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Originally Posted by greenmagick View Post
: I am ready to kill one of my cats (not really). He is driving me crazy. Cian is extremely rough with him, and the cat will not leave. He keeps coming back for more. I mean, its a good thing the cat is so passive and doesnt scratch or bite, but he is going to get really hurt. Also, Cian is learning really bad habits with handling animals. If he tried any of that with my other cat, he would get bit. Cian rips handfuls of fur out, body slams him, bites him, on and on. On the one hand its kind of funny, but mainly a nuisance. Anytime we are downstairs and Odin is awake, he goes straight to Cian. I intefere over and over, show Cian gentle, but I've got to do other stuff at some point.
My brother's cat was like this, she craved attention and would let the kids beat up on her as much as they wanted. I can see one of our cats doing that, they're in NY so they haven't been around him in a while. Our cat Willow loves attention and will likely take a few beatings from Liam, the other cat Zoe is much wiser and will run and hide from him
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Okay I know I said I was leaving but the clothes in the dryer aren't dry yet and I HATE doing dishes.

I got my business cards!!!! I am also working with a graphic artist and he sent me a snapshot of my website and it looks GREAT! I am so excited. He is only charging me $300 for a logo, website and brochure. : I am getting excited and nervous. I know I will do well but I have no experience so have to go in a bit blindly at first. I won't be able to fully dive in until Eavan is back in school but that is only six weeks away!

Off to feed more kids! :

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Yay Wendi how exciting for you! That is a great price as well. I'm not going to start on my website until we get settled, but I think mine is going to cost me about the same. I've been in contact with the designer and she does really nice work so I am very excited as well!

I am procrastinating on doing anything because I feel yucky. My nose has decided to reverse from post-nasal drip and now I need to blow it constantly. Liam is sitting on the floor looking at a book and giving me a break that I desperately need. I'm going to try and convince him to take a nap shortly.
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Guess what I did to avoid doing dishes? I uploaded new pictures. You can see them here. http://tinyurl.com/6gwa28

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Originally Posted by lactivist View Post
Guess what I did to avoid doing dishes? I uploaded new pictures. You can see them here. http://tinyurl.com/6gwa28

Love the pictures, Wendi! Her eyes are amazing! The sleeping shot with her eyelashes - wow!
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Wendi: Fab pics!! Everyone looks so happy. I think I have a similar one of Lilah layin on the floor after sitting....


Tryin so bad not to get my hopes up....


Now that mom is more stable, I am not at the hospital as much during the day......so....I ans a few ads.

Most ppl wanted me to come to their house but not bring my kids. UM, ok.

So, I ans this one a few days ago and just figured she got an influx of replies and lo and behold she calls today and wants to set up an interview. She's a teacher so it would be school year care plus all of June....holidays off and such too. SCORE.

The baby is 3 months old and the pic she sent is adorable of him. We chatted on the phone for 15 minutes bc that's all our 4 year olds would let us. It was very easygoing and nice.

She will be here tomorrow at 9 with the baby and her Dh since he is off work this week. It's short notice so I've been cleaning like mad...extra cleaning... bc they are leaving for vacation Friday and want things taken care of when they get back so they can think about things the few days they are gone bc I would start mid-August prolly.....

So, like I said...trying to not get my hopes up......I've only been looking to take care of an infant or another little girl dd1's age so she has a better playmate.

I could pay for dd's dance fees coming up bc you get a decent discount if you register and pay the fees before august 10. Because it's so far in advance of them needing care I do ask for a deposit equal to one week's fees to hold the spot. It then applies to the first week of care.

So, cross your fingers for me. And I'll try not to get too up about it just in case....

Could this be the universe telling me, OK. Ok....I hear you. I hear ALL of you.....????????????????

Ok, back to cleaning.

Oh, I found a random kissaluv 0 that got packed with other things by accident. I figured, what the heck....and put it on her. IT STILL FITS....JUST FINE AND DANDY.....how crazy is that???? And I'm getting mom mom mom all day and she's meaning it to be ME. Not anything and anything but ME ME ME.

:::::::::: ::::::
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regarding undigestables and cloth diapers - what i'm about to write is gross, so consider yourself warned - i don't rinse. i have a plastic knife that i keep in the bathroom, and i scrape into the toilet, and then use tp to wipe the knife off. it's gross. but it works.
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Sunshine - I will be keeping my fingers crossed that this family works out for you!

Jeanine - That's okay, I was using a plastic spatula for a while.

Wendi - Love the pictures, everybody looks great! Love Kaija's belly picture!

I just found a spider in the second bedroom, it was hiding in Andrew ruck sack. It looked to be a male black widow, hopefully there aren't any female black widows around. I keep hearing how they're really aggressive this year and have been going into areas with humans so I have to be on the lookout now.

