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good books for babies

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Hi there!

We haven't done much reading with her yet (7.5 months) because honestly she finds books frustrating if she can't chew on them constantly. I have a couple nice books that are cardboard but i want more. I want books that also have good messages in them, not just the standard "one two three" "cat dog mouse" "A B C" books.

anyone know anything that's the heavier paper (or baby chewing) and also has good messages (like about being healthy, happy, loved, on momma's boob etc)

thanks in advance!!
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I absolutely love My Little Miracle and On The Day You Were Born.

ds doesn't chew books yet and has such a long attention span that I just go to the picture book section of the library these days, but I sure would appreciate more suggestions and discussion about books for babies. I find myself quite picky about messages and themes.

I enjoy reading realistic nature and environmental awareness books to him and dislike anthropomorphized animal and toys-come-to-life type stories. My older kids could handle some fairly serious subject matter at younger ages than i expected if it was presented right and books provided a natural way to bring up a lot of tough subjects. i'm so excited about having another little one to read to!
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I'd love to know as well. I've always been an avid reader and would love to pass my love of reading along to my DD.
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I posted a thread about recs on baby books about 2 months ago here. Let me see if I can find it and post it here.

Big hits for my 7.5 months old has been those peekaboo books, like where's baby belly button by Karen Katz, Peek a who by Nina Laden. She also loves cloth/finger puppet books.
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the search function does not work and posting lists are not working either. Sorry..

hopefully, there are other mamas that will chime in here for recs.
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thanks everyone! this really helps!
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Here's a few of my DC's favs from that age. They are all board books:

But not the Hippopotamus
My first ABC board book
Brown Bear, Brown Bear
Polar Bear, Polar Bear
Goodnight Moon
Tumble Bumble
Peek a Who?
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Good Night Mr Moon Little Puppy (this is an absolute fave, from Parragon Publishing)
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Candy Canes (sloboder)
Daddy Kisses
Rainbow Fish Counting

We've had tons of favs, these are a few I was able to locate right now. . .the books end up all over our house. A few of these books have been read so much they are just falling apart, have teeth marks on the corners and edges, and a few have had to be replaced after so much wear. Another book both my kids have loved is a cloth book called Lullaby and Goodnight. The company that sells this book will replace any missing piece with no questions and we've had to take them up on that more than once. Even now, my kids (now 6 and 3) will still ask to read this book!
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We like a lot of Sandra Boynton books -- good rhyming, some repetition, and all board books.
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DD liked books with lots of contrast in the illustrations. Dan Yaccarino (sp?) in particular--lots of dark blues and yellows.
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Anything Eric Carle or Sandra Boyton are favorites in this house.
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