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Patrick Rory's unassisted home waterbirth story

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(His EDD was July 7, 2008)

On Saturday June 28 around 12:20, we were all in the playroom and I felt a trickle, I thought I had either just peed or my waters had broken. I checked and it didn't smell, so I thought waters, but I thought it would gush out not trickle (with O I had AROM during labor and with C my waters broke as I was pushing, right before her birth) I wiped and saw what seemed a bit of a mucous plug. I texted my midwife and she said to take a rest and take my temperature every so often. I had an acupuncturist and chiro app at 1pm, so I went and got my treatments. The acu. put 3 little balls on my uterus point and pain pressure points in my ears to be pressed during labor.
Next we went grocery store, there I felt 'funny' (weak/nauseous/strange) and then ok, and then funny again...my mom said maybe it's contractions...but I didn't have any cx, just some pressure. We got home around 3pm, and I started feeling some pains, I still wasn't sure it was cx! (Funny, my 3rd labor! ) By 3:30pm, everytime I had a contraction, I'd get a trickle of water and by then it had turned pink. I texted my midwife and she said it was my cervix opening, she'd be getting ready. I finally thought "this is it!" (totally unexpected! O came 1 day before his edd and Caroline 1 day after! this was 9 days before EDD!), we sent the driver (we live in the Phils and have a driver ) to get the midwives at 4:20, it was pouring down rain (it's rainy season here - think tropical downpour!) I got in the bathtub (and shaved my armpits! for pix later! ) The cx went from 7 minutes apart to 3 minutes very quickly, but they were very short, lasting less than 1 minute. It took the driver 1 hr 40m to get to the midwives (it usually takes 1hr-1hr 15m), he got there at 6pm. By then I was in full blown labor. Michael (dh)and I (in between cx) blew up the baby pool and filled it up with water. I got in when the cx were very, very strong. I had no idea how close I was, but from my physical signs, Michael knew the midwives wouldn't make it.
I think I had very intense, fast and furious labor from 6pm until 6:45pm, that's when I felt the 'ring of fire' and knew baby was coming ... within the next couple of cx, the urge to push came. I probably pushed a couple of times with Michael behind me holding me from under my arms, then I told him to get in the pool and see what was happening. On my next push, he saw the head, which went right back in and he told me "The head is right there, give a good push the next time!" I did and the head came out, he said "the head is out!" and I screamed "Just pull it out then!" he informed me that I needed to push too! So on the next push, I gave it my all and his shoulders and rest of the body came out. Michael got him from under water and gave him to me, he had his cord around his neck once, so I slipped that off and we just kind of stared at him. He was covered in vernix! It was then we decided to look and see what we had...a boy!! It was 7pm.
I just held him as Michael took pix and then went to find my mom. She came in and then the midwives, it was about 7:10pm. We waited till the cord had stopped pulsating to cut it. Then I got out of the tub to deliver the placenta.
So from start to finish, labor was only about 6.5 hrs totally with only the last couple being very intense. (Owen's was 23 hrs and Caroline's was 15 hrs)
Afterwards we just snuggled in bed for a while and put him to the breast, no trouble latching on (in between screams, he wasn't a happy camper!). Later on we weighed him (8.4) and measured him (almost 22 inches), I showered and washed my hair and then they stitched me up as I had torn a bit (just 3 stitches). I had dinner and then went to bed. (but I couldn't sleep from the excitement!) :
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Click on his name in my sig for pictures
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So cool, Ilaria! What an excellent birth! And quite a progression with each of your three births...you just about cut the labor time in half with each consecutive one! I'm so happy for you guys...what a lovely family!

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Congrats!! He is so pink and yummy looking
Hope everything is going well and you are enjoying the babymoon!!

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What a great birth story! Congrats on your new arrival!! He is beautiful!:
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What an encouraging, wonderful birth story!

Congratulations and welcome little Patrick!

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Congratulations! What a great story
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thanks for posting your story! congrats!
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What a lovely story. The part about you shaving your arm pits had me laughing, I can see myself doing something like that
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I can see myself also deciding to shave during labor! Funny, since it really does not matter afterwards!
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Congratulations to the whole family! He looks so lovely.
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