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Originally Posted by Geofizz View Post
I bet no one else saw it and thought -- what a great observation for my moon assignment. Then thought, how pathetic, I'm not even teaching that class right now.
I had that moon assignment 12 years ago and I still think of it every single time I see the moon, though I didn't see it on Friday. Our fireworks started at 10:30 btw

Yeah Mandy - Maybe a preg test and then a check-up if that doesn't clear up the mystery?

Jobvibes : to KercDH
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Morning dingos!

It has been a a great weekend here. My kiddos had a great time at the party. I'm thrilled to have it all over and done with. Little R has had a great time with her new gifts. She loves baby dolls. Its so sweet! I'll get picts up on the blog soon.

I have been getting all of my scheduled runs in which feels great. I'm trying to get away from running with the jogger. The jogger just slows me down so much and turns my run ino drudgery. I have been getting up early and having oldest dd get into bed with R while I get my run taken care of. It has been nice.

I'll check back later!
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morning y'all! wow, po7, is R already a year???? that is crazy. Happy Birthday, baby girl!

I got out for 4.7 this morning and when I came in dd said, "mommy, did it rain?" I was pouring, more so than usual I guess. Just under 10 min mile and felt kinda sluggish still from the weekend. But I'm excited about my trip...I leave on Thurs and hopefully (if I can find a buddy) I get to trail run in SLC on Friday! does anybody know how to get in touch with monikita? I just have some questions for her....

have a good day mamas!
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Hi Dingos,

I haven't posted in ages but I read all the time.

So I have amazed myself by running 2-4 mornings a week. I was really concerned about my ability to become a morning runner.

Things have been going well until today when I FELL

I am really not in to much pain. Only one person saw me There was a loose piece of sidewalk (i usually run in the street)

Do I need to be worried about this. I remember falling once in college and probably did in years aftet that. I am not the most coordinated person! I am planning on getting out on Wed. Thurday we leave for Maine. I am hoping for a couple of runs out there. We will be staying near the home of Joan Benoit Sammuelson (sp)

A good day to all!
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Hey all!! quick post as ds2 is chatting in my ear ABOUT THE CAMPING TRIP!!::: Can't wait to see you all!!

Eksmom~ can I tag along in your C25K group? I have not been running much due to fatigue, burn on my back, a cold, etc. I'd love to have some running buddies! should I bring water this time. he he!

Okay, J has asked me 8 times how many days until we go camping, so I better get off here and tend to a very excited kid. maybe I should start our camping lists and do laundry to pack.

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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
morning y'all! wow, po7, is R already a year???? that is crazy. Happy Birthday, baby girl!
She turns one on the 20th. Two of my otherkids also have July b-days on the 1st and the 14th.....so we just had a big b-day party for all of them on the 4th with family and everything.

It is crazy though. I can't believe how fast this year went. She really is a toddler now....not much of a baby anymore. She has her own personality and some serious likes and dislikes. She knows how to get what she wants and she tells you what she doen't want too. (she has that little no-no head shake down pat)

Well, my 5 miles is finished for the day....it was nice.
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Hugs to everybody!

Modmom..I think I'm going to have to start a few morning runs come August! YIKES! I'm complelty incoherent in the morning!

MB...hope you have a great trip!

cali..I didn't watch the mens final! It sounded amazing though!

I have been watching the olympic trials. I feel like it's giving me a workout just watching these amazing people!

My weight is stuck, so I'm hitting up Fit Day for a few weeks to get it going again. I've never done Spark People, but I'm looking around there too. Just mixing it up to keep it interesting.

Heading out for a bike ride with kiddos in a bit. Will do a small treadmill run in the afternoon.
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Got my run in already, woohoo! I did 4 with the chariot and dog. Man, the first two miles hurt, though. I don't know what it is lately, but my legs just feel like lead since we got back from Ohio. I barely managed a 10 minute pace this morning, when before our trip, even with the chariot, I was getting closer to 9. Ugh. I don't know if it's burnout, my knee bothering me, or what, but I don't like it. It's going to take me 6 hours to finish my oly at this rate!

