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One Hour Glucose Screen: what to eat?

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I have my one hour Glucose Screening tomorrow a.m. and was wondering what would be best to eat for breakfast to keep my energy up/not feel nauseated (sometimes I feel sick when getting a blood draw and I never drink sugary drinks like sodas so I am nervous).
I read on a thread here somewhere that bacon, eggs and sprouted wheat toast is good for a mix of protein, fats and starch. Is this ok? Or should I eat something else?
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That sounds like a good breakfast to me! Sounds very well rounded
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I've always been told to fast for 12 hours before.
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Originally Posted by Tiger Lily View Post
I've always been told to fast for 12 hours before.
Unfortunately some docs make you fast before the one hour which sucks b/c it isn't necessary. Thankfully, the docs/midwifes at UCLA do not.
I called to check it out with the OB Coordinator to doubly make sure (so I wouldn't have to do it twice) since some mamas like you say they had to fast and she assured me no fast is required for the one hour and I also did some Googling and found that labs don't require a fast for the one hour.
The three hour does requires a fast.
I am gonna eat scrambled eggs and sprouted whole wheat toast with some tea and let's hope it bodes well for me. *knocks on wood*
Here is some info I got from Just Mommies in case anyone else is still having to do the test:
One hour Glucose Tolerance Test
For the one hour glucose tolerance test no fasting is required. When you arrive to the office, you will receive 50 gm of a high glucose solution. You will usually be offered several different flavor options, such as, lemon/lime, cola, and orange. You should consume the entire beverage within 5 minutes. You should be aware that the glucose solution is very sweet and many women will feel nauseous after drinking it. The nurse will record the time the glucose beverage was given and return in one hour to draw a blood sample. If you should feel symptoms of hypoglycemia, such as dizziness, weakness, sweating, or hunger at any time during the test please inform the nurse.
Three hour Glucose Tolerance Test
The three hour glucose tolerance test is is similar to the one hour test with a few distinctions. You should be instructed to maintain a high carbohydrate diet for three days prior to testing. This should be followed by fasting for 10-16 hours. It will be easiest for the pregnant women to eat her dinner meal before 7 pm and fast until morning. Plan to arrive at the doctor's office or lab between 7:00 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. to avoid prolonged fasting. When you arrive for the test, the nurse will draw your blood and collect a urine sample. She will then give you a 100 gm glucose solution. She will record the time and return to collect blood and urine samples at 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, and 3 hours for a total of 5 blood and urine samples. You will not be able to eat or drink anything except for water throughout the duration of the test. You should be encouraged to drink water, however, because frequent urine samples will be needed.
I thought this post from a mama on another board was fitting as to how inane this test is :
I failed my one hour test with my first pregnancy and passed the 3 hour test.

In my humble opinion, the test is not very accurate and I'll tell you why.

I remember going in to the lab in the morning and there were two other pregnant women there taking the 1 hour glucose test.

I was told to eat a meal 1 hour before I went in for the test.
One lady was told not to eat after 8pm the night before.
One lady was told she could have breakfast, but no food 3 hours before the test.

Same test. 3 different instructions. We all looked at eachother like, "huh?" What's the deal?

Obviously when and what you eat will have an effect on the test.

Plus, if you were told to fast after dinner the night before and not eat breakfast, then what is the test really going to show? How you do when you're starving yourself? That's not reality.
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I have heard this test referred to as a glucose challenge test. It sounds screwy that there is so little consistency with the instructions! I was told to eat 50g sugar, either the yucky flavored drink or a breakfast of 2 slices toast, 2 eggs, 8 oz milk and 8 oz juice one hour before the visit. I have to take the test in the afternoon, so I was told not to fast that day, but eat a breakfast low in sugar, and then nothing sweet until the 50g of sugar one hour before.

I have heard that a good alternative source of 50g sugar is Odwalla's Vit C Monster smoothie. I would rather drink that than the glucose drink or the breakfast-meal-for-lunch. My DH is type 1 diabetic, so I understand the timing of the test. Plus I have occasionally tested my own blood sugar at home with his meter, and since it is always in the normal range I am not worried about 'failing' this test. My test is tomorrow, so we will see!
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Good luck Jen!

I actually just got my results today and I passed the one hour!
I ended up eating scrambled eggs, bacon with sprouted whole wheat toast and a cup of tea.
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It sounds like you guys had your tests in the am. My blood wasn't drawn until 5:45 at night, so I just tried to eat normally throughout the day. I tried not to eat too many sweets and to drink a lot of water.

