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I am planning a home birth after my first DD was born via cesarean. I am still looking for a midwife in my area that will take a VBAC patient on, but it is still really early, so I am not worried. Anyone else?
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Me too. It is actually against the law here for midwives to attend a VBAC, so I'm having to either find someone who will do it "under the table" or someone unlicensed.
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Me, too. I would even be happy with a birthing center, but it is also illegal here to do any vbac out of the hospital. I don't get it; it's perfectly legal to smoke, drink, etc., all through your pregnancy, but it is illegal for me to give birth in the place that I think is healthiest and safest for myself and my child? ug. good luck and keep us posted!
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I'm hoping to have a VBAC, but not at home because DH is totally against it. I found a nice group of ob/gyns nearby who are very vbac friendly and deliver at a hospital that I'm comfortable with (I was admitted in their labor and delivery ward when I had mastitis, and it was great).
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I'm planning a second UBAC.
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