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July - it's a great month to be a Dingo!

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Welcome to the July running/wogging/forward motion thread. We have people at all levels here, so come and join us, whether you're thinking about running, just getting started, or have completed marathons and beyond!
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Race List

The race list is back in my hands this month. A big thank you to Poppy for keeping up with it while I was babymooning! :

PM me if you'd like me to add something for you!


Kitsune6 - Northwest Passage Relay - July 25 & 26
babybugmama - Picnic Run 8K - July 26
SugarandSun - NYC Half Marathon - July 27
nancy926 - Fairfax Egg Run 5K - August 2
JayGee - Indiana Downs Sprint Tri - August 3
kate~mom - Lehigh Valley Road Runners Summer Series 5K IV Allentown, PA - August 6
2babybees - Sylvania Tri (international distance) - August 10
mothercat - Sylvania Tri - Olympic distance Tri - August 10
Plady - Friday Harbor 8.8k Loop Run - August 16
tjsmama - Rattlesnake Olympic Tri - August 16
Megs_BK - WunderWoman Sprint Triathlon - August 17
JayGee - Accenture Chicago Triathlon (International Distance) - August 24
Megs_BK - Apple Capital Olympic Triathlon - August 24
Penelope - 5K - August 31
babybugmama - USAF Half Marathon - September 20
shantimama - toronto waterfront half-marathon September 28
Penelope - 10K - September 28
pumpkinseed - 10 miler - September
Naughty Dingo - Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon - October 5
nancy926 - Leaf Peepers Half Marathon - October 5
towsonmama - Baltimore Marathon - October 11
kerc - 10K - October 11
DrJen - Chicago Marathon - October 12
SugarAndSun - Steamtown Marathon - October 12
JayGee - Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon - November 1
its_our_family - 99th Annual Thanksgiving Day Race (Cincinnati) - November 27
HBM, mamabeth, & Mommabelle - Atlanta Half-Marathon - November 27

The Preggo Dingo List

VeganCupcake - Sept 2
muppet729 - Sept 9
Jenlove - mid-February

athansor - welcome baby Joshua! :
pumpkinseed - welcome baby G! :

And last but not least, we have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC username in the request so we know who you are.

We have a cooking blog, a knitting blog and a location map. Send me a PM to find out about and join those.
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Just posting away to my own thread here...

Actually I started posting this on the June thread before I realized that it was, in fact, July 1.

nancy926 - so sorry about your dog. Our dog has epilepsy but thankfully doesn't have seizures often enough to have to be on medicine. I know that your dog's seizures are glucose related, and also with the biting, this might not work, but there is an accupressure point that stops seizures. It is called Shen Men. What you do is basically fold the dog's ears over, inward, and pinch firmly. This has worked on our Labrador every time we catch her in the aura stage (the stage where they act weird beforehand), and shortened the duration of an actual seizure the one time she got into it before we saw it. Hope your dog does well on the Prednisone. Our dog is truly a medical Murphy's law, but she developed pancreatitis (a side effect of the pred) after being on it for a week or two - I don't want to freak you out worse but just keep an eye on your dog for any new signs or symptoms that you haven't noticed before.

drjen - I will happily keep your kids from killing each other while you run in OH. I realized a few days ago that I am not going to be able to run with anyone since I will only be on week 2 of c25k. So just call me the Dingo Nanny?

Mommabelle, for your friend. How did your visit go?

HBM, I will be thinking about you and mamabeth on Fri! The Peachtree has enough hills as it is without adding one at the end!!

OK, must go get G for a feeding. He had his 2 month well visit today and the boy tipped the scales at 14 lbs. 9 oz! He is 25 inches long. Clothes shopping is happening soon.

Forgot the RR: repeating week 1 of c25k, but I got out there for day 1 today!
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Just back in from a little trip to the beach with my girls and their playgroup. It was *so* fun. Imagine 9 girls 2.5 yrs to 8 yrs playing in the sand and freezing cold lake superior. Giggle galore. And four sets of parents loafing in the sand. It would only be better if there was a wait staff passing out free cold drinks .

We had to leave early because, get this, my advisor wanted to get my paper out tonight. Uhhh, you do realize it's now 2 pm and you haven't read anything since Jan 24th?. Ok, yeah, no problem. I'm there with bells on.
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drjen - I need to do 12, I'm in as long as kate~mom promises to go easy. Can we do it early though? I hate to leave dh with two spirited kids for too long in a non-home place.
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popping in to say hi, barely keeping up with reading the tread. trying to do as much mountain biking as possible while still handling all the work related stuff.

miss you guys.
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You can put my EDD as mid-February. I'll give you plenty to stalk from my due date club I am sure.

OT - Can I just mention how insanely hard it is to discuss/decide on names. I'm glad I have *months* left or I'd never be ready!
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eksmom - I'm doing the picnic run 8k July 26; and the USAF 1/2 marathon sept 20th.
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eksmom ~ can you take me off for the Indiana Downs Tri on August 3 and add me for the Indianapolis Monumental Half-Marathon on November 1 . Thanks!
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Race list (and preggo list ) updated to here.
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eks - you missed this one for me (1/2 marathon): http://www.usafmarathon.com/
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bbm - I'm all for 12 early Sat am (or Sun if you'd rather, but I have to drive home on Sun) But seriously, you both need to go easy on me! Y'all are much faster than me! I usually average over 10 min/miles on long runs.

RR - nothing today - I ran a little yesterday on my off day since Justin was running with the summer running club in a beautiful place. Today, I biked a little over 5 miles with dd behind and decided to call it cross training.

