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Pregnancy or weaning hormones?

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I'm not sure this is in the right forum, but I figure y'all know what you're talking about.

DD weaned rather suddenly with a little help from me while I was out of town. She had been down to 2-3 nursings a day, 2 of which were at night and pretty short, so I don't think I was really producing much milk.

For the last few days, I have been having "symptoms" that I associate with pregnancy (vivid dreams, having to pee a lot, fatigue, etc.) It's possible that I am pregnant but of course it's way, way too early to test because I am about a week before AF is due.

I'm not particularly anxious but I guess I'm wondering if the fabled hormonal changes with weaning could produce these same symptoms. I'm happy to lay off the allergy medicine for a week to find out, but I'm just perplexed. Everything I've seen about hormonal changes at weaning mentions depression and moodiness, not these other kinds of things.

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I've had these EXACT same symptoms. I weaned my DS in May and I have had crippling fatigue, peeing a lot (for the first time since pregnancy!) and I have been very moody and had a super heavy period this last month. I would say that these symptoms may have been related to my body regulating itself.

I started taking Floradix (for iron and the fatigue)
Prenatal vites (just to build myself back up)
and I have to get used to needing to use the bathroom when I'm out in public. I used to joke that I never had to pee because all the water I drank came out in breastmilk. Its probably true!
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