I passed the 1 hour so I must have done something right.
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my test is tomorrow morning - I have been peeing glucose for the past 2 midwife appts, so of course I'm totally nervous I'm going to fail the test.
I feel so healthy with this pregnancy and am really frustrated to have to do this - its like searching for something to worry about. But of course if there IS something wrong, I want to find out, i just hate all these tests, and this one seems pretty gross - having to drink that awful sounding stuff.

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so, to my HUGE relief I "passed" this test - blood sugar level was 82 after drinking the glucola.

So, I ate an egg & cheese sandwich on whole grain bread and drank about 48 oz of water before the test. I seriously think the high protein breakfast helped (normally I eat cereal). Even if it didn't help pass the test, it most certainly helped prevent me from throwing up after drinking that god awful stuff.
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Congrats rozziemama! That is wonderful news!
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I was told to have some protein, complex carbs and juice. I can't remember how much of each, but eat it 2 hours before my test. I hope I do okay. You all have me so nervous!! I did the sugary drink with my frist and no test with my 2nd. I don't even understand why I am doing this. . .
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Originally Posted by CindyCindy View Post
I was told to have some protein, complex carbs and juice. I can't remember how much of each, but eat it 2 hours before my test. I hope I do okay. You all have me so nervous!! I did the sugary drink with my frist and no test with my 2nd. I don't even understand why I am doing this. . .
Awww don't be nervous! You can see above what I ate and I passed ok. I was nervous too.
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I was told to try to take the test in the morning and to eat very light beforehand (1 egg, 1 slice of toast and no fruit juices). I also read that it's helpful to walk around after you drink the solution so as to help your system metabolize all that glucose. I haven't gotten the results back yet, though.
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don't flame me, but....I liked the way the drink tasted.
I picked out the tropical punch flavor over the orange flavor, and it was only 8 or 10 ounces. The first swallow was like "whoa! sweet!" but it wasn't intense after I got that one down. finished the drink off within 2 minutes, and didn't feel any nauseousness, headache, or dizziness. I brought a good book and read by myself, and the time went really quickly. I was not told to fast, but told to eat normally, so I had greek food (gyro on a pita, and a tomato and mozzarella salad) about 2 hours before.

I wouldn't pick that drink over any other beverage choices, but I didnt think it was all that yucky. Of course, I didn't know it was supposed to be "yucky" before my appointment, so my mindset probably had a lot to do with it.

good luck!
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Originally Posted by txgirl963 View Post
don't flame me, but....I liked the way the drink tasted.
Lol, yeah, I didn't mind it! I didn't have a choice of flavors, and I don't even like orange soda, but it wasn't bad.

I was given NO INSTRUCTIONS for the test because someone dropped the ball and didn't do it at the right time, and it was sprung on me at a visit. They said I could do it right then and there, or come back in a few days. I didn't want additional visits, so I did it then. I was surprised I passed because I have such a sweet tooth and actually ate a LOT more sugar and junk than usual the day before, since I had no idea the test was coming!
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I had my test Friday and was expecting the orange drink to taste HORRIBLE. It wasn't so bad, but not something I'd drink by choice. It seemed to have a cumulative effect of getting sweeter and more syrupy with each sip.

I hope I passed. I just ate as I normally do. My main concern is that they forgot about me and didn't draw the blood until nearly an hour and a half after I had finished the drink. I thought they had to draw within an hour, but they said it should be okay just twenty minutes over.
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Mine's today-I'm most nervous about keeping it down. I'm a very, very picky eater, and anything yucky makes me want to barf.
I had a faux sausage and cheese on whole wheat bun, and going to have some cottage cheese soon. Cutting out sugar ruins a lot of my breakfast options! I usually have fruit, juice, or cereal.
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I just had my test today. I don't know if I passed or not. But I made a breakfast sandwich this morning with 3 eggs on wheat toast and a slice of cheese. I also drank a ton of water. I then had a chicken breast and green beans with a piece of toast for lunch. My midwives said it didn't matter how soon I had eaten before drinking the glucola, just as long as I didn't take anything after drinking it. They'll let me know the results sometime this week.
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I had mine last week, drank the stuff at 12:30 and had blood draw at 1:30.

I had a chicken biscut from Chick-fil-A (a chicken fast food place) and a large fruit cup from there are well (the fruit cup is just chopped fruit, no extra sugar). Then I drank water throughout the morning. I waited till after the test to eat lunch, mainly cause I was full from breakfast. I passed "with flying colors."

I think just eat normally but avoid any real high sugar items.
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I passed my test. I had the same breakfast I often have on weekday mornings: Kashi Autumn Wheat cereal with Vanilla Soy Milk.

Found out my iron levels have dropped and now I'm slightly anemic. That's a little bit disappointing, but they told me it's very common in pregnancy. I'll look up that upping iron intake thread.

Good luck to everyone with their tests!
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