Now it's my turn to pick up my house
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oooh...the plastic knife sounds like a great idea. You could actually throw it in the diaper bag and wash, I bet too. Keep a couple handy and voila!

Liam's diaper butt in that dancing video is TDF! He is adorable! I can't believe our babes are walking! That's freaky about the spider--thank goodness we don't have those here!

Sunshine's Mama--I'm looking to take in another babe too. I could use the extra cash, but I hate the thought of being tied down to it. It sounds awesome becuase its school so you get the "right" days off, and summers too!

Wendi--Dahlia is a doll! Her cheeks and eyes are adorable! She has to be one of the cutest babies I've ever seen!!! And your entire family is beautiful!!!

Waylon slept like crap last night. I am seriously about to lose my mind. I jsut wonder how much longer I can go like this? He StILL will only sleep attached to my breast night or naptime. Its amazing. I love that he loves me so much but everyone needs a break.

I've decided its time to lose the baby weight. I weighed 155 when I got pregnant with dd and now I'm 202. I've actually gained 20 pounds since ds was born . I've been sooo lazy aobut it, and its time. So, I'm confessing the dirty number here .
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So, its 4:15 here and no nap for either child Technically, Cian fell asleep for about 10 minutes in the car, but I dont know if he was asleep or just dozing. I thought the last several days were too good to be true (though nights have been worse than usual).

Also, need some finding diamond vibes (I will probably crosspost this in TAO). My mom went with me to Grants Farm (like a mini zoo) today, and when we got in the car to leave, she looked down and realized her diamond had fallen out of her ring...its 1 1/2 carats. We wandered around a bit trying to find it, but the kids were done and really, there was no way to cover all the ground. She talked with them and they are letting their employees know to be on the lookout for it.
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Add us to the nonsleepy baby group. She's decided that every night at 3am is the perfect time to sit up and start clapping and lift my shirt up to pat the food to make sure it's still there I spose.....

We had monster storms here the other night that shook the whole house. All 3 of us sat up in bed. It was pretty funny.

: I lost all the baby weight by the time she was 6wks old and was STILL smaller than when I got pregnant. Now, btwn the time she was 8wks and now, I've gained about 30lbs somehow. I am sure alot of it is from the stress and everything going on but I went to pull on my favorite maternity t from Old Navy the other day and it was too tight everywhere. So, I'll hop on that wagon with you. I gained the weight after delivery too with dd1.....crazy body. Loses when pregnant and gains when nursing. Geesh!!

Jeanine: Nice idea. Although the visual in my brain needs to go now. : Yay bellydancing class!!! I've tried it. My hips just don't want to do what the instructor wants them to do!!

Katie: Yikes on the spider!! My friend has them everywhere near her place in TN. I remember seeing one in my tent camping when I was a kid....it freaked the crap outta me and from there on out, I've been scared of spiders. eeek!! Love the diaper butt!! Hope ya feel better soon! Summer colds suck. My visit with my friend was wonderful. We sat outside while Lilah played in the grass, her sister colored with chalk. Tomorrow another friend and I are gonna take the girls on a picnic for lunch. Can't decide which park to go to though......maybe the one with the stream just waiting for cute tootsies....???? But we spent so much time outside, I didn't get the cleaning done I wanted.

wendi: lol at baby lust away....i can't believe how fast the time is going...Yay for the cleaning of the garage. I need to get on doing something similar. I still have boxes and boxes to go through and sort from the move. There has just been so much going on and it's never an easy thing for me to do. I attach memories and cost to every item.....SO need to get over that. I went and looked at THAT thread. I agree with Katie. I think some ppl just look for an argument.....

: Yay walking. Sorry about the red butt. We have a red butt here too. I think my sister may have shared a clementine with her the other day and that citrus is too acidic for her right now. We've been going coverless and nakey for the past few days.

blueberries: they are a favorite here!!! ::

Greenmagick: Yay signs. Lilah will watch but she won't do any yet. Every now and then I see the milk sign sometimes but I think it's more along the lines of her checkin out her hands. Major diamond finding vibes!! for no naps.

mad-dash club: I'm a member too. She fell off the other day. We have a king pillowtop (yay deep discount store) and even though I have rails along side each side that I pull up when I get out for the morning, she managed to go off the end. I heard a loud THUNK above the sofa and went up the stairs 3 at a time. She was fine....sat up and was playing with some socks that needed folded over.....but my heart STOPPED....Need to talk dh into putting the box/mattress on the floor for a bit. Wish me luck!!

