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knitting needles are not a problem.

I'm here in Santa Barbara living up the weather, no kids, and physics. My kids are having a blast with their grandparents and evidently haven't missed us.
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It was nice at MB's cute little church! I enjoyed the ride over there and the sermon was good too!

I just signed the lease agreement for my renters...the guy is a runner!!!

The lease/purchase people were fishy so we just decided to go for the renters and their agent says they might want to buy once they sell their other house.
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Geofizz ~ I'm jealous! Enjoy .

Mamabelle ~ how cool that you got to check out MB's church. And glad to hear you got a renter.

CathToria ~ maybe we're both wierd, but I always have the BEST workouts just before AF arrives. Of course, I feel like crap around ovulation, so who knows.....

It's only 9:25pm, but I'm going to bed. Of course, I must finish my glass o' wine first . Tomorrow I take the two "big ones" to camp and then have a 7 miler with the jogger planned. We run by a riding stable, so DD2 is very excited to see her beloved "neigh-neighs"!
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Happy and safe travels to your dd DrJen!

Ds wouldn't nurse to sleep tonight He just kinda played around but wouldn't actually latch. I barely produce any milk when I pump at work these days. He's just not that interested. I'm kinda sad b/c dd atleast went to 2 1/2, but he definitely won't if he keeps this up.

CathToria - not that far advanced, but I often have a really great run the day before or the day of (if I'm not cramping badly) AF.

Umm Tjsmama I think I am in that "older" category Have fun on your date!
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Hi Dingos! I am so jealous of all the run reports! It sounds like FUN! And I get my burst of energy on day 1 of AF (yesterday), so I am hurting for a run. I started just winding down on runs, and then I had a weekend of painting upstairs, so I pretty much ended up not running at all for days and days. Really want to now, but I think I will just do core stuff this AM and pack running clothes in the hope I get out of the office early enough to do a run/walk before getting the kids. It's hot, so I can take the running pressure off and just focus on forward motion. The hip stuff still hurts, but I have been wearing flat shoes when possible (wish I could wear Birks to work) and I'm stretching and using ibuprofen. It will get better. I am trying to focus on not overeating in the meantime, knowing that if I can control my weight while not running, I'll pick up again on losing when I can run again.

Whoever said the bonk may have been weight loss-related I think was on to something. When I am seriously losing weight (at a whopping rate of 1 pound a week ), I get faint a lot. Like, picking vegetables in the garden, hanging laundry, etc. And if I run 6+ without being very careful about both fuel and hydration/electrolytes, my day is toast. It can be a very fine line.

Meeting Reb for lunch tomorrow, so I am pretty excited about that. Also, dh finally admitted that he has not figured out anything logistically for his trip. I have to take next Tues off to drive him to O'Hare. Which means I need to find childcare. Hoping my dad can pick the kids up after work, or my mom can just spend the day with them.

We harvested honey from the hive last week. : : Deee-licious. We also...um...harvested...our two steers while I was away at a friend's wedding. *sniff* I miss their gorgeous faces and they truly were the friendliest, sweetest (naughtiest) guys. And now we have a freezer full of grass-fed beef. It is very different from the corn-fed stuff. A totally different experience. We like it. Intense.

Oh, and the painting. You guys, I know I am totally worn and strung out by all the work we're doing on house and farm (Plady, you feel me?), but I have to tell you, I was painting our new bedroom upstairs and I just had this incredible feeling of hope and accomplishment, and I realized that when we do have the upstairs bedrooms done, and then once the bath up there is put in, this place really will be like living in a b&b. I love the colors I chose, and I love looking out to the barn, and the yard full of chickens. All of it. I belong here. I can see that I am building something I really want, too. I am going to have my own office/studio/workout space, and it won't be long before I will be able to choose whether I really want to work FT out of the house. Pieces are beginning to fit together. If I can just hang in there. It will be beautiful, and home to a Dingo meetup.
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Jo, I'm so there, I may not want to leave. I promise to pitch in with what ever you need done. Okay, maybe not poop scoop though. How soon before Dingo meet up there????? :
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Jo, I cannot imagine just HOW strung out and tired you are, but it's amazing that it's coming together like that! you are totally inspiring to me. And I am THERE for that meetup!

I am going to the doctor today....this cough is so far down in my chest and I'm wheezing still. It's been nine days. I am scratching the race I was going to do on Saturday (neighborhood 10K) but hopefully I'll be well enough to run with dd, she is doing the 1 mile in her NEW running shoes. plus dh is going out of town Thursday through Sunday, so I really really want to be on the road to wellness!

anybody have any recs for chick movies?
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Jo, I am always in awe of you and the amount of sheer WORK you get accomplished in a day. I'll be there for a meetup at your farm any day!

mamabeth ~ I hope the doctor can figure out your cough and make it go away. Feel better soon .

