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brewers diet?

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i've been surfing around on natural birth/parenting sites the past few days since getting my bfp and have read a bit about the brewers diet. is this something that is recommended for any and all pregnancy, even with low to no risk factors? or is it something that is specifically for women with a particular health issue?

my previous pregnancy was a twin pregnancy and i followed dr. barbara luke's diet as best i could (couldn't quite eat as much red meat as she recommends!) and i'd like to have some guidelines for eating well during this pregnancy. i'm a healthy eater in general, not vegetarian but i don't eat much meat or dairy.

just wondered what everyone here thought of the brewers diet.

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I'm using it. I took the diet to a nutritionist a couple months ago and was told that it's a great diet for pregnancy.
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I'm doing it too. I had not heard of it before, but it seems like a really good diet. I'm having some trouble getting all my veggies in, just because I'm concentrating so hard on getting all that protein in, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it soon.
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It's good for all pregnant women. If you don't have issues, then you can get away with slightly less protein. If you have pre-eclampsia issues, you can just increase the amount of protein. I try to at least follow the protein reccomendations in it, but it's really tough some days.
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