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hey heket! been missin ya!
we all feel trapped. well, i do, in so many ways.
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hey all...

i am Margaret, poly bi-mom with 2 partners and 7 kids...

life has been crazy so i havent been on mdc regularly in a while, but it looks like its slowing down (or maybe just getting into a comfortable groove?) so i might have some time to hang out for a while...

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just stoppin bi to say:.....
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bi hi - love it.

We are settling in our new place - furniture still a month away but I'm working on my vermicast bin and planting our edibles.....No : yet from any ladies to flirt with (DP would not be alright with the Poly thing) but the primary relationship has become more, ahem, busy then it has been in recent years which is very nice.
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It's interesting that everyone here in the bi forum seems to be poly. Any NON-poly bi mamas out there? I've always been a one person at a time kind of girl
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Nope - I flirt but we are not Poly, tried it once and had a DRAMA that I'd like to never repeat.

So I'm here!

I do however find the Katy Perry "I Kissed a Girl" song both catchy and annoying - "I hope my boyfriend dosn't mind it" - huh? It just rubs me as odd, but I'm guessing it just fits the rhyme. "No I don't know your name, it doesn't matter. Your my experimental game, just human nature. It's not what good girls do, not how they should behave." Part of me sees it as an innocent song, catchy, will be gone in six months as a "hit of 2008" played 1000 times on a VH1 looking back show BUT if it is written at/about someone I'd be mighty upset to be told my name does not matter, and that I was someone's experimental game. And of course I think it is what some good girls do, quite well in fact.
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I personally find the kate perry song annoying and it just pisses me off.

How do others here define poly? For me, I have a husband and a long distance gf, and in a sense, the two shall never meet. Not literally, of course, but in that dh and I have had many a discussion and I'm just not into sharing women. I'm also not keen on him dating another woman, but if he wanted to explore a bi side with a man I'd be fine (however, I know he is too heterosexual for this kind of exploration.) However, I know that other poly couples are not the same and sharing partners is fine.
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I actually like the Katy Perry song because it's catchy and she's hot. I ignore some of the lyrics.

I'm bi and not poly. I actually only figured out that I was bi after I was married to my husband. DOH! There are so many things that should have clued me in to the fact. I would LOVE to have a girlfriend, but I just don't see how it would work out for us.
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i'm bi and in my current relationship not poly....when i was with my dd's dad i totally thought i was poly because i wanted girls and i didn't care if he was with other girls because i was not attracted to him anymore...at all.......so i experimented with his approval and liked it.....we broke up almost two years ago because me and a good friend started being physical and falling in love....now i am completely opposite....i dont want to share and i dont desire anybody else...i agree with penelopejune about the kate perry song....
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Well, I'm bi and poly, but not a mom, yet...

Although I've been moving away from the "poly" term lately.. too many people use it to describe a relationship structure that I'm just not into. Basically, DH and I are both open to dating other women. Currently, he has his own separate GF, and I.. well, I'll get into that in a minute. On topic, I'd love us to have a third person in our relationship, but the last time that happened it was so catastrophic that I don't see it happening again (That was about 10 years ago..and I'm still not 100% over her.)

Back to my other relationships (or lack thereof), I was starting to think that maybe I'd better start identifying as "straight", then I went off BCP, my sex drive went through the roof and now all those women that I had crushes on five years ago but have become friends now - well, suddenly I'm interested again! Dammit. I feel like a teenage boy.. It's pretty funny trying not to stare at boobies when I know exactly how much it irritates me when people stare at mine! And most of us are a pretty flirty bunch.... but that doesn't mean that I should be making passes at my friends!

