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old clothes

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What is a good way to reuse/recycle old torn stained clothes?

Thanks :
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I just make rags.
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Oops! I see aliceincolo already asked this question. Sorry I did not read before I posted :
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-Patches(if any good material exsists), for doll quilts/barbie clothes
-diaper liners
-liners for under those yucky sauce containers that always leak in the fridge
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Cut long strips and tie knots and make dog chew toys

All cotton stuff can actually be composted
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My parents use old t-shirts to tie up their tomato plants so that they don't fall over.
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I re-purpose into misc craft/clothing/toy projects.
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I just found this link! Looks like some fun ideas!

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Shredding them and then using them as cushion fillers.
Can be washed easily, including the cover.
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