It's finally cooled off a bit today, so I think DS and I will take advantage of the cool, overcast weather to go to the zoo! Mr. Whiney is on my last nerve right now, so we need to get out of the house pronto.
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Happy Birthday to Po7's 3 July babies!!!

Mamabeth, she posts on Ravelry. I'll go tell her she's being paged.

modmom, I'm notorious for falling. I have some funny falling stories, even. Unless you've actually injured something, you should be fine. You say you aren't hurting too badly, but where are you hurting? Only once did one of my falls result in a more serious injury, but it took a few hours for the pain to really set in. Keep an eye on it, maybe use ice?

kerc, good luck to your dh!!!

I'm trying to figure out how long multi-quotes stick in the system. It seemed like they used to stay for days. Now I think they clear after a certain number of hours. Consequently, I've lost the things I was going to respond to from yesterday.

Sophia and I were going to do a 2-3 mile run this morning, but we had two little girls spend the night last night and Naomi is off babysitting other people's kids, so we have to stay home for now. It's getting hot fast! I'm waiting for the fedex person to arrive with my new computer, too!!! : Dh's work computer completely died over the weekend and mine runs out of RAM just about every time I look at it (not to mention a myriad of other time wasting issues), so we used a little windfall to buy a new one. He gets a new one from work today, too. So, this week will be spent transferring files, uploading software, etc. Oh joy. Dh, who sells internet software (and very successfully, too, which is a mystery to all, including his bosse.), is not a bit computer savvy, so I'll get to set up his new laptop for him. Oh well. It's a small price to pay for a faster new computer! Woohoo!
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Thanks CherylAnn, It's good to know I'm not alone!
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tjsmama- are you in Denver???

I'm going to be up there for a few days next week....
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hello dingos!
Just popping on here to say hello to all of you! G is almost 5 weeks old! I can't believe how quick it is going this time around. I have been EBF this whole time Lots of latch correcting and visits to the LC but so far, so good. Which is great news for us if any of you remember all of the problems surrounding K's birth.

She does have reflux though-but mainly at night- its the wheezing/gurgling thing that is going on-not good-we aren't getting much sleep and I have been trying to research everything possible on it so we don't have to go on meds. My dh who does not function well with sleep deprivation wants to put her on meds-I am not so sure-I would like to try other means first. Anyone been through this? I have heard probiotics really help-I have started taking them for myself and I know that I can put some on my boob when she bf-but how often would I do this? Anyone know?

Besides the reflux-everything is going well and she is chunking up At 4 weeks she was up to K's birthweight and length-crazy that she was that much smaller than her big sister.

Speaking of big sister-she is starting to have some issues. I knew they would come...she is SOOOOOO disrespectful-mainly to me-big surprise. I have tried talking to her and letting her know that she can talk to me about how she is feeling-about how she might be confused because she is so excited to have her little sister here but that she is "taking up" so much of my time right now. Its so hard-because I feel the behavior absolutely needs to be corrected-but I know why she is doing it. The talking isn't helping (neither is the screaming) My SIL was up last week with her daughter-and now K is also whining constantly-which drives me batty. I am trying to stay calm-but I am losing it I am feeling good though-just battling the reflux and K

Hope everyone is staying cool this summer. My dh signed us up for a 10 miler in September while I was still pregnant-to give me something to "train for"-um-not sure if that is going to happen-I still don't have the clearance to run yet from my doctors with everything that happened to me. We will see. I will look up the date for you, Eksmom so you can put it on the calendar.
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Pumpkinseed, it's great to see you! Is there anyplace we can see pics of Baby G? Good luck with the reflux... EK had it and we put her on Zantac because we didn't know there were alternatives. Glad G is gaining and growing and congrats on the EBF!. I hope K settles in soon... it is so tough to find the balance w/ 2. I wish I knew of a magic bullet to help you with her. I was surprised at some of the things EK assumed that were just flat out wrong, like that now that Griffin was here and because of BF he had to be with me 100% of the time. Keep working at it, it will get easier!

