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I love this show too, but I missed the first episode. So I will be back later to tell who I like and who I don't.

Originally Posted by MamaBug View Post
I know I think it's great. $50,000 is really not that much after taxes so I wonder what he is doing for work now.
Just wanted to mention that I think it is the second place winner who gets $50,000. The first place winner gets much more. I thought it was 500, but I might be way off. But ya, glad he got fired. Never cared for him much anyway. He was ignorant, and sorta skated threw the game.
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Jessie= :Puke
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I don't like Jessie, but Renny bugs me more at this point. I like Memphis and Ollie
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Jesse is so annoying. I don't like looking at him. His head is way too small for his muscles, he looks malformed. (I wouldn't pick on his appearance save for the fact that he did this to himself ON PURPOSE and thinks he's something special.)

I don't care for Libra, Keesha has surprisingly grown on me though.

Jerry ripping Libra was pretty entertaining, though I thought it was odd since April was angrier about the "old folk" than Libra.

Memphis bugs me, he says dude and bro too much and I think he's skeezy.

I love Dan, he's cracking me up in the confessional.
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I thought it was really stupid of Michelle to not use the veto. Her rationale didn't make any sense, because she is in an alliance with the HoH, who told her he would nominate Libra, who most of the house would have been happy to get rid of. Steven will probably go home, but he does have a few people who really like him and support him, which puts a target on Michelle if they decide to go after someone for revenge.
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As much as I hate Dan, I crack up everytime he says, "Hello, Mrs. Chen...you're looking lovely this evening" or some variation thereof.


I'm glad Keesha won HOH. I really am not liking Libra very much, and I think if Libra won HOH, she would have nominated Keesha...so, for now...hmm...I wonder who's going up, though....Michelle and Libra? Maybe Jesse? Or Angie and Memphis?

I want Libra gone. Memphis is growing on me...I don't want him to go yet...

Whoa! Does anyone go to moviespoiler.com and look at the spoilers? Um...apparently, there was some nookie in the house. Whoa!
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Originally Posted by katheek77 View Post

Whoa! Does anyone go to moviespoiler.com and look at the spoilers? Um...apparently, there was some nookie in the house. Whoa!
Who was it..... I always go to Fans of Reality TV but I have not been on for a day or two.
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I'm glad Dan stayed, he is from my neck of the woods.

After what my sister told me she saw online of Ollie and...uh, April is it? Really graphic stuff, no question what they are doing...with JERRY in the next bed?! Ugh. For Ollie to say his pastor dad would be fine w/ his behavior in the house...uh, do these people not realize they are being watched ALL the time?!? Seriously, your dad would be a-ok with you having unprotected sex with some random girl you just met, ON TV, for all of America to watch? Hmmm. But you dont drink, because thats so immoral. Righto. Reminds me of the girl i used to work with, who was against Buffy the Vampire Slayer because it was "demonic" but would sleep w/ whomever, or the other coworker who thought Harry Potter was evil but would sleep with whomever.

I was hoping Libra would win HoH, that wouldve made things interesting. This season is boring.

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Jerry ripping Libra was pretty entertaining, though I thought it was odd since April was angrier about the "old folk" than Libra
Libra was set up to get the houseguests against her so if she was put up they'd vote her out.

I didn't watch but I'm not surprised it was Ollie & April. I wonder what his Dad is going to say to him when he gets home, when they previewed his Dad he made it sound like he'd be very upset if Ollie did anything to make the family look bad. On the other side Ollie said he'd just have to go to confession for anything he did. I have a sneaky suspicion Ollie has done alot more things growing up than dear old dad knows about, yk.

What ticked me off with Ollie was during the last veto competition where he said he didn't know if he took a sip of wine whether he'd become an alcoholic or not, yeah 1 sip turns you into 1.

I'm glad Keesha is HOH, I think it'll be between Angie, Michelle & possibly Libra. Though I think she needs to put up Ollie & Jessie
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I'm so sad Steven got kicked out. He and Keesha are my favorites, and they were such a fun pair to watch. I got all teary when he started to cry watching his goodbye messages. sniffle...

I'm glad Keesha got HOH this week, she really needed it because Libra (who they need to evict ASAP!!) was going to chop her to bits if she didn't. I think she needs to put up Libra and Michelle, but she probably won't, unfortunately. Libra has everyone but Renny and Jerry terrified of her, and Keesha doesn't seem to realize what a giant threat Michelle is to her.

Lastly... April looks haggard, Ollie is a hypocrite, and Jessie is a gross-looking, egomaniacal tool.
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So I REALLY don't like Michelle. She is really bugging me. I was so mad that she didn't use the veto. Everyone wanted her to, inclueding the HOH. She kept saying how 'stupid' it would be if she used it. Okay....huh?? I think it was pretty stupid of her not to use it. She is possibly setting herself up as a target, and now that Keesha got HOH, she could deffinately be a target for that decision. Plus, Libra just has to go. She freaked out when Jerry confronted her. She like whent from 0-10 in a milisecond, and everyone was like, "woa. Okay then."

I'm glad that Keesha got HOH though. I like her. I think Jesse needs to go up too, he bugs me. I don't mind April or Ollie though. And I don't really know the others well enough yet to make a judgement. I have missed two shows so far.
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Whoo Hoo the BB thread!! :

Okay..I agree..Michelle is annoying me too for not using the veto...plus she reminds me of the mainstream folks i'm surrounded by b/c I live in her state currently. Just irks me, I guess.

