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UPDATE POST #6:Bruise and now Lactating, not pregnant/not nursing

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My youngest is almost 8 and was about 3 1/2 when she stopped nursing.

A few months ago I noticed a purplish spot on my breast and it swelled up and got infected. I assumed it was a spider bite and mentioned it to my gp at an appt a few weeks ago.
The bruised area has been there several months but no swelling. It is now sort of a discolored red brown area about the size of a dime.

Well last night I noticed I am lactating on that side . Definitely through the milk holes not from area of bruise.

The bruise may not have anything to do w/ it but so far it has only happened on that side. The "milk" is more like colostrum but has a milk like tinge. thick and sticky.
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i would go to the doc.
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I don't think you're lactating. If you have fluid in your breast from an infection and it doesn't have an exit wound to get out of it will come out through milk ducts. The ducts in this situation act as drainage ports for clear fluids from swelling, white fuids from infection, or even blood from injury or advanced infection.

I'd see a doctor. You have no way to tell how bad the infection is on the inside and the fact that it's bad enough to cause leakage from your nipple when that isn't even the injured area would indicate a pretty serious infection IMO. If it were me, I'd have a doc take a look ASAP.
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I have an appt. for wed. morning. If it was infected wouldn't it be red like w/mastitis?
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.maybe a spider bite or other type of bug bite. maybe whatever gave you the bruise caused a backup of fluid that could only drain out of your nipple.
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They scheduled me for a mammogram. It could be caused from a blow to breast can't think of any) or maybe bite. Other thing is the big C. probably not though. SMALL CHANCE.
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When is your mammogram?
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There is usually a waiting list of several months, but they got me in Aug. 5. I don't know if I should be happy or worried that they got me in early!
I am only 30 so my chances are slimmer for anything really serious.
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I'm glad they got you in sooner, that's less time for you to worry and stress about it.

Also, you may want to research a little because I seem to remember reading that ultrasound is better diagnostically for younger women, and mammogram not so reliable... but I don't have anything to back that up, just something that's there in my brain lol.

Hope it's nothing and you can stop worrying. How is it looking, is it improving at all? Keep us posted, I'll be thinking about you.
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Still leaking ugh. I thought it stopped then I had a weird dream Sun. In it I kept trying to dry that side with a white cloth and pink liquid was coming out and into it. Odd dream. I wasn't worried I was just trying to keep it from getting everywhere but as fast as I dried it off more came out. Well I woke up leaking a few drops again and have been off and on since! Still only that side. I do have lots of lumpy tissue in there anyway, I will see what they say about ultrasound.
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I hope all is well, please keep us posted.
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Hoping it's nothing serious. Waiting for tests/results is so hard.
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