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The ER

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Just fyi...

I know many of you probably know this happens a lot already, but...

I was asked TWICE at the ER whether my DD's vaccinations are all up to date when we went to the ER.

I ended up saying "yes" because they were as up to date as I wanted them (i.e. we're on hold, um, indefinitely). I couldn't believe TWO different people asked me. My daughter's arm popped out of socket... what does that have to do with VPD??:
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Thankfully not for dd, but I was at the ER for facial swelling due to a dental abscess two weeks ago and was asked probably 3-4 times by various people: "Have you received 'the pneumonia vaccine' this year? Flu shot? When was your last tetanus shot?" No one pushed any of those on me, just asked the questions and wrote down the answers, but I was rolling my eyes every time. None of those had any relevance whatsoever to the already-diagnosed problem, so what difference did it make whether I'd had any of them or not?
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Kinda creepy.. no?

What movie is this reminding me of? I can't think, but some kind of zombie movie ot thriller or... or something. Everyone trying to talk you into something that isn't what they say it is or something...
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We went to the ER on the 10th of June and they never asked if my son was up to date on his shots, but we were there because his foot got shut in a sliding car door.

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Thanks for the heads up. If I ever have to be taken to the ER (because I certainly won't go there voluntarily), I will immediately tell them I do not need any vaccines and do not ask me about it again.
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We had to take our son to the ER last fall after he fell from a tall chair and broke his arm. They asked us about shots and we said he has had some but we are holding off on giving more. Nothing more was said about it.

A few months later, when we received the hospital bill and insurance statement, there was 2 vaccines listed on the statement! Now he was with us the entire time and I know for a fact he did not receive any injections. I called up our insurance company and advised them that the hospital was billing them for services that were not rendered. They thanked me and we contacted the hospital and they reversed the charges.

Still, I thought that was extremely odd! Other than the insurance fraud, I wondered if they get some sort of kickback from the drug company if they show they say they administer more of these vaccines.
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Yeah, I know...it's weird. I took dd to ER twice when she was itty bitty. Once her arm "popped" and she wouldn't move it, it was limp. I freaked. (Turns out she was born with a tilted clavical bone and it caused her arm to do something weird? But she's okay now). Don't remember why we went the second time.

But each time, I was asked at least twice each time if she was up to date on shots. I simply said, "No. She has NOT had ANY shots." I usually received "the look" and I continued with, "I'm delaying all shots until she's at least close to kindergarten...." (If then, not really sure yet). And they scribble on their medical charts, like I'm a horrible mother because I refused shots.
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My friend took her mom to the ER. Her mom was 87 and having a stroke.

Three nurses came in to her and asked if her if her mom was up to date with her tetanus and other shots. Her mom died shortly thereafter, and it was not from needing a tetanus shot.
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That is so bizarre. Why on earth would that matter in that situation?? *sigh* I just don't get it.

I mean, I totally get asking about vaccinations when it's pertinant... you know, deep puncture from a rusty nail or whatever, but really... an 87 year old woman presenting with a stroke??? is there something I'm missing?
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A week and 1/2 ago ds had to get 10 stitches in his head from a fall and I too was asked about vaxes. I just assumed it was to make sure tetanus was up to date? But then again what does that have to do with hitting your head on a book case?

That really is creepy. We were asked by 2 different people.

I'm glad to be made aware of this...
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Yeah I was asked by two different people, too... not just one person asking twice. The both wrote it on my daughter's chart... i'm wondering why it was necessary more than once... or um, at all
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I usually just say yes. I feel bad about it but at the same time I'm not there to discuss it either. Besides if they think your kids is up to date then they don't feel they need to sneak them in when you're not looking.
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Yeah. We dealt with numerous people asking us about dd's shots when we took her to the ER to remove a bead from her nose. : We told them no. Of course, that being her very first time ever being seen by a doctor probably made them put us in the cuckoo parent category. They didn't bother us much about it.
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I haven’t been to the ER is so long but DH had to go last week to get some stitches. They asked FOUR times if he had a pneumonia shot. By the third time he just said Yep, I got that one. They looked at him funny and left. I have no idea why an adult would need a pneumonia shot for a cut on his arm
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Ds had to have stitches last week for a cut and I was told repetatively by the doc that I needed to get him a shot
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it must be some sort of general protocol in the ER. they asked FIL this, too. he was like, well, no... the next thing you know the nurse is in there w/ a needle!
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Originally Posted by CanidFL View Post
I haven’t been to the ER is so long but DH had to go last week to get some stitches. They asked FOUR times if he had a pneumonia shot.
That's weird! They asked about a pneumonia shot but not tetanus?? That is really surprising, especially since he had an injury that needed stitches.
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Originally Posted by Juvysen View Post
That is so bizarre. Why on earth would that matter in that situation?? *sigh* I just don't get it.
Pharmaceutical corporations (aka Big pHARMa) is very much in control of hospitals and doctors and demands that more vaccines (and medicine in general) is sold.

They are into selling drugs. Not into health and healing.
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We took our three year old DD to the ER because she had a fever, threw up, was falling asleep on my lap (she normally goes 100 mph from AM to PM), and complained of neck pain and vision problems. Medical people at an assisted living facility we were visiting said to take her to the ER in case it was meningitis. Must say, I was worried. They standardly ask about vaccination at check in. Well, the ER doctor walked in and without examining my daughter started to give us the scary lecture--she was so much more likely to have a life threatening illness than a vaccinated child, any infection in her body could turn to meningitis, etc., etc., etc. I tried to say a few things and then finally just said, "Can you please examine her, and then we can talk about what is wrong with her?!" He quickly determined that she didn't have the stiff neck of meningitis, did a strep culture (saying we'd be lucky if it was only step--it came back negative) and a UA. They gave her Tylenol (wasn't going to argue that one) and some snacks. She soon perked up and was singing when the nurse came back. The doctor then went on to say he couldn't rule out meningitis without further tests (what a spinal tap on a child who is now perky and signing) and made us sign out Against Medical Advice. Which we happily did.

Sorry for the long story. I just couldn't believe that he was railing on us without even looking at her first. I mean, if she did have meningitis wouldn't every second count?
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