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My little brother is 16, and has been babysitting for three years. He took over a lot of my "clients" when I moved out at 18 (I'm 21 now). He had most of the same qualifications I did - fluent in american sign language, certified in first aid and CPR, lots of work with children and adults with special needs. Most of the families already knew him because they'd been having me babysit for their kids for 5 or so years, and he'd come along once or twice. They love him, he loves them. A lot of the parents say that it's hard enough to find a qualified babysitter for their kids with special needs, so they're not going to have issues just because of his gender.

Besides, he's a totally kick butt babysitter. The kids love him. And he's willing to change a diaper on a 7 year old.
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Male Babysitter

I would absolutely have a male babysitter, particularly for male children. I agree with pps about the importance of positive male role models. My mom used to get an older teen niegbhour to watch my brother, and they had a fantastic time together. My brother adored him, even though he was very resistant when it came to teenage girl sitters.
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We had a grade 6 boy who walked DS home from grade 1 every day and then babysat him at our house for one hour until DD got home from grade 8.

M was the best thing for DS. He worshiped M, M knew the best kids websites on the computer, the funniest books to read and discussed Pokemon for hours w/ DS w/ out blinking an eye.

DS still says that M is his best friend evah'!! I will for sure be looking for another grade 6 mature boy for next year to do this for us. (The elementary school gets out 45 min before the middle school. DD is going into gr. 9 and the highest grade at the elem. school is gr.6)
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My teenage brother has babysat for me before. However, I wouldn't be comfortable with someone I didn't know as well.
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For me, No I would not be comfortable with a male babysitter. Growing up I had several male babysitters and they all sexually molested me. This was at least 6 or 7 to my recollection. However, my brother was molested by a several female babysitters as well. I don't know if it effected him as much as it effected me and still does.

I won't let my 12yo son over at his friends house without a parent home. He has a 4yo sister and I worry about accusations, false or otherwise. In fact we heard another friend (14yo) of our ds's friend went over to their house specifically to play with the 4yo girl and she often goes with her brother into this boys house. That really freaks me out.
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Both of my teen sons are excellent, fun, nurturing caregivers and have had great success as babysitters.
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Yes. I have had a male teen sitter, until he went to college, and he was my boys' favorite sitter.
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My teenage son has been babysitting for a few years now. We've been told over and over that kids ask for him specifically because he plays with them instead of sitting on the couch watching tv all night.

I had a male babysitter growing up and have memories of the same thing-he actually participated in our games, took us outside to run around and was always our favorite among our usual babysitters.

I've never hired a teenager as I have the above mentioned live-in , but if I needed one, I'd pick one of my son's male friends as they know my girls and I know them well.
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It would depend on each individual babysitter male or female. I don't think I would be as comfortable with a boy given that we have all girls, but I would absolutely go for one if I had boys.
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There are both girls & boys I would never leave my kids with point blank. Having said that I believe each individual male or female should be judged by there character & maturity level. I want someone who would play with my kids and have fun instead of being a dictator. My babysitting needs have changed b/c I have 2 older children who watch my 5 yr old now. However I needed babysitters for the 2 older ones and tryed to pick individuals who would watch out for their safety and welfare but would play/interact with them as well. I wasn't looking for a cook or housekeeper either. I made sure there was food to eat/drink for them but they didn't need to be cooking or cleaning so they could focus on the kids.
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One of the nursery/little kid workers at my UU is a 19 yo boy/man. The kids love him! He is so much fun.
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The fact that they are male, is not a legitimate reason in and of itself for them not to be a babysitter.
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Why not? We have two teenage brothers who sometimes watch our kids and come over to be my mommy's helper. My boys adore them and have so much fun when they're here. They come from a big family and have more experience with babies and young kids than most of the adults I know.

Im tired of the whole "every male is a potential pervert therefore should not be allowed around children". My dh has dealt with this being an educator and its hurtful and ignorant.
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I've had great experience with teen boys who are interested. One was a family member who played with my infant son for hours at a Christmas/New Years's Day party - I would hire him any day. Unfortunately he died in a car accident a few years ago for Jeffy
I also had a boy from our homeschool group watch kids for 3 days during a midwifery training workshop I hosted. All the mamas were downstairs, but only the nursing ones needed or wanted their mamas. He did a great job keeping them all entertained and happy together. It was great!
OTOH, my kids told me last time Melissa across the street sat them for a few hours that they don't want to go back there, she talks on the phone the whole time. I think she is just in the boy crazy phase (15) so I don't ask her anymore, we figure something else out.

FWIW, I was abused sexually by a 13 yo girl when I was about 5. Just like any other prejudice, it doesn't work, each individual is different.
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