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Where do you hang out?

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I believe we did one of these threads early on, but I'm sure it might have changed for some..

So, for the purpose of friendly stalking when we leave here, what other MDC boards do you frequent, and what tribes are you a part of?
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I like the Gentle Discipline and Child-Led Weaning boards
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I read LWAB threads and my "local" board (Florida/Georgia/Alabama)
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I'm all over, completely random... though without my New Posts button I've been mostly on Parenting Issues and the sub boards in there.
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TAO is where I post a lot but I also frequent life with a babe and breastfeeding...but I'm usually all over.
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The vaccination board - I check regularly.
everywhere else - as needed for me!
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I go all over, but right now, I spend a lot of time in Politics, News & Current Events, and the MO/IL/IA tribal area.
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I bounce all over the place; LWAB, breastfeeding, natural body care, frugality and finances. Whatever my mood is when LO is up at 4am!
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i haven't been online as much lately, so i have mostly just been on the EC and Babywearing forums. but i do pop in all over the place when i have time.
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Boards I check regularly are:

Parenting Issues
Childhood Years
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Unassisted Childbirth

MDC Swaps

MDC Co-ops

Sew, Serge, Embroider

Frugality & Finances


As needed:


Learning at Home

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mostly LWAB and TAO here but I'm all over the place too..
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Tao, Lwab, Bf'ing
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