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Two small lumps on right side of neck

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Three weeks or so ago, I discovered a couple of small lumps on the side of my neck, behind the vertical midline and about three inches up from my shoulder. They are not painful, move when poked (as opposed to being stuck down), are firm and rubbery, and are visible through the skin.

I visited my doctor, who took some bloodwork and said she suspected it is viral. I have not had the results of the bloodwork yet, but she suspects parvovirus or Epstein-Barr. She said she's seen a ton of that going around lately.

I of course feel a little worried about this. I have no other symptoms of lymphoma or something equally frightening, so no reason to suspect this is anything other than a couple of swollen lymph nodes, but for some reason I keep thinking about them. If they don't go away in a few weeks, she wants to have them excised and biopsied.

Have you ever had lumps in your neck that turned out to be nothing serious? Please reassure me.

Update: It's mono. I don't know how the heck I got mono and didn't know it, but apparently my titer was off the charts.
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My daughter had some, but she was feeling *really* crudy and it turned out to be non-throat strep, and cleared up very quickly w/ yucky antibiotics.
OTOH I have known many people who have had benign cysts/tumors like you are describing and had them removed. It wasn't fun per se, but certainly none of them were in danger. They had to pack the wounds to help heal from the inside out and I think that was as 'bad' as it got. Hopefully yours are the same kinda situation. Hugs!!!!!:
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