Goodness y'all, it is nuts around here. I am reading along and posting in my head but I never seem to have the hands or time to type those posts out.

I do have a little RR: finished week 1 of c25k. Was supposed to do day 1 of week 2 today but have had too many other things on the agenda (work, bell practice) so it may have to happen tomorrow.

RM and Balancin1, if you want to run week 2 with me while camping I'd love it! Maybe we should all bring water!!
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Originally Posted by calicocj View Post
tjsmama- are you in Denver???

I'm going to be up there for a few days next week....
YES! What part of town will you be in, and will you have time to meet up? I should be pretty open next week, tapering and all. We have tumbling class on Tuesday morning, but that's the only thing on my schedule as of right now! :
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Hi Dingos,

Lurker here. I'm easing back into running (jogging more like it!) and for the past 3 months have been averaging 4 miles a run. I've had issues with my right knee and was diagnosed with Patella Femoral Syndrome and even got PT/steroids. That was 2 years ago and was greatly alleviated by losing weight (from 205 to 155). Then I had a baby and I'm struggling now at 180. The running is helping shed the pounds but a) I'm still moving slowly at about 5.4 mph and b) the knee pain has come back to haunt me.

I feel less pain on the treadmill than outdoors but even on the treadmill, it takes a good 15-20 minutes for the pain to subside. Any suggestions? I recently got new shoes about 2 weeks ago and I've been focusing on running indoors. I'm interested in doing a 5k in a month but I'm a bit hesitant due to the knee issues.

Any suggestions oh sage ones? I'm looking to get faster so that I can complete the 5k in under 35 minutes and to obviously lessen the knee pain. TIA!
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Originally Posted by tjsmama View Post
YES! What part of town will you be in, and will you have time to meet up? I should be pretty open next week, tapering and all. We have tumbling class on Tuesday morning, but that's the only thing on my schedule as of right now! :
Awesome It would be so great to meet up!! I actually don't know my schedule yet, it's something that has just come up for work, but I think I will be there Mon thru Weds or Tues thru Thurs and I think staying here and working at the Denver Center... I will pm you as soon as I know any details!!! :

pseed - DD had a lot of reflux, gas, and sleeping issues, I just wanted to send you a huge . I'd definitely try probiotics, I think L acidophilus and B bacterium are supposed to be good for babies, I'd probably start at 1x per day for a couple days and then work up to more frequently, maybe 3x per day... Also, have you tried any block feeding or anything like that?

ETA: hi doublesnap! I'm sure the PT dingos will have good advice for you! I'd just say it is probably not good to run through the pain if it is chronic - maybe start back up w/ less mileage and incorporate some walk breaks (like couch to 5K program), and also do stuff to strengthen your quads up!! Good luck!
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what a day.

daycare was closed today, so I tried to work from home. Our home internet went off because the ISP made some changes. I couldn't figure it out because i was crazed because I realized that our website was offline and our email was totally down. We went to the shop for internet and to work through the problems - which was taking forever. than my boss calls to tell me he's leaving the company. my boss is awesome. the best part of my job and I'm crushed that he's leaving.

website is back up. so is email. but i'm thrashed. thinking about attempting a short bike ride this evening, but not sure if my lungs/heart are okay. today i feel like i was kicked in the chest. not bad, but still.
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Pumpkinseed, I'm glad things are going well even if they're not great. The big sister adjustment is just that: an adjustment. Grin and bear it and wait for it to pass. We got a lot of mileage from setting aside just a little one-on-one time with DD. On the reflux, we got rid of 90% of it by removing dairy from my diet. It took all dairy out (no cheating!), and saw a night-and-day difference after about 6 days. It's like it just turned off.

I'll be joining the c25k or sub 5k group this weekend :
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now I am very sad to be not going to OH.

but I hope you all have such a great trip!
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MY DDDDDDDDC IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was there for something like 2 years....... RIP, awesome DDDC, live on, on my dingo shirt.
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