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sooth mosquito bites

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Is there anything that will reduce itching in mosquito bites? My son’s feet and ankles are covered in mosquito bites. (All from one hour when I thought he was sufficiently covered and refused the CA Baby spray.) The bites are very swollen and red – huge. (My husband and daughter have the same reaction to mosquito bits.) My son was up most of the night crying about his feet. I tried a baking soda paste but it didn’t help. I was going to purchase calamine lotion today but wondered if there was something better to use.
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My daughter got bitten too and was scratching all the time, I mixed a pinch or two of tumeric powder with little oil and put in on the bites, it seemed to have stopped the itching, turmeric is an antiseptic.
It might not soothe like the calamine but did stop the itch.
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I have used vinegar in the past to relieve itchiness with bites.
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sabgau & kags,
Thanks...I'm going to try both of those things.

Years ago while diving I found myself stuck in the middle of tons of jelly fish. I had an awful reaction and it was suggested I soak myself in meat tenderizer - it worked! I wasn't sure if it would help with mosquito bites too - being veggie we didn't have any on hand last night.
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ice packs or rubbing an ice cube on a bite work well for me to relieve the itching. try cooling off the area on a LO with cold water baths. and keeping the skin moisturized so that it isn't easily damaged by any scratching that does happen, also helps. (trim those toenails!) maybe putting some soft and relatively thick cotton socks on would prevent scratching. if you wet them first they'll stay cool and soothing at night. Hope he feels better soon!
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