dishes. fun fun!!

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Okay you girls are not making me want to try blueberries with Dahlia today. :Puke

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