Sorry it that's off topic, but it's the one side effect that I'm just not comfortable discussing with my female friends... and DH just thinks it's funny. (Which it is. Funny, and embarrassing, and frustrating..)
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Hi folks!!
Coming in to say hi and sub!
26yr old, bi mama here. I am engaged to a lovely man and we are not poly at the moment but it is something thsat could happen in the future if the right woman comes along
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Dh and I had a nice roll in the hay last night, and then we were laying there talking. He was talking about this girl that works near him and how he thinks she is cute. He was saying how he wishes he had played more when he was young, rather than trying to always "do the right thing". I said, well you know there's no reason that you can't play now. Life is too short to not enjoy it or to have regrets. Nothing has really changed, but we actually had a nice conversation about opening up our relationship. I told him that being attractive to someone else and possibly dating them would give him more confidence which I think is a turn-on. I think this may work out after all.
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Oh, and the Oregon Country Fair was awesome! The fresh squeezed orange juice was the best ever. Mmmm... DD(3) got a little homesick at times, but we had a great time overall. I can't wait until next year. It really felt like we were in a separate world. And lots of flirting, which is always fun.
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Just thought I would poke my head in and say hello. I am bi and was in a poly relationship with my XDH. After we divorced I got with my LO's daddy and I did not date anyone outside of the relationship. Now, after 6 years, I am 28 year old single mama and would love to start dating women again, but I feel so shy and "out of the loop" so to speak. Anyways, I live in Michigan also and I see there are a few of us. Looking forward to chatting!

ETA: I really DO NOT like that Katy Pery song. I told my next door neighbor, who is bi-curious(and loves the song), that crap like that is the reason that gay women have a hard time dating bi women... IMHO anyways! lol
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This is my first post.
Hi all, I'm a bi mom. I'm married to my dh, we have 3 kids together 8,6 & 2. Our relationship began as poly with his then dw. We had our two oldest together from that union.
Now it's just us & I don't identify as poly for reasons similar to what Autumnlaughing said.
Anyways, just reading your posts brings me a sense of relief? reading about others I can relate to.
My big first post here- wow, hard to broach the subject on the keypad actually. Alright, more later. Peace.
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welcome to all the new faces!
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Hi mamas,

I'm new here. I recently (3-4 months ago) came out as bi to myself and DP. He is okay with it, and we have an "open" relationship, although nothing has really happened to test its success yet.

Have recently found myself really longing for a woman but I don't know the first thing about meeting or dating one. It's kind of hard to hit up the gay bars when you have a two-year-old and a DP already.

So... I'm just sitting here, dreaming of what could be..
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hi nolimum
don't worry, most of us have soooooo been there; staying home with a little one and a dp and dreaming of what could be
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Hi all! I'm a 23 year old bi mama to a 3yo little boy. DS's dad (R) and I are no longer together (or at least not in the sense that we once were). We still have somewhat of a relationship, but its definately nowhere near monogamous anymore (although, neither one of us has dated anyone else in over 6 months) and we don't put any labels on our relationship. We had tried "dating" again at the end of last year and that lasted all of like 3 months. Which is rediculous because it wasn't like much had really changed after we "got back together". I think its just the pressure of the label that we (erm, he) can't handle. Oh, and R is bi as well. Though, unlike me, he's not interested in a real relationship with someone of the same sex. He says guys are jerks and not worth the effort. I tend to agree sometimes. LOL!

Originally Posted by NoliMum View Post
Have recently found myself really longing for a woman but I don't know the first thing about meeting or dating one. It's kind of hard to hit up the gay bars when you have a two-year-old and a DP already.

So... I'm just sitting here, dreaming of what could be..
That's me as well... At any given time, I am either at work or I have DS with me. DS stays with R while I am at work, so of couse, he could stay there if I wanted to go out... But seeing as how R is the only real friend I have in the first place, where the heck am I gonna go? I'm way too shy to go out to a bar all by myself! So the only time I really get out is if I hang out at R's house.

Actually... I did meet a girl a while back... A co-worker. LOL By the time I started working there though, she was already planning on moving to New York for school though (and she did, a few months later). So I never made a move or anything. But besides my own child, she was the most gorgeous thing I've ever laid eyes on.

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ok, so while i had a little fling with an italian woman while we were in china, now that we're back home, i'm missing my gf like craaaaazy :
only she's gone and moved about 1000km north of here and gotten a job up there while I was away.
she's talking about coming down to visit for a weekend, but it's just not the same
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