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I've lost 7 pounds and I'll be 13 weeks on the 24th. Midwife says it's nothing to worry about because I started excersizing right around 4 weeks, and my eating habits are SO much healthier.
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Im 13.5 weeks and have gained about 3 pounds so far. I think that's about where I was with DS at this time and I ended up gaining about 30 pounds with him. I'm hoping for more like 20-25 with this one, but like many of you have said, I'm really trying to focus on what I eat not how much I weigh. I feel like I'm eating 24/7 though, so we'll see how it goes next month .
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I feel like I've gained 4 or 5 lbs in the last 3 weeks. I've always had 1 jump where I gained more than the 'normal' amount for that month. Here's hoping it just happened a little early this time.

I have been eating like crazy since the nausea backed off. Unfortunately, I think part of the weight gain may have been from one too many drive-thru burgers .
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Okay, we have a Dr. appointment this afternoon, so I'll find out what I've gained. Last appointment a couple weeks ago I had lost weight, so I'm hoping, now that I haven't thrown up in about 2.5 weeks if I've finally gained.
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dammit....lost 4 pounds since the last appointment. Thankfully the baby is strong and growing and the heartbeat is super strong, so it's fine. I just hope I gain at the next appointment.....
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start weight 110ish
16 weeks 107

Anyone else REALLY worried about this weight gain thing???
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Originally Posted by caiesmommy View Post
start weight 110ish
16 weeks 107

Anyone else REALLY worried about this weight gain thing???
I kinda am. My midwife is having me track my food intake for a few days, just to see... I was shocked at how few calories I'm getting! I mean, I had about 1300 yesterday, and it's not like I eat low-fat. I consume lots of butter and whole milk and cheese. I've never bothered to pay attention to my intake before- I always just assumed I was getting loads of those calorie things people are always avoiding.

But my midwife isn't worried at this point, so I'm trying to tell myself not to be. After all, me getting freaked out isn't going to help the situation!
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I'm about 16 weels and gained about 5 lbs to date. Its been rough the last couple of weeks since we've been moving and all we have been able to eat is junk food/fast food -blech!

I'm really concerned about my weight with #2 here because in my first pregnancy I managed to gain 60lbs. (OH MAMA!) I'm just focused on eating healthy, lots of protien and veggies/greens, and lots of fiber. Luckily this isn't too hard to do when you feel oh-so not regular
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I gained 55lbs with my ds! and how have I not gained anything! Midwife said that this pregnancy is more common but come on! REALLY?...I don't even want to guess how lil calories im able to get down! It'd prob upset me more
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I've lost about 7lbs so far. That's just me, I loose with every baby and come out weighing less than when I got pregnant once the baby arrives. I am overweight, so it's all good.
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Weight Gain

This is baby #6 for me.

I started off at 130lbs in a size 5-6 and Im five foot four, in good shape.
I am now 18 weeks along and weigh 133 not in maternity clothes yet, just getting the "baby belly"
So a total of 3lbs so far.
I usually gain about 20lbs total and all in the last couple of months. The most I ever gained was 25 and the least was 13. My babes have run from 6lbs being the smallest to 8lbs 4 oz being the biggest.

As long as it comes off in the end Im not too worried about how much I gain. With 6 of em to chase around it wont be that hard to get rid of. The only unfortunate is I breastfeed and unlike a lot of moms out there, I dont tend to lose a lot of weight until my babies hit the solids.

Best of luck to all the mamas out there!

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I'm at 5 or 6 lbs and 17 weeks. I'm very concerned with weight gain but not with gaining too little like some of you ladies... I gained 56 with DS but mostly towards the end. And with Christmas cookies happening while I'm 8 months preggo I don't know how much will power I'll have.... Trying to eat healthy now to make up for later. lol.
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I am getting a little worried here. I started out at 110 pounds and went up to 122. I watched my intake this weekend and dropped back to 120, so I think maybe there was some water retention going on there.

This is my 6th, but with my 1st daughter (2cd pregnancy) I gained 70 pounds. So I am a bit paranoid!!
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I've steadily gained about one pound per week. I'm close to 18 weeks and have gained 17 pounds. This is definately more than my other pregnancies at this point. But I'm eating healthy and being active, so I'm just trusting my body and not worrying about it. I think a lot of it at the start was water weight because I had to take my rings off by 4 weeks.
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I'm 18 weeks and so far I've gained 6 pounds.
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18 weeks and it looks like I may be holding steady at -10 pounds.
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Same weight that I started at. I also made some dietary changes, and became more vigilant about walking every evening, so I and my midwife feel good about this fact.
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I think I was somewhere in between 116 and 120 when I got pregnant, and I wasn't gaining much at all in the beginning but I weighed in at a whopping 132 on Friday, so I guess I've gained between 12 and 16lbs so far? I'm 20 weeks This is my first and I was a little worried that I wasn't putting on any weight in the beginning, but I can probably stop worrying about that now :
Who knows how much it'll be in he end? I eat pretty well, generally, and surprisingly my sweet tooth disappeared when the pregnancy started, which is probably a good thing. People keep telling me I look too tiny for 5 months and tell me to eat more, but my midwife and I think I am doing just fine
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I weighed 153 when I started this, and I have gained a pound.

I am 5'5 and think my size is just dandy as it is. :P

I am 18 weeks and some change. My husband thinks I should eat more. Only if he did the cooking !
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