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Food Confession Thread

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I just ate a whole jar of canned peaches. Out of te fridge. Goooooood stuff.

What'd you eat?
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that sounds YUUMMMY but hardly evil!

i haven't been feelin' guilty enuf 'bout anything i'm eating to "confess" but 1 thing i've been havin' bits of caffeine (ice tea, coke, etc.) which i know isn't ideal. but ah well! there are worse evils i think!
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I haven't had my normal sweet tooth lately, but yesterday I just had to have a candy bar. It was a milky way and it was great.
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i still cannot eat green vegetables. Well other than peas. Do peas count?
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Ummmm.....last night I ate 6 pieces of pizza and three chinese donuts for dinner. (hangs head in shame)
Is it a little okay since it WAS homemmade vegetarian pizza.......?
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I don't think homemade counts. I gotta figure out GF pizza, I'm dying for pizza. But then I'd have to come here and say "ate 9 slices of homemade pizza, now i feel sick"

The peaches put me into a coma but boy did I sleep well.
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A couple of days ago, I ate a half a jar of garlic pickles for lunch. And a bowl of ice cream for dinner. :
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Chicken and dumplings for dinner, then about two hours later 2 PB&J sandwiches, then half a jar of garlic dill pickles, then a cherry yogurt... then about two hours later, a bowl of cereal, a pack of snack cakes, and some grapes... :

So much for maintaining and only slightly modifying my pre-preg figure! (pre preg weight 120... ive only gained 5 lbs so thats good)
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the other day i ate an entire jar of pickles. and i've been eating hot tamales and skittles. i ate doritos yesterday for dinner, i was craving salt and the pizza at the family party was turning my stomach.
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Mmmmm... I've been really good other than the couple urges for the Safeway bakery eclairs. Creamy custard filled pastry covered in a thick fudgy chocolate. They are refrigerated if anyone goes looking for them.
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I shamefully sent my dh out to the store last night for Doritos.
I haven't had those in forever and ever. I swear, how does your brain suddenly think of these weird things?
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I'm into the garlic pickles right now too. Everytime my dd and I go to my parents we eat half their jar! I also am being bad with tea and soda, sometimes its the only drink I can bear. AND I have no problems finishing off entire chocolate milkshakes-just drank a huge one this afternoon.

I'm dreaming of the day when I can actually eat healthy again.. I hate nausea!
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Ok I just stupidly ate 3 slices of homemade pizza (gf crust, woo hoo!) and it was way too much food. I think the pregnancy stomach is smaller than usual but I conveniently forgot that part... And I think rice flour swells in the belly more than other flours.
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I am addicted to donuts. Seriously, I could eat them all damn day.
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I just ate a chili cheese coney from Sonic

Now you're all making me hungry for Papa John's veggie pizza O_O
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Im eating alpha bits ALL THE TIME...pickles and chocolate bars!..to much pop ice tea and french fries(the downfall of working in a pub/restaurant....and veggie pogos! thats if I can get any of it to stay down
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This weekend was tough. I FINALLY feel like eating! The food I have to "confess" to is, half of my son's corndog at a carnival, and I sent my husband out for donuts! I ate a Krispy Kreme original glazed, and a chocolate creme filled donut. Typing it makes me want more!

Oh yeah, once in a while I have stopped by Starbuck's on my way to work to get a grande decaf peppermint mocha. Now that's a confession! (Not like homemade vegatarian pizza! That pretty much sounds like health food to me! )
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Originally Posted by CozMama View Post
Mmmmm... I've been really good other than the couple urges for the Safeway bakery eclairs. Creamy custard filled pastry covered in a thick fudgy chocolate. They are refrigerated if anyone goes looking for them.

OK, now I have to go get a bavarian creme chocolate covered doughnut!!!

Hmmmm, I have been really, really bad. I'm allergic to dairy and gluten intolerant but I have had Dairy Queen burgers and a Blizzard, the new shakes from Wendy's, Papa John's Pizza, and countless other crap. I pay the price later but I just HAVE to have it!!!! Now I'm on track with the diet, so far, but it's. so. hard!!!!!!
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Oh, I forgot one...this is from earlier on in my pregnancy. I was cravingspicy BAD and salads too. I have a million fire sauce packets in my fridge from when I used to eat at Taco Bell.....I woul eat salads twice a day with like 5 packets of fire sauce on them....... So wierd. But sooooooo good!
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I was craving chips and green onion dip so I had them for breakfast. And, it was the really bad type of chips not even organic. :
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