BBM ~ I'm in an "older" AG too! Love actually being in the running to place

I just got back from 7 miles with the jogger. DD2 isn't enjoying our runs as much as she used to, I'm afraid. We had to stop at the minimarket on our way and get some M&Ms to keep her occupied : and she talked the ENTIRE 70 minutes I was out there and repeated every statement until she got an answer from her huffing and puffing Mama. Sigh.... Still, it was a very nice run.

I think the weight loss may be the culprit regarding my lack of energy. I'm so close to my goal weight, but ugh..... I will try raising my calories to the top of the recommended range for weight loss and see if I can regain some energy.
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Goin' for a ride:
M 5.6 Chino hills earthquake. 11:42 am.
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Hi, y'all. Been absent again, but did just read the last page of this thread. Seems that I probably missed a lot.

Still no forward motion, but at least I think about it from time to time. My sister and I are tentatively planning a bike trip across PA next summer, which means at some point not to far from now, I need to get back to exercise.

I am one of the strange ones who seems to have reverse SAD, and this summer I have been battling the blues. It isn't as bad as previous summers, but still not fun. I just added a med to my regimen, so I am hoping that will help.

Hopefully I can keep up a little better than I have been, but know that I have been thinking of all of you!
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Originally Posted by moonshine View Post
Hi, y'all. Been absent again, but did just read the last page of this thread. Seems that I probably missed a lot.
welcome back! :
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RR: ran around 3.5 on the TM, and guess what. the "new to me" TM shut down on me!!!!!!!!!! what is it with that?? It felt really good though, only wish I could have gone longer.

Food: I think I may have a dairy allergy, but not sure. I seem to get really bloated and gassy when I drink lactose free milk and eat yogurt. Not sure if it's milk or lactose now. Keeping track of food for a little to see.

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moonshine! Good to "see" ya again!
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Hi all!
I have lost this thread again, but did read the last page. I have NO energy around AF; yesterday was day 1 and I didn't bother going running. Today was day 2 and I went, but only b/c it had been 4 days. Very slow, don't even want to know how slow. But better than sitting for 42 minutes.

I'm keeping up w/the running short distances (3-4 miles) but haven't gone 6 or more in several weeks. Low motivation combined with summer activity, I guess. I am planning on 6 for this weekend.

My little baby DD turns 3 in less than two weeks. How can that be???

Runningmommy - you could be lactose intolerant. Apparently it happens to a lot of us as adults, even if we could handle dairy just fine as kids. I hope you figure it out!
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RM, sorry about that! I don't drink cow's milk anymore at all, not even on my cereal, and I (try to) limit cheese too. Ice cream really bothers me.

I went to the doc and I don't have pneumonia or anything, just a bacterial infection like a few years ago. So I got some light abx and steroids, kind of what I was expecting, although I hate to take 'em. But this cough is just grody. Remember that word? hoping to feel better in a few days. thanks for your concern mamas.
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My kids are driving me so even though I have to run 6 miles at 6 a.m. I'm getting ready to pour myself a glass of wine--a BIG glass of wine. Take that into account when you read any other post I may write tonight!

mb~Ha! I haven't heard "grody" in years! Great use of it! That should earn extra scrabble points.
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Grody to the MAX!!!!

towsonmama ~ I've got a glass of merlot on deck for the very moment my three are in bed too. Yes, it's been that kind of day.
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so, I'm NOT having glass of wine because of aforementioned meds, but I do have some chocolate chip cookies on deck (PMS, here she comes)

But I had an interesting thing happen with dd tonight...I have suspected for quite a while that she has some sensory issues, gets overloaded easily, tantrums, etc, and tonight she would NOT go to sleep despite backrubs, etc and was SO obviously tired. She had been sleeping in her sleeping bag on the floor and wanted to sleep in it again and I asked her why, and she said, "because I can't get out of it." (as in, wrapped up in it) interesting.....
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We have been having some fierce storms here. Last night, I woke up and I was actually scared and so very bravely I pulled the covers over my head!

I went to clean the old house today so the renters can move in!!!:

Next week I start work! YIKES! It's only 20 hours next week and my Mom is watching the kids for me.

I was supposed to run 2 miles today, but I was cleaing the other house and actually feeling like I had a sore throat and AF is supposed to show up tomorrow. I will have to run it tomorrow though.

I had a glass of wine tonight too!

mb..feel better soon!

moonshine...good to see you!

jooj..love to see your farm one day!
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Originally Posted by mamabeth View Post
She had been sleeping in her sleeping bag on the floor and wanted to sleep in it again and I asked her why, and she said, "because I can't get out of it." (as in, wrapped up in it) interesting.....
When my middle dd could not settle herself down to fall asleep, dh (who was putting them to bed b/c I was nursing Eliz) would ask her, "Do you want me to hold your arms?", and he woudl hold both of her wrists in one of his hands while snuggling her, and this woudl allow her body to be still so she could go to sleep. (Done with her permission, BTW in case it doesn't sound right, LOl)
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