NIP: I don't do it as often as I used to just bc she is so curious about things around here when we are out. Nobody has said anything to me yet or even come up to chat with me. Well, except a server at the restaraunt asking my order. I totally just botched that spelling..... I never used a cover or anything bc she hates anything ON her head (except a little barrette a friend made her, go figure. DD1 loved blankets on her head, hats on her head.

Hair: So jealous of all the babes with thick heads of hair.......Lilah still has all that she was born with....same hair, a bit darker.....no longer or shorter though. SIGH. Dh and I have such thick heads of hair. DD1's is still pretty thin too....

Jess: Prayers and good vibes for a better job!!! ;lol @ me posting about how I'd watch him and you telling Dh at the same time.... I'd so do it......Things will work out!! Love the photo vomit!!! :

falicia: That's how Lilah crawled at first too. It was hilarious. Her big sister did that too. I think it was just their trick so they could sit back up immediatly bc that foot was tucked in. God, can't spell today....Yay kitty arriving!!!! I still miss our kitty. DD1 draws pictures of him all the time and wanted to get his favorite sardines at the store the other day to put out to see if he'd find us. I think someone took him in in the neighborhood. SHAME ON THEM...bc they HAD to have seen one of the 80 flyers I put up....mmmm blackberries....

Ok, I think I am as caught up as I hope to be now......I've missed being here. I am happy my dddc is still there.....: to whoever gave it to me.....it makes me smile and feel loved everytime I see it.

I need to finish up cleaning....

We are having Crab Legs for dinner tonight. The store had them on sale MAD CRAZY cheap bc they ordered too many......so I picked up 3lbs of it for 12 bucks. SCORE. And fresh corn from the farmer on the corner who sells it from his truck. We've been buying it from him for years.

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Originally Posted by sunshine's mama View Post
Jeanine: Nice idea. Although the visual in my brain needs to go now.
If you ever come over to my house, never, never, ever look on the floor behind the toilet :

At one of the houses we rented, the toilet tank was up high - you couldn't see the top of the tank, although I could reach the knife, so it was a good place to store it. Well, our landlords sold the place, and we had to move, and I forgot about it, and I totally wonder if the guy who bought the house ever found it, and if so, what he thinks. I can't imagine finding a "dirty" plastic knife on the top of my toilet tank. That's sooo gross and yet I'm totally cracking up while I type it! But really, if you didn't know it was a diaper cleaning knife, what on earth would you think? Those people are FREAKS!!!!
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MDC just ate my post....ugh...!!!

Add Lucy to the troubled sleepers club. She has a bit of a cold and has a stuffy nose...she had trouble nursing all day and goes nuts when she sees the nose sucker thingy. I also think she is teething. Fun...fun.

Wendi- I love the pic of Dahlia in the box....too cute. I am totally looking for someone like Kajia to take care of Lucy....but the traveling part is the hard part of the equation...might make it a bit harder to find someone.

Sunshine-I am keeping my fingers crossed for you and the position. If they know anything...they will jump at the chance to have you care for their son. If I can find someone as caring and loving as you to help with Lucy it would be a dream.

forestrymom-I too lost all my baby weight by 6 weeks PP but then proceeded to gain 30 over then next 8 months. I joined weight watchers and have lost 20 in 2 months...so I am on that wagon with you.

So....I get into the office today and my computer will not boot...gives me a blue error screen telling me that a windows file is corrupt. Great. It appears that my father got some nasty virus on his computer...and his is networked to mine and viola....mine is dead now. Had an IT guy in all day trying to do data recovery from the backup files....but it does not look promising. He has to come back tomorrow. I am ::: If it isn't recovered I will have to recreate 7 years of customer files and at least 6 months of customer orders, a year of inventory...etc. I am not a happy camper. Please keep you fingers crossed for data recovery
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Oh no sweetTexasgal, I hope the IT person is able to fix everything. I had the same thing happen to my computer a few years ago and I had to buy a brand new one despite wiping it clean. I hope that isn't the case for you.

Liam has a molar on the bottom coming through : I checked in his mouth today while he would let me and there's a little white spot poking through and I can see it under the gum. The canines aren't in yet but he's getting a molar?! My grandmother said her first son had all of his teeth by age one but none of her other kids did that so I'm wondering if Liam is doing the same.

I think my cold is turning into a sinus infection I have that familiar cloudy headed yucky feeling. It's so hard for me to go to a doc because I have to go on post when Andrew works so I'm just going to try and stick it out and see if it will go away on it's own. I usually avoid antibiotics if at all possible anyway.
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Originally Posted by KatieJD View Post
Liam has a molar on the bottom coming through : I checked in his mouth today while he would let me and there's a little white spot poking through and I can see it under the gum. The canines aren't in yet but he's getting a molar?!
Molars typically come in before canines.
Jamison has 7 teeth. Typically they come in two's, but her 8th one just doesn't want to come in.
Ds, who just turned seven, *still* hasn't got his 6 yo molars or lost a tooth. Apparently teeth have minds of their own.
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greenmagick--that sucks about your mom's diamond. It makes me want to cry .