Jessie is soooo fun to watch obsess over himself...too funny : But he's annoying and he's gotta go. He claims he's got brains, not just muscle...UHHH NO! I beg to differ! So arrogant

I love Keesha...does she not remind anyone of Danielle from BB 8? In looks..and she seems to be smart like her too. I loved Danielle and Janelle. Glad Keesha got HOH

Libra is full of trouble, imo. She is causing so much drama and is really rude. She got crazy so fast on Jerry! She is going to cause all kinds of crazy in the house soon...I feel it!

April and Ollie don't bother me, yet. April did get crazy pretty fast a few times, she seems to get really defensive asap when someone says anything (like the words between her and Keesha) I hope Ollie keeps to his morals and stay true to himself...

Memphis I thought was okay until he aligned himself w/ Jessie, Michelle, and Angie (whom seems bitter against the world). I'm still figuring him out imo and he seems shady..but shed some light on that w/ his story about his father and ex girlfriend.

Dh and I actually like Renny! Omg, she is so funny! She knows how to party and can just goof off and relax. She isn't too annoying, I think she's just a free spirit in funky wigs and clothes I love her dancing around and just hearing her talk. Hilarious! It will be even more boring if she leaves this early, imo. I hope she stays...she's the comic relief!

I have watched all episodes on On Demand w/ FIOS. I it!! Otherwise I'd be missing out on so many...or trying to watch them online. I watch the entire winter BB online too b/c I didn't even realize it was on until it was done Glad I got to watch it tho!
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What was the story of Memphis' dad & ex?

Renny is kinda growing on me. She did mention she's toned herself down since the argument with Jessie & either they're not showing her bad stuff or she has toned herself down. now if I had to live with her I don't know if I"d like her.

I love Keesha...does she not remind anyone of Danielle from BB 8? In looks..and she seems to be smart like her too.
Yes she does look alot like danielle
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Word of Warning:

I went to wikipedia to see if I could find out what the Memphis story was (somehow I missed that....?), and it shows who's up for nominations *and* who won the veto for this coming week.

So, if you don't want it spoiled, don't look up any info on wikipedia in regards to BBX (That's my new super-cool way of referring to Big Brother 10....Get it? Initial Initial Roman Numeral 10).

I'm a dorkus majorkus.

OTOH, if you're llike me, and hate waiting...life is good.
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So Sunday's show....

I love that Keesha kind of did her own thing on the nominations, instead of letting the beefy dunce tell her what she should do.

I don't like how Jesse was trying to have her put Dan up again as a pawn, because we all know if you use someone as a pawn over and over well they usually get kicked out.

Michelle was all "MEER!" about Jesse getting put up which cracked me up. That girl thinks he's the moon and the stars and it's really pathetic.

I thought she was going to be a much stronger player in the game.

I was also extremely intrigued by Ollie saying he's seeing construction signs and rough road ahead warnings when talking to April, and she was all "No Ollie they mean slow down, not stop!"

He's going to dump her, like we didn't see this coming. He's a pastors kid and from all I can tell he's a good guy, she is totally self absorbed, annoying and well trampy. (I say that because she let everyone grope her breasts the first five minutes of the first show, AND had to tell everyone they were real. Classy.)
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Okay...about Memphis:
(This is in the episode on 7/20/08; he's in the kitchen talking w/ Libra and April)

He said that he didn't know his dad growing up. Dad left when he was 2. He said that they reconnected when he was a teen (15) when his dad began calling him out of the blue. Then he became best friends with his dad. 3 months later his Dad told him he had heart disease and he had 3 months to live. Looks like Dad was told 6 months to live and realized he should get to know his son and so he found Memphis, from what I gather. Anyhow Dad passed away and it was very hard for him, etc.

He also said he had his heart broken badly by a woman. They were not on the right paths as she was very religious and into her faith; he didn't fit the picture of what she wanted in a man. It left him hurt to the point where he hadn't had a "real" relationship for about 10 years and only had surface relationships.

He said he doesn't show emotions b/c of these things...it's hard for him to put emotions out there, especially his heart. He is currently "head over hills" for his current girlfriend and for the 1st time in 10 years has put his heart out there again and hopes it goes well. He really cares for her and it's hard for him to show these feelings. It's hard for him to show feeling to anyone, he says he's "real" but won't be emotional about things..it just has made him who he is. He will not "blow up" in the game and show too many emotions as that is how he is but does think it will help w/ game play in the House (as not to appear/show weakness b/c people will take advantage of it).
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Keesha does look like Danielle but I like her a lot better. She's way more mature, imo.

Jesse, Jesse, Jesse, he got what he deserved. He's so freakin' entitled, I bet they will send him out the door, today!
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I was really liking Keesha until she got HoH. She's really bad at the game. Every time someone comes up to her room and says something to her, she changes her mind, and all of the decisions that she makes are totally personal and not strategic.

If she were smart, she'd realize that Jessie is totally manipulative and a threat. She should have taken Angie off the block and put Michelle up in her place. I think Michelle is totally useless without Jessie, but it would have made the both of them scramble, and then at least one of them would be out and their alliance would be broken up.
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I agree she should have put up Michele as that is one vote to keep him. I really hope they realize what a physical threat he is and get him out of the house. I honestly don't know if Keesha believes everything people tell her or if she just acts like she does. I love that she made her own decisions.

As for Jerry I don't get why he called Memphis a womanizer but I LOVE the M called him out about touching Aprils chest. I still feel that was really really wrong no matter how much he wanted to fit in.
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I don't understand why anyone would say, "I gave my word to her and I won't go back on it!" to everyone in the house. Isn't that like, the stupidest thing ever? "HEY! We're in this together so don't even think about making us turn on each other!"

Or nominating us together? Dur.

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