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What a beautiful baby to add to a beautiful family! Thank you so much for sharing your story and the wonderful pics. Kiss your cool, calm, and collected husband for me--what a guy!
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Absolutely incredible mama!!! What an amazing family you have And gorgeous, too! Congratulations & love the name Cricket :::
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I love those pictures! I also wanted to say that I ADORE YOUR KIDS' NAMES!

Piper is one of my favorite names.
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Awesome story
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ohhh I love me some newborns!

Wonderful wonderful wonderful!
Thank you for sharing!
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Congrats on your new dd! The pictures are great-thanks for sharing:
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Congratulations! You have a beautiful family!
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So beautiful mama!! :

I don't think I'm ever going to forget the incredible picture of her darling little foot coming. Just precious. I am SO happy for you that you birthed her UC. What a perfectly normal miraculous birth.
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Congrats and thanks for sharing this story. It's wonderful to see that a breech delivery can be as normal as any.
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Beautiful breech birth story! Thanks for sharing!

Congratulations!!! :
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Love the name!!
/For some reason I can't access your story, stupid computer is very slow. LOL

Congrats Though. :
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Wow. What incredible photos those are! Thank you for sharing with us. And I too think Cricket is a darling name for a darling baby!

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Beautifully done story! Congratulations on your new baby!
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What an amazing birth story and photos mama!! She is beautiful!!!!
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OMG..that was a simply amazing story!! I'm so glad you listened to your intuition and had the birth you and Cricket deserved..what a great story! Excellent pictures as well, and your DH did a great job remaining calm and helping you to get the job done. CONGRATS!!!! :
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My baby is currently breech and I've been searching for positive vaginal breech stories. A friend directed me to your story and I am currently in tears, so beautiful, and your husband is truly a rock. I also love your childrens' names.

I am eerily moved by your story too as this baby was very much a surprise, conceived on the cusp of my own doula/CBE/birthy career taking off and I had the same ambivalence at first. I've also had a rough pg but you have reminded me: "I trucked on knowing that this was the last time that I would have/or get to feel this in my life. An honor and a burden!"

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your wonderful story and pictures. I still have lots of time for this baby to turn, but I know if she doesn't, I can draw on the faith of women like to you allow me to trust that my body and my baby will do what it needs for this one to be born safely.
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Beautiful!! - You, the baby, your whole family, the birth- beautiful! And, um, has your husband considered a career in midwifery/doula?
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