Can I vent about something? It really, really makes me nuts that I am the only mom in all of my freaking little town that makes her kids wear a bike helmet. As a result, my kids are literally the only kids I've ever seen in a helmet in this town. My middle 2 are constantly griping about "having" to wear a helmet, and what a hardship it is and how awful, and no one else's mom makes them, blah, blah, blah. Today we were going to ride to the baseball field to watch the league championship games and Justin and I ended up in big stupid debate about the helmet. I finally resorted to wear your helmet or I lock up your bike, and I hate resorting to ultimatums. Doesn't anyone else care if their kids' brains are safe?!
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Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
drjen - I need to do 12, I'm in as long as kate~mom promises to go easy. Can we do it early though? I hate to leave dh with two spirited kids for too long in a non-home place.
no worries - i haven't done 12 since boston :

racing tomorrow - woohoo - and i want to find a race for friday morning, too - i think there's a four miler. i think i'm doing a crazy trail half in august - and applications for the 50 opened today. please tell me not to do it - i really think i want to do it again. :
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I hear you on the bike helmets - I kvetch about this all. the. time. I hate seeing adults with their kids when the kids have helmets but the adults don't, too. What a great way to model the behavior you want from your kids. Sheesh.

I also worry about smallish kids riding their bikes alone on busy streets, but ymmv.
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am I not yoga material?

Just back from my 2nd beginner yoga class. Is it just me, maybe the instructor, maybe her choice of music? I just cannot enjoy the class.
I have tried getting there earlier so I have time to get centered, really worked at staying in the moment, etc. but just don't feel like it's working for me.

Some of the moves feel like I'm working some muscles and other stretches feel good. But, darn, I just find myself thinking about the rest of my training schedule and how good anything that really works muscles and increases my heart rate would be.

Is it just me?

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Mothercat -- it could TOTALLY be the teacher! I've had precisely ONE yoga instructor (not out of a huge sample population, but still...) that I felt I would warrior pose to the ends of the earth for... the rest have just been blah. I'd rather fall on my a$$ to a video in the privacy of my own home, thanks!

EKS -- I am doing the Apple Capital Olympic Triathlon on 24 August. Wooooot. With CherylAnn's husband as it turns out!

RR: 1300M in the pool today. Why do i keep starting in the ultra slow lanes, only to get frustrated and move to medium later? Sigh. I am NOT THAT SLOW! I'm not that fast, either, but there you go.
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drjen~I TOTALLY hear you on the bike helmet thing. Denver is totally bike crazy and it drives me nuts to see how many people are out there without them...usually with the family, too. Other bike-related stuff that drives me nuts...my kid is the ONLY one of our whole group of friends who wears his helmet in the Chariot (everybody else just gave up and haven't even tried again). HELLO, one of our friends FLIPPED her chariot last summer. MAKE YOUR KIDS WEAR THEIR &^&* HELMET. And the other one...I see tons of people riding down the road with their kids in the trailer and the screen flipped up over the top so their kids are totally exposed to whatever crap their bike tires kick back at them! :

kate~mom~ GO GO GO

In the continuing saga of the ceiling fan, after discussing with my friend's handy DIY'er hubby today, we decided that the screws that I was sure were the mounting screws, are not, in fact, even though they look just like the picture in the frickin-frackin instructions. Worst. Instructions. Ever. Seriously, I know technical writing was a major at my college, do they not employ those people to write these things? Why would you include a parts guide with part numbers for each different screw AND names, and then not tell you which part number you're supposed to use in the instructions? OR use the same name that you call it on the part guide??? Blork. Anyway, after more frustration and some serious cursing, the ceiling fan is hung. And it works. I hate the light (not the look of it, the actual light that it provides), but that doesn't matter. And it seems kind of wobbly when it's running. I'm not worried about it falling or anything, but I think I'll avoid high speed until I get the time and/or inclination to try and take the stoopid thing back apart to see if I can balance it better.

My knee is still a little sore today, but better, mostly just stiff. Dr. said I can go to track in the morning, so I think I'm going to give it a try, just probably do the easy/pre-race workout and see how it feels. Must get back into training. Yesterday!

ETA: The fan ran all night at medium speed and didn't fall on me, so that's a good sign, right?!
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Total insomnia tonight!

The bike ride with the kids was fun today. (We all had helmets!) At first my ds was pretty slow. I thought it was his bike and was thinking I needed to get him a bigger one, well it turns out he was just getting used to riding on the boardwalk, because once he got going he was flying and I was struggling to keep up with a 6 year old!

My SIL lives in an area where all the kids ride their bikes to school. None of the children wear helmets. My nephew refuses to ride his bike to school because she makes him wear one and he feels very uncool and thinks she's mean!
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OK dingos, can you read my thread about DH and give me your perspective before I talk to him. :

On yoga... all yoga is so different. I love Ashtanga and have a hard time spending my money or time on anything else.

On helmets... around here it is the rich and ppor who do not wear helmets. I am in the god ol' Hamptons. The Latino population never wears helmets and the super rich, I'm riding my cruiser through town never wear helmets. This reminds me... DH needs a new helmet. His is actually cracked!
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mothercat ~ I've done yoga a few times myself, and I always think I should love it, but it feels like torture to me. So slow... and deliberate... and NOT my personality! I'm going to try again in the fall, because I know it's good for me and my flexibility though.

Helmets ~ most of the kids in the neighborhood wear helmets here, except for one girl and her brother. The other day I overheard DS asking her why she doesn't wear a helmet and how stupid it was to ride without one .

kate~mom - Have a GREAT race!!!!!!!

Today is a "double" with an hour in the pool this morning, and 20 miles on the bike this evening. I'm going to be good and tired by bedtime.
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