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7 pounds at 14 weeks (I am at 147#.)

Pre-pregnancy...average size woman 5'5", 140#.

I have been weighing myself on a weekly basis.

I gained five pounds during my 6th week.

Stayed at 145 for 7 weeks, and gained 2 pounds this last week.

I seem to be following my weight gain pattern that I had with my last two babies, where I gained 40 pounds with each. (They were both boys....and I have a feeling this one will be, as well.) ???:???
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I am down 2-3 right now at 12 weeks. This is great for me since with both of my others I was down 10 lbs at this point. I did the calculator and is told me to gain 33 lbs. If I did that my Ob would pitch a fit! He is not one for a large weight gain- which worked out well for me as I gained 17 with DD and 15 with DS. My goal is 15-20 again.
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I started at 132 and am now at 135 @ 10 weeks. Sigh. The nurse lectured me about not gaining a lot of weight, etc. I was super paranoid about it, but man, this baby is hungry!!!
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At this point it really SHOULDN'T be about how much weight you gain but WHAT you are eating. Baby needs higher protein diet. My midwife wants me to get as close to 100 grams of protein a day as possible and as many fruits, veggies, juices and water I can handle. Daily - 2 eggs any way I can/want to eat them and a yogurt a day which covers 24 gram of my protein.

I failed big time on my anniversary a few days ago but eh... can't eat perfect everyday.
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i'll 2nd that. my midwife says she no longer brings a scale w/her to weigh folks 'cuz she's been midwifing since 1983 and has realized it doesn't matter how much weight we gain (w/in a range) what matters more is what we are eating (healthy, high protein, balanced).
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I'm 5'6". With DD I was 134 prepregnancy (some wt gain from infertility meds) and gained exactly 30 pounds. This time I weighed 128 before getting pg. I've been super nauseated and the only thing that keeps me from throwing up is eating...and eating...and eating. This baby is so hungry! At 10 wks I had gained 10 lbs. : Although I swear half of that is just in my boobs! My MW said not to worry; that she usually sees one extreme or the other (wt loss or lots of gain) and it usually evens out in the end. Most of my diet is pretty healthy but fruits and veggies don't even begin to put a dent in my hunger. I need protein but am totally grossed out by eggs and chicken for some reason so sometimes I get pretty desperate trying to come up with snacks. I work full time so I have to pack all my food in advance which is tough when it all makes me want to barf. I'm 14 wks 2 days today and have only gained one more pound for a total of 11. I'm trying not to worry too much about it since I'm just following my body's cues but I really hope I don't much more than 30 lbs with this pg!
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I started out at 247.8 (I'm 5'6") and now, at 14 weeks today, I am 243.2. So I've lost 4.6 pounds. I'm using our Wii Fit as my scale and I am surprised at how much my weight fluctuates daily. It graphs your weight and wow, mine has just been like a seismometer showing a bunch of earthquakes.

My OB said I should gain between 15-20 pounds. I brought up the studies that show healthier pregnancies for obese women if they stay under the 15 pounds and she said "yes, but if you're able to to just stay at only gaining the 15-20 I'll be happy". At the time I was like "no problem" cause I was still feeling pretty nauseous but now that I've reached an I'm hungry all the time stage, I see why it would be hard to not gain a lot of weight.

So I'd like to stay under 15 pounds but I'm not going to stress about it too much. My main goal is to eat a healthy well balanced diet and to continue to exercise.
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I've lost 12 or 13 lbs at 13 weeks. Like kijip I don't think much of this weight loss program.

However if I follow my mother's pattern I will begin to gain weight even with the hyperemesis.

What I'm struggling with is getting my protein, some days are fine (eggs, yoghurt, fish) but I hate to go more than a day on a glass of lemonade and dry biscuits
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Finally!!!! I was weighed today and gained 3 pounds @ 13 weeks.

I just keep making sure I eat enough and that it is healthy. Although, I do need to keep an eye on my weight to watch out for pre-e(along with the other symptoms of course).
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Originally Posted by annanicole View Post
I didn't mean to be insulting it was more for me. I think everyone has their own level of weight comfort. I know I would much prefer to be 135 to consider myself thin again, and my sister who's over 200 feels dropping to 180 would make her thin. As it was a comment for me, not to pass judgement on others weight and size.
It all depends on how someone is built. I am a tad shorter than you (5'9") and at 150 I am emaciated looking- I have wrists larger than my husbands, a ton of muscle and wear an 8.5 ring. When I weigh 175, people think I weigh about 140 or so because I am so skinny looking for my frame.
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I have now crossed 15 pounds weight loss . As for eating 80-100 grams of protein, these last two days are the first in recent memory I seem to be able to eat and digest a whole meal at all. I'll take it. I am not going to worry I have harmed my kid due to poor appetite and ability to not throw up.

I bought two pairs of maternity pants a month ago and now, while I look pregnant and do need maternity wear, I need a smaller size maternity clothes.
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It's amazing to read how different we all are. At 12 weeks and a few days I had gained 8-10lbs already.
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I just got back frm midwifes and gained 2lbs!!!! so im only 2lbs frm my pre-pregnancy weight!...Im 15 weeks pregnant BUT theres talk that I may be a month ahead...not quite sure and will find out at my 18 week ultrasound, which I got the form for! I can't believe almost half way! I HOPE I feel better at the half way mark!!
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I started at 160 and went up to 169 at 11 weeks. Now at 15 weeks, I'm down to 162. Dunno what's up with that... I think I eat a lot but I know I don't get enough protein. Eggs and meat and nuts are just *blech* to me.
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Only 3 lbs. at almost 14w so far... thank goodness. I started at 187 (I'm 5'7 so I'm about 25 pounds overweight) and am 190. I just lost 25 before getting pregnant so that was a blessing. I gained 56 with DS and will not gain that much again since it took me 2 years to get it off. I'm starting to feel less sick so I'll probably be able to eat healthy again soon. Which for me is watching carbs and sweets. Lots of veggies and fruit, good protein, etc.
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ok I totally ate too much junk at the family reunion this past weekend. I'm 17.5 weeks and I started at 151 and I'm now 158. I gained 7 lbs. I'll be watching the sugar going in a bit closer.
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I've gained 9 pounds and I'm 14 weeks pregnant. This is my third pregnancy and I've always gained in the first trimester. The last few weeks I have been ravenous, especially in the morning.
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I lost another pound... And I'm eating! I ate a lot this weekend. lol And the morning sickness is finally gone too! :

Not complaining though... this is helping with the fact they only want me to gain 20 lbs.... if I'm almost halfway through and haven't gained anything, that is likely good?
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I don't own a scale, so I had no idea- but I went into the mw for my first real appointment today, and I was 9 pounds under my prepregnancy weight! The nausea's been gone for about two weeks- how much did I lose in that first trimester?

I'm kind of disturbed, but they weren't. I imagine they might start worrying if I haven't gained some by next time.
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i think i lost about 3-4 pounds. i'm 12w5d and i think i've gained back about 2lbs.
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