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praise for yummy hospital birth

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I just wanted to share with you all what a hugely POSITIVE experience my hospital birth was! I initially wanted a home birth, but DH was really uncomfortable with the idea. There were a few things that happened that I would have liked to have avoided, like how quickly the doc (not my OB) cut the cord, but overall, things went very well!

Anyhow, I laboured for 7 hours and most of that time was spent in a rocking chair or in the shower. I had WONDERFUL nurses who dried my feet and put slippers on them for me, helped DH massage my back, spoke quietly and TOTALLY respected my birth plan. At 4:57 there was a howling baby boy on my chest! The cord was cut, they laid a blanket over him, the doc sewed me up, and then EVERYONE left.

DH, my Mother ad I were left alone in the delivery room to admire and get to know my son after the nurses helped me get him latched on. About an hour and a half later, the nurse, who had been with me throughout the whole delivery, came in to ask if she could weigh and measure the babe and diaper him. She said that if it was too soon, she could come back later. She then helped me into the shower (while DH held babe), helped me pee , dried me off and put me into my slippers and gown. She came back later that night (9ish?) to bathe DS, who never left my side for a moment during my 2 day hospital stay. They were SOooooooooo supportive of my breastfeeding! Never was I asked if DS was to be circumcized. No drugs, no episiotomy! When i had trouble getting DS latched, I had 2 nurses holding and massaging my boob while showing me the proper way to 'latch him'.

I'd love to have a home birth the next time around, but I have to say that this hospital birth experience was as wonderful as a hospital birth can get!
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Posts like this make me feel positive about a hospital birth. I am so glad that you had such a rewarding experience with hospital staff that was so supportive.

I want a home birth, but DH is not comfortable with it. I'm hoping our hospital birth experience is as positive as yours was; maybe then I'll be able to convince DH to have a home birth next time round.

Congratulations on the birth of your DS!
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DS is almost 14 mos now , but I'll still say thanks for the congrats!

Congratulations to you, Mama. Number 1 hey? Too exciting!! I hope you have the best labour and delivery EVER!! I don't regret my hospital birth at all. I'd have loved to have been in my own bed...but I was waited on hand and foot!

Big picture: It doesn't really matter as long as you get a healthy baby to show for it right?

Best of luck to you Mama, and best wishes for a happy hospital birth. It can be done!
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Even though I am a homebirther, I do hear soooo many stories about great hospital births like yours and am so happy. It seems like hospitals are becomming much more baby/mama friendly these days!
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I just want to say that I too have had to hospital births, one good and one great. DD birth in the hospital was just perfect, our doula even commented that, it was the most natural close to homebirth she'd ever seen in the hospital. We had a great waterbirth, it was everything we wanted.
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Thanks for sharing! This illustrates the fact that it's not where you birth, but who you're birthing with that makes all the difference! It's wonderful that you had such caring providers!
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That's the best hospital birth story I've ever heard! That's wonderful, I'm encouraged to hear that there are places like that out there.
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Just wanted to say thanks for all of the positivve feedback !

An aquaintance of mine gave birth at this hospital as well, and went in DEAD set against breast feeding. She even brought her own formula to the hospital. Her little girl is now 10 mos and still bf'ing. Everyone there REALLY encourages bfing. It's a great place!!!
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Makes me want to relive my hospital birth!
SO happy you have a great, inspiring story!
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That's awesome! I had a hospital waterbirth and I couldn't be happier with how everything went. It is possible to have a good hospital experience!
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What a wonderful hospital birth - I was enjoying such a positive birth story and looked over to see the poster. I was so excited to see "Nova Scotia, Canada" in the side bar. I'm a fellow Bluenoser - but living all the way down in Arizona.

Where are you in NS? So wonderful to meet an MDC mama from my home turf!

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I had a very similar positive hospital birth for our second child. Our first was a horrific tale that I won't get into--but the second was picture perfect and I THE BEST labor and delivery nurses ever. What a wonderful memory that is
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I sent you a pm. Bluenosers rock! We're currently in the valley (wolfville) but I'm from the eastern shore. Where are you from?
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Hey pumpkinhead !!!!

I am also from the eastern shore !!! I live in Halifax now. I am sending you a pm.

I think we gave birth at the same hospital, and I have to agree that it was a fabulous experience in all. The nurses were amazing ! Breastfeeding has been a totally positive experience as a result.
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Ahhh...it's like old home week around here. Does this desert bound girl a whole lot of good to see that there are MDC Mamas from my neck of the woods around here! I'm feeling a tad homesick just thinking about it!

Zipworth: I hear Halifax looks pretty bad now, it almost makes me glad I wasn't there to see my birth city get ripped to shreds by the storm. How are things at this point, has much of the damage been repaired?

Pumpkinhead: Am I right to say that the valley has a fairly solid midwifery/homebirthing community as well? I think I remember someone telling me that - but I could be imagining things.

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I tentatively looked into a homebirth, and it seems that the midwife community is pretty strong here. Homebirths are still, very much, in the minority but I do know that they are availible around here. It wasn't that long ago that it was illegal for a midwife to 'offer' a home birth to a clent, so we've come a looooooong way! Certified nurse midwifes are becoming more and more common-place in the local hospitals as well. HUGE progress!


Whereabouts are you from on the eastern shore? Yea! More Bluenosers!!
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