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My girls were in a 3 year old class at a weekday school this year and hardly even played together. Every morning they would split up as soon as we got there. Had different friends, everything. They are going to Montessori this year for pre-k and it's their policy to split them up. The girls are excited about it. My girls, especially the youngest, thrive on being independent of each other. They are just total opposites, hard to believe they even came the same day. I think it totally depends on the twins and their relationship with each other.
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To update..

The school didn't listen to my desire to have them in the same class. They split them up. So I told the principal that fine, we'd see how it went and if I felt they'd do better together, I'd talk with the teachers and we would put them together.

Well they've been in school for only one week but they are doing great apart. I really think that even though they are so close it in a way could hinder them if they were together (read: DISTRACTIONS!! LOL). They seem to value their time together that much more once we are home as well.

So for now it is working and they are happy with it as am I.
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The new conventional wisdom is together for Kindergarten (so that they can adjust to school without also having to simultaneously adjust to being apart), apart for other grades by parental/teacher recommendation.

We didn't have a choice this year because there was only 1 half-day class, but I had already said that I wanted them together. All 3 of my kids will (hopefully) be in the same 1/2 mixed grade classroom next year.

But there are a lot of factors to consider.

My boys are MZ, but I don't allow them to dress alike on school days. They're also very vocal about correcting people when they're wrong on names.
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Things are going great for my separated kindergarteners too! They still get to see each other often through the course of the day. Their play time together at home has been much improved (it's only been a few days, but they have yet to fight at home since school started).

We are quite happy with the whole situation (it was our choice to separate them, there is another set of twins who are together. Our kids had already been together for two years of preschool).

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Glad to hear things are going well for your twins in separate classes.

I have read only a bit about this, but have gleaned that there are many recommendations for keeping twins together throughout elementary school - unless behavioral problems are exhibited (and are the sort of behavioral problems that are exacerbated by the twins staying in the same classroom).

Our school is small enough that there is only one class! I'm grateful for that.
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I actually like what the boys' school did for us: they're in separate classes, but their teachers team-teach, so they are together for recess, lunch, and a few other times during the day.

The boys seem happy :
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It really depends on the twins. My 32 month old twin boys handle seperation just fine.

When they see each other again, they wrap their arms around each other in the cutest hugs. So sweet!
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