I am so glad I'm not the only one who gains weight nursing (not that I would wish that on anyone). I walked 4 miles today, and ate super healthy. I haven't been very good about my diet, and I've been slacking with dd's too, so I needed to get a jumpstart on revamping our lifestyle.

Waylon fell off the bed twice, and I moved the mattress to the floor. Its SO reassuring now that I know he can't really fall, and I don't have to worry about missing his first cry upon waking from his naps.

jeanine--that's SO gross. Finding a dirty knife

SweetTexas--my personal Macbook crashed 2 weeks ago--has all our pics and my scrapbook pages on it. I'm devastated. I'm still holding out hope that the Apple people will be able to recover some of it. I can't imagine recreating 20 pages worth of scrapbooking. And I lost Waylon's pics of him first standing and crawling. I think my mom has a lot of the best pics, though, so that can be replaced. I email her most of the good ones. I had backed up all our pics in May, thank goodness! And all our business stuff is on there too--quickbooks, bids, invoices, etc. Its just heartbreaking.

Katie--my dd cut a molar before any of her other teeth, around 3 months. It stayed for about 4 days, and then it sunk back down. She never cut another tooth until 2 weeks before her first birthday. She then got her 2 bottom teeth and not another tooth until 15 months. She is 32 months now and she JUST cut her canines. She cut her molars when ds cut his first two teeth. She has been a LATE teether.

I had the worst day today. I can not get on top of the mess and I just lost it. At dh, at the kids, at the dog. I just feel hopeless about getting on top of it. Dh is working soooo much, and we are building a house, and we just moved. I mean, I can't really do any more than I"m already doing. He's gone until Sunday, and I'm lonely and sad, and anxious. I just feel awful today. I didn't get any sleep last night, and its always worse when I'm tired. And now, I feel so guilty for yelling dd. She told me tonight I scared her . I just feel like she is so counterproductive, and even if I tell myself she's 2, I have a hard time reacting that way sometimes. Anyway...I just needed to vent.
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Originally Posted by jeaninevp922 View Post
Molars typically come in before canines.
Jamison has 7 teeth. Typically they come in two's, but her 8th one just doesn't want to come in.
Ds, who just turned seven, *still* hasn't got his 6 yo molars or lost a tooth. Apparently teeth have minds of their own.
What would I do without you, Jeanine He has all 4 top and bottom, so it would make sense that those would come in next. For some reason I always thought canines, then molars. What set of molars is it that comes in first?
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Ok. I have a minute....trying to finish up cleaning and getting things put away from last night. I was so tired I think I fell asleep before 10pm and was up way to early today.

DD1 just woke up and came downstairs and she is nekkid but has socks on....*scratching head*

My interview family will be here in an hour, give or take a few minutes for rush hour traffic.

Trying to not get hopes up, but it's hard..........


Jeanine: Ok, enough with the knife images....LOL.....I can't imagine what I would think if i found a diaper knife after someone moved.....

Ok, bbl
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yeah, we moved out mattress to the floor too. I dont know why I didnt do it sooner. Cian was always a roller, and even when young would flail around the bed in sleep.

So, both children were asleep by 7 last night Cian was up like every 45 minutes, but thats normal lately. Lilah actually stayed asleep (well she woke once around 10:30 and then came into our room around 3 but she didnt get up to play). She fell asleep in the car picking up dinner. I cant tell you the last time she slept 12 hours!!!
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Add us to the terrible day and night club. My mom and I got in a huge fight yesterday (via email, lol) over plastic toys, it was totally ridiculous. Then we tried to go to bed around 8 and Lucy just wouldn't settle down, dh finally took her out to the living room and rocked her to sleep sometime around 9:15 and brought her back in around 10. She woke up every hour from then until 1 and then just stayed wide away until almost 3:45. I think she slept from 4-6 and then was up every hour again...by 7:30, she went into nurse-doze mode, which she usually does when she's waking up, but by that point I had to pee really bad so I couldn't fall back asleep! She ended up nursing and dozing until 9:30 and I couldn't even take advantage of it.

We tried some cantaloupe at dinner last night and she scarfed it down, but then this morning her blueberry rash (which had been fading a bit by yesterday) was bright red and spread a bit. I guess we'll stick to what we know doesn't make her rashy at all, which is pretty much banana, sweet potato, O's and rice rusks, until it clears up.
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