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Originally Posted by Kleine Hexe View Post
Someone mentioned a riding mower? I've wondered about it. I actually love to mow the lawn but I wonder if the riding mower is too loud or causes too many vibrations?
I have mowed with the rider through all of my pregnancies. I think I mowed within a couple days of delivering my last one. No problems at all. I actually find it relaxing. I have my cup holder with a cold bottle of water and I am good to go.
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I mowed our lawn until 35 weeks prego. It drove my husband nuts but I enjoyed it.
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Besides it being a good exercise, I think I read somewhere that if you are close/past term than doing strenuous yard work can send you into labor! Something about mowing, weeding, and digging seems like it might be a good labor induction...someone try it and tell us if it works!
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I am still mowing 33 weeks and going. My husband tried to stop my the last three weeks in a row, but it is a mental battle for me. I am also still running and working out every day. DH tries to finish mowing when he is finished weed eating but I tell him, "You are not going to be able to help me push this baby out and you are not helping me finish this lawn." I feel like it is making me mentaly stronger in my will power. First baby and doing birthing center so I need stamina.

Good luck and keep up the good work
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I'm 39 weeks and have been mowing the lawn my whole pregnancy and actually just did yesterday. My DH works out of town so if I don't do it then it doesn't get done
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I'm 37 weeks and still mow both front and back lawns, do the hedge trimming when needed, tend to my flowers and other gardening. No reason not to.

I make sure to stay hydrated, but you should do that pregnant or not, so other than the fact that my stomach gets in the way of the big weed whacker I still do all the same stuff. Some days it just takes me longer.

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