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Jeanine - Ugh that sounds like such a pain. I hope you're able to get it sorted out and have them be more accommodating to the kids. I think it would make more sense to work on swimming skills first and then getting them acquainted to deeper water. I don't see how that could make them scared :

SweetTexasgal - I have some pictures that I'm going to post tonight of pocket diapers. I think for bulk orders I'm going to offer a 20-30% discount depending on how much someone wants to order.

I have some polls that I posted on the blog to help me pick colors, if you all would vote on them I would be :
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Katie, I voted. FTR, I think the purples are my absolute favorite, as gorgeous, deep, rich, IMO gender neutral colors. That and chocolate. :

Jeanine, I'm really glad they're at least saying they'll work with you! We did swimming lessons last summer, and while I think it went well (overall), the kids didn't want to go back. : We only did the intro, every-day, 2-week session, which is kind of intense. They didn't throw kids in the water or anything (well, not at the beginning!) and I thought it was basically well done. It was still overwhelming for my boys, though, with no prior experience.. and they're both very sensitive. I hope you're able to get it worked out so that they enjoy their classes! I think swimming is such an important skill, yet there's definitely a delicate balance to a good instruction method!
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Thank you Heather! I had to fix a couple of pages that were out of order so I don't know if you voted before then or not, it looks better now though
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I voted on PUL a couple of hours ago
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I've been working on it off and on the last couple of hours so if it looked like a mess that's why Thank you for voting!
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My votes are in. Your site looks really good btw.
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Originally Posted by Sabo View Post
My votes are in. Your site looks really good btw.
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I voted as well.
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I voted! Your site looks great. I need to contact you about some diapers for Kaija.

LWAB ~ Dahlia and Eavan are so cute together. She will be sad when he goes to school. I will have to entertain her more.

We're still not sleeping great here. Dahlia has been taking to waking in the middle of the night for an hour or so. Just rolling around the bed and then finally falls asleep again. I just can't sleep during that time so I am so tired.

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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I voted also. Something about poop colored diapers (brown, yellow, green, orange?) doesn't sit well with me. Brown started it and then once I thought about it, I am just being odd. Your site looks nice Katie.
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Mommajb - how else do you hide the stains? The inners will actually be a cream/natural color because that's all organic cotton velour comes in.

I added a gallery with pocket diapers for now. I will probably add others later on. I spoke with another web designer last night and I think she's the one I'm going to go with. She's done a lot of diaper sites and her style matches mine the best. Lucky for me she's only taking one more person for the summer/fall and that's me!

Liam slept better last night but I didn't. I keep having bad dreams and I think my stress is manifesting itself that way. Liam is very drooly and it appears that the top canines as well as the molars are pushing through, I will be interested to see which ones come in first. He hates it when I look in his mouth so I will probably never know until they're fully in.
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Katie, I voted Your site looks great!

RE: renn faire photos: thanks for all the compliments, mamas :
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Originally Posted by beemama View Post
We're on the more sleepless end of the spectrum today because Ruby is teething & nursing for comfort, occasionally sinking her teeth in PLUS she's really excited about her new mobility & can't nurse laying down w/out trying to crawl & take the whole thing to go. I feel like I'm nursing a puppy.
Nursing a puppy--isn't that the truth!!!!
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We need prayers. Dh finished a building last week and the jerk he was building it for is refusing to pay. I have been a wreck. We offered to settle. He has some problem with one of the seems, and NOTHING is wrong with it. Dh said he could sort of tell he was looking for a way to get out of it starting 2 weeks ago, but just looking for a nail here or a screw there. Nigel has built 10 buildings or more with nothing but applause, and this one is no different from those. But we NEED the money. Its $6300. He's already paid 2/3 of the price, but this is the one we call "profit"--the one we use to pay ourselves.

So, dh offered to cut $1000 off the price, just to get him to pay. And he still hasn't. I sent out letters today, certified, that said we charge interest on anything over 5 days late. I called a lawyer. Its crazy because we had cell phone info and stuff, but dh never got him to put his mailing address on the contract. I found it by doing a search and I found his landline phone number. But even if we file a lawsuit, they can only put a lien on his property which means we have to wait until he sells to get any money. I am terrified. Anyone know anything else we can do, besides pray?
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: & sending out justice vibes :
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Forestry ~ Oh that really sucks. I am sending all the good energy I can. : I really hope he gets his act together and pays for the work that was done.

I slept so badly last night. I had bad dreams (stress) and woke up with my back in spasm. It has been bad for the past few days and I have been getting it better by not slinging Dahlia but I did yesterday and it was bad again in the night. I had to get up and take advil and ice it.

I am so sick of not getting any sleep.

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Oh, Wendi! I am so sorry. I know how awful it is to be tired and then to add pain on top of it! What are you using for a sling? Someone asked earlier, and I forgot who, but I don't have time to look right now, what I was using in the pics. Its a bara barn shawl, and its the best thing ever. Its so much more comfy than any of the ringslings I've used!!! Its the only way I can wear Waylon right now, because he hates it on my back and wants to be on my hip but the RSs give me a back ache. And I have tendinitis in my elbow, so I HAVE to wear him, I can't carry him! The bara barn shawls are pretty reasonable and super grippy. I can even eek out a ruck with a know under his bum, and I'm a big mama!

And I called the jerk and he said he was sending a check. He wants to "talk with dh" though, so who knows what's up with that. Dh is willing to go the extra mile to make him happy but some people are never satisfied. Dh's self-esteem is way down, too. I'm so sad for him. But, he's on a job now and they are LOVING him, so hopefully things will look up!
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I use a hotsling to get her to sleep. What started the whole thing is that a stool got brought in from the garage to my computer and that hurt me before (which is why it was in the garage) but if it is there I will sit on it. That started the back pain and then slinging her several times a day was making it much worse. I was finally getting it under control and I slinged her again yesterday and it came back.

We just got an ergo carrier so now my dh can do some of the carrying when we go out places. I am also going to get Kaija to make him a pouch so he can get her down easier. We are not the same size at all so my pouch doesn't fit him. I can't really use a ring sling because it kills my shoulder.

I was in a really bad car accident when I was 17 so my back is just not normal in any way. That changed my life in so many ways.

I am so glad to hear he is going to pay you. Some people!
I am sorry your dh is struggling. My dh is having a really hard time right now and it sucks.

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s wendi, i had a really bad accident @ 23 that changed my life in so many ways(some good, but the back & ankle problems & PTSD reallly suck), as well ... sending lots of back soothing, sleep allowing vibes your way :

forestry~ : that the check makes it safely to you!

Sleep is really bad here, too... Ruby is still trying to crawl and bite while nursing down... so that's no fun.... but she wakes very easily and wants to get moving, she is so excited about her mobility.
strong coffee!!
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back issues - check
dh in a funk - check
baby with a requirement for ZERO sleep - check

I suppose it is nice to know I am not alone though I wish